Top 6 Ways To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

It is a common misconception that old age promises the presence of more ailments. But the prevalence of diseases at a young age is increasing at a rapid rate. One such example is erectile dysfunction. 

A study done back in 2020 revealed that around 52% of men experience an unyielding sexual life, all owing to the ED. The age ranges between 40 to 70 made up only about 5 to 15%; however, the rest showed increased ED incidences in younger males. It has long been believed that old age is associated with a lack of reproductive functions, but it can now occur at any age. 

As this problem has grown, more and more treatment options have been derived. So, which ones are actually effective? Let’s get down to finding the answer to this statement.

Oral Medications

One of the main reasons behind erectile dysfunction is the blockage or pressed vessels that cut down the blood supply to the penis, thus making it lose its function. Vardenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Sildenafil are the drugs of choice for the medicinal treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Such drugs are called Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors and are approved by FDA to increase the blood flow to an erection. 

For many of the Americans suffering from this disorder, almost 80% have been cured using the drugs as mentioned above as the first line of treatment. However, these tablets are strictly prohibited for self-medication. So don’t go searching for the generic Levitra price on pharmacy platforms but get a proper checkup and prescription for the best medication for your condition. 

Penis Pumps and Implants

In case medications are not recommended -for instance, if you are suffering from another disease that can be exacerbated by using the above medication- your doctor might recommend another treatment option that involves using the penis pumps or an implant. 

A penis pump is a vacuum erection device that is used to suck out the air inside a tube to release any blocked vessel or simply increase the blood flow toward your penis. Several pump types are available in pharmacies or medical stores to suit your needs.

Unlike penis pumps, the device implants are surgically placed into both sides of the penis. However, this method is not recommended unless you don’t have any other option. The implants are best for people who have tried other methods but to no avail. However, you must follow your doctor’s recommendation since they know what method will suit your condition the best of all.

Penile Injections

Besides the oral first line of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, other injectables are also used on a large scale for faster results. Alprostadil is an FDA-approved drug for ED that is safe to inject directly into the penis to trigger an automatic erection. 

Suppose you are sensitive to oral medication or unable to use it for any other reason. In that case, the most accessible and least risky alternative is the use of penile injections. These injectables have a success rate of more than 85%, making an erection last at least more than four hours. 

Herbal Treatments

Herbal supplements have been used forever to treat several ailments, and Erectile dysfunction is no exception. Herbs like saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba and Yohimbe are well-known as sexual enhancers and several nations are inclined to follow their therapy for ED. 

However, such herbal supplements are not approved by FDA to prevent, improve or treat Erectile Dysfunction. Besides, you must remember that such supplements may interact with medicinal supplements that you are on and cause unintended side effects. Therefore, this might not be the best route of treatment if you are already on drugs. 

Male Hormone Therapy

Erectile dysfunction is also commonly caused due to decreased production of the male hormone called ‘Testosterone.’ Although this hormonal therapy is not approved as the course of treatment, it may be used to shoot the sexual desire in men who lack testosterone levels as compared to its normal amount. 

Hormone therapy patches, injections or gels can perform a significant role in picking up the sex drive, but they won’t fix the root cause of the problem.

Besides, hormonal therapy is not advisable for patients suffering from any type of prostate cancer. The side effects may include breast enlargement, acne, prostate enlargement and also fluid retention.

Shock Wave Therapy

Although not the first line of choice for erectile dysfunction, shock wave therapy proves to be quite an effective treatment in males who want a faster cure. Since The shock waves help to regrow the vessels by a process known as revascularization, this method works better in case of ED caused due to lack of blood supply to the penis end. 

Wrap-Up & Caveat

There you have it! All above mentioned Erectile Dysfunction treatments are used to some extent in various parts of the world. This article does not, in any case, encourage self-medication. If you are facing any difficulties, you must first recommend your certified physician before settling for any of the treatment as mentioned earlier options for Erectile Dysfunction.

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