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Top 8 online marketplaces to buy and sell furniture in 2021

2021 is the year of change. Change of habits, change of furniture. This year, especially after witnessing how bad the climate crisis is becoming, after seeing the ocean on fire, a Canadian town being wiped out of the map, and seeing populations being forced to move, you want your choices to make a difference. Jeff Bezos earned enough money during the pandemic, while lots lost their jobs, wealth, and good health. It is time to give up on Amazon and buy somewhere else. There are many established platforms that you can use. Ecommerce is getting new popularity with each passing day. You can sell your products easily on these platform in exchange of certain fee that you can calculate using That’s why we are bringing you today this top 8 online marketplaces to purchase furniture.

You might sarcastically think, “another top, great, what am I going to do with this?” but this top is not like the other ones you can find when browsing the internet. We dug through the top results on several search engines and collected the names that were repeated the most often. And all these websites were mentioned at least as often, if not more often (the first 3 spots on our top 8 online marketplaces) as Bezos’ behemoth. No Amazon, no Target, no Walmart, no Ikea. Happy conscientious shopping!

top 8 online marketplaces

Here’s the list we will detail just below:


  • Wayfair
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Etsy
  • AllModern
  • Lulu & Georgia
  • Apt2B
  • World Market
  • Anthropologie


1 – Wayfair

When searching for furniture online, Wayfair cannot be overlooked. The website does not only offer a wide selection of pieces classified by rooms AND by type, but it also displays impressive features such as the room planner, making it possible to envision how each room would look when picking one item of furniture and positioning it in the corner of the room, in the center, or in front of the window. You can also register the items you like in a wedding registry to ensure you receive the gifts you want on your special day. And the icing on the cake is the free delivery above $35 spent.


2 – Urban Outfitters

You might already know and buy clothes from Urban Outfitters. But did you know and had a thorough look at their “home” section? They have pretty impressive sales, and their style can be pretty particular. Retro amateurs will be thrilled to know about the “vintage” section you can find on the website.


3 – Etsy

Etsy is not the typical place you would go shopping for furniture either. Marketed as a marketplace for handcrafted goods, you’ll find plenty of lovely and uncommon artsy goods to decorate your place. This is not where you would end up buying a new sofa for your Art Modern-style living room, but why not the next painting you’ll place above the bed? +1 bonus point for buying handmade goods.


4 – AllModern

In a quite similar organization as Wayfair, AllModern presents its pieces of furniture classified by kind and by rooms. The “Room Ideas” tab will direct you to a Pinterest-like window revealing tens of interior designs you may want to get inspired from when reorganizing your home. The panel of possibilities might be a tad less eclectic than on its predecessors’ websites to show you primarily modern-style pieces of furniture.


5 – Lulu & Georgia

With an interface that will remind you of the previous contender of this list, Lulu & Georgia also have several classifications at your disposal. Each item inspires class, luxury, and modernity. But who says luxury, says pricey. Indeed, even when looking into the “Sales” section, this store will make you contemplate how much you are ready and willing to invest in your interior design.


6 – Apt2B

How could we forget to mention Apt2B in this list? Embracing modernity, its selection echoes what you might find on AllModern, for similar prices. Besides the impressive customer pictures (who clearly took Instagram and photoshop classes), our favorite feature from the website is the option to build your own sectional. Imagine being able to brag about the fantastic Monroe you made yourself as the friends you invited over lay on it, moaning in comfort.


7 – World Market

With lots of various items available and affordable prices, World Market is great when you want to have options. This chain controls more than 250 physical stores across the US, so if you prefer to look at opportunities online before shopping IRL, this is the right bet for you. Their “inspiration” section might also give you ideas beyond furniture, as you may find recipes, lifestyle tips, and how-tos for the handy audience.


8 – Anthropologie

Lastly, Anthropologie’s common trait with Urban Outfitters is that the brand primarily sells clothes. You’ll also find an extensive range of items such as furniture, beauty and wellness products, and easy, cute, and handmade-looking gifts. Find guides, book appointments with home designers, everything you need to become your own interior expert. The pieces are very different from one another, and so are the prices. Thus, each shopping spree on the website is unique.


Now if you bought too much furniture, it’s alright. We also have the list of the best online places to sell your (used or not) items. And believe us, you won’t find any Craigslist, eBay or other overused website that will drown your advertisements in thousands of other offers.


Here’s the list we will detail just below:


  • 1stdibs
  • AptDeco
  • Chairish
  • Etsy
  • Sotheby’s Home
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • OfferUp
  • Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar


1 – 1stdibs

1stdibs is an online marketplace specialized in furniture, connecting resellers and buyers, galleries, collectors and interior designers. Basically, this platform will help you connect with the best buyers. The only problem though, is that you have to go through an application process and grant 2 references proving your high-quality as a seller. This means this platform is made for you if you are more than a simple occasional seller wanting to get rid of this extra chair bought at last week’s flea market.


2 – AptDeco

Also specialized in furniture, AptDeco is a platform where sellers can make listings of their items. It proposes a price (you can ignore the suggestion and choose yours), and shows you what you would earn with the commission fee, which starts at 19% of the purchasing price. The other nice feature that makes up for it is that the application takes charge of the pick-up and delivery of your merchandise. For now, the service is only available around New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.


3 – Chairish

Chairish is a platform specifically conceived to sell furniture and household items. Just list your goods, add pictures and a description, and the application will review the item. If it thinks it is worth something, it will be accepted. One big weak spot with this platform is the commission fee that can be up to 30% of the selling price with a regular account (20% with the Professional or Elite plan).


4 – Etsy

Remember Etsy from the list of best furniture online stores? It is a great marketplace for handmade products, but you can also sell vintage products. If the piece of furniture you want to sell is either of these, then Etsy might just be the right place for you. To start selling, you’ll have to create a storefront and list your products with a description and pictures. You can either sell it yourself or use an advertising option which will take 15% off of your selling price. Listing one item costs $0.20, and each transaction has a 5% tax, plus a 3% payment processing fee and an extra $0.25. This means it is still cheaper than its two predecessors.


5 – Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home is one of the easiest ways to sell your piece of furniture, whether new, like-new, or vintage. Submit the item you want to sell, and schedule an appointment with a worker at Sotheby’s. They take care of the selling, the communicating with the buyer, the shiping, while you can just wait for the receipt of your payment. Note that you will only get 60% of the selling price, as the rest is commissioned.


6 – Facebook Marketplace

There are two ways of selling on Facebook: the first one is to join special groups for each type of item you want to sell. The second one is to sell through Facebook Marketplace. Just put your goods there, and people nearby will be able to see them and to get in touch. You can have a look at your buyers’ profiles to see if they look honest or not. Through this platform, there’s no extra fee, but you will have to take care of everything on your own.


7 – OfferUp

OfferUp is a platform on which you can sell any item of your choice. The twist, when compared to the other platforms, is that the buyer is the one making an offer for the product they want to buy. On OfferUp, you can check your buyers’ profiles which detail their transactions history, thus giving you an idea on the seriousness of the profile. Buyers can pay cash, which allows you to avoid commission fees.


8 – Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar

Like Chairish, Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar is an online marketplace for furniture and household items. On the platform, you can create a “store” to add your listings like on Etsy, and the fees are also quite similar: the payment fee to use a credit card is $0.30 plus 2.9%, and the transaction fee is 3%.

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