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Top 6 Disadvantages of Electronic Locks

The electronic locks created a buzz when invented and came into the market. After that, it’s still in trend for commercial, residential, automotive, and all purposes. Numerous benefits are the reason why people love these sophisticated electronic locks. These are keyless, easy to use, tough to break, and maintenance-free locks that serve high protection to its users. But apart from having a lot of benefits, these electronic locks have a few numbers of disadvantages also. St. Petersburg locksmith companies do suggest to customers about its cons to help them in making the right decision.

A few disadvantages can be ignored in front of numerous advantages, but still, it’s better to know them both. So here are a few drawbacks that you can experience while using these locks.

1) Hacking:

Yes, electronic locks have some kind of possibility of hacking. It has some flaws that can make them susceptible to hackers. It’s important to familiar with this drawback if high security is your priority. There are many locksmith services that suggest to customers that they should have sufficient security features to minimize this risk. For instance, 2-Factor authentication and this authentication requires two types of verification which are not easy for hackers to hack easily.

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2) Its High Cost:

There is no doubt that electronic locks are of high cost as compare to traditional locks. These gadgets have a very complicated mechanism that provides electronic protection and this is the reason these are expensive in the market which can’t be affordable by all. This disadvantage of high cost is for the ones who can’t afford expensive security to secure their property. What is the benefit of the security if it’s not affordable for everyone?

3) Stolen Access code:

There is one more issue with these locks, you will never know if someone has stolen your code. In the case of other traditional locks, you will unable to find the keys if you lose them or forget them somewhere, and there you know that you have lost the keys. You can do rekeying to secure access to your lock. But in the case of electronic locks, you can’t take any action until you know that someone else has the code to access your lock. You can save your security by not typing the code in front of others or by not writing it on any paper that can easily find by another person.

4) Power Failure:

Electronic locks run on batteries or electricity. No matter if its battery runs for a longer time, a battery is a battery, it needs electricity to get charged. It can give you a problem if the battery is not charged and there will be a power failure. In this case, you will unable to access the lock. It is definitely not a case you ever want to happen with you. But the possibility of this issue is very less as these batteries have a good battery backup.

5) Forgetful:

A locksmith will provide you the digits of the code to lock or unlock the door. These passwords are not that much tricky but as it’s human nature to forget things, so it can give you a problem if your mind skips the exact digits in the right sequence. Even if one digit will be misplaced or written in the wrong sequence it will open the lock. This is how it provides high security but can create an issue if gets forgotten. But this is not a big issue, you can write down and pin down the code in your phone that you hold with yourself every time.

6) Sharing Risk:

The pin codes of electronic locks are not the keys that if you will give it someone or can take it back. Once you share the code, they will have it forever by remembering it. Sometimes it happens in emergencies when you have to share your code to provide them access to enter your home or office. For instance, your relatives standing outside of your house and you are not at your home, in this situation you have no option left other than sharing the code with them. This is how in emergencies our security cones at the point of sharing risk. Regular door locks don’t require software updates or battery replacement. Many smart locks do. An auto locksmith is often called upon to provide emergency locksmith services. And though a particular style of door lock and handle might eventually look dated, it doesn’t face technological obsolescence.

These are the possible drawbacks that you can face while using electronic locks. Everything that has some pros has its cons as well, but for cons, there are always some solutions to get rid of those disadvantages. Neglecting advantages is also not good. Electronic locks have been serving numerous advantages from their invention. These locks gained popularity for their benefits not for their disadvantages, as disadvantages come with solutions as well. But keeping the knowledge of drawbacks is important so that you will be ready with the solution when they will come your way.

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