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Top 9 Reasons Why You Need Instagram for eCommerce Store

Top 9 Reasons Why You Need Instagram for eCommerce Store


Is Instagram Right for your eCommerce store? Yes. Here are the top 9 reasons why you need Instagram for your eCommerce store. You can get a complete and proven eCommerce strategy guide here.

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social networking platforms now. When used properly, Instagram is now one of the most effective tools for eCommerce stores to sell products and engage with followers.

It’s a place where you can showcase your products and convey the story behind your brand. In other words, it is a superb way to show your customers what life is like with your products!

Then let me give you the top 9 reasons why you need Instagram for your eCommerce store with an eCommerce strategy:

1. Unlock A New Advertising Method: Instagram Influencers

Unlock A New Advertising Method_ Instagram Influencers - ecommerce strategy

The very first reason you want Instagram to your eCommerce store is that you can use it to publicize your merchandise. Within Instagram, there are multiple ways of marketing your merchandise. One of those ways is using Instagram influencers.

As the name suggests, Instagram influencers are users on Instagram who possess the exceptional ability to influence others. Ecommerce shops can utilize an influencer’s reach to promote their product. If that’s the circumstance, an influencer can post a “shoutout” for an eCommerce store to try and bring awareness to their product.

Tip – Allow the influencer to tag you in their shoutout. This way you can indent the content to your account and potentially get a few more sales when your followers see it.

While seeking the right influencer, it is important to pay special attention to things such as fake and engagement followers. Deciding the proper influencer for the shoutout determines if your effort results in a profit or a loss.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Instagram influencers is that you don’t need a lot of followers to reach a big crowd. Instead, you will use the influencer’s reach to get your product in front of an audience.

2. Become More Probable As A Small Business

Become More Probable As A Small Business - ecommerce strategy

For eCommerce, the most important issue is trust. If you’re present on social networking, individuals are more inclined to trust you.

Let’s return to the former reason. Suppose an influencer has only posted a shoutout for your store. In that circumstance, it’s essential to have an energetic Instagram page.

You don’t require an account full of a lot of followers or a feed full of images, however, if an influencer posts a shoutout about you, then people may look up your Instagram accounts first to assess if you are legit or not.

3. Get Organic Traffic To Your Shop

Get Organic Traffic To Your Shop - ecommerce strategy

Instagram accounts are a good way to get free & organic visitors to your shop.

It is comparatively simple to establish, and as soon as you’re there, you can easily promote your merchandise! The content you post won’t only get seen by your followers but also by additional users on Instagram.

In that circumstance, other people who do not follow you’ll also see your articles. It can also happen that somebody will share your article with their friends, which can also be a great source of extra visitors!

4. Sell Directly On Instagram Using The Built-In Store

Sell Directly On Instagram Using The Built-In Store - ecommerce strategy

Nowadays, this is another eCommerce strategy critical reason for companies to make an Instagram account, especially for eCommerce shops.

Utilizing Instagram Shops, people can navigate through your store’s goods and research your ranges from inside the Instagram program. Furthermore, they will have the ability to generate a purchase without leaving the app from shops offering checkout.

That’s right; folks can check out and purchase your goods directly from the Instagram app! With Instagram Shops, Instagram users can make purchases without going off the platform and remain on the program they adore; Instagram. Plus, you can even use it to make an eCommerce store without a website.

5. Create Advertisements Linked To An Instagram Page

Create Advertisements Linked To An Instagram Page - ecommerce strategy

Instagram Ads is the best eCommerce strategy. If you are doing Facebook Ads, then you’ll likely be conscious that Facebook owns Instagram. That’s why you will have to create Instagram ads within Facebook’s Ads Manager.

To get the most out of this Facebook Ads platform, it is vital to target your audience that is busy on Instagram. This will grant you a larger audience to target, which in its turn prevents advertising fatigue. Not only that but is going to provide you another viewer to test. Perhaps the results will end up even better than the Facebook audiences which you’ve been using so far!

You have probably guessed it; you will need an Instagram account to represent your organization and your ads!

So, it’s very important to make it and put some content on it, because just like for your shoutouts, some may check your profile to find out whether you’re legit.

6. Engage With Your Followers

Engage With Your Followers - ecommerce strategy

However, there are several tasks on Instagram that are very significant also. One of them is communicating with your fans and clients.

Thus, don’t just post pictures or movies of your products and leave it just like this. Build relationships with your followers and have meaningful discussions.

The most successful eCommerce shops Are Extremely engaged in their community: A different means to engage with your followers is to showcase your merchandise via Instagram tales or Livestream events.

One way to make interactions with your stories is by using surveys. But, Livestream events can be even more engaging. It’s also crucial to not only participate with your followers but to listen to them as well.

By doing so, you’ll be able to better understand their requirements and problems. What’s more, they may give you comments on how to further improve your e-commerce store.

7. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The following reason why you need to find an Instagram accounts for your eCommerce store is word-of-mouth marketing. It is another good eCommerce strategy.

It happens when someone is so enthused about your product they tell it to somebody else.

If you have an Instagram profile and a superb product, this will happen to you as well. Instagram users can take photos of your product, share them on their accounts, and tag you.

When someone tells about your store in person, it only gets noticed by one person. But, when someone posts an image with your product on Instagram, then it could be seen by all their followers! Sometimes, it will even get seen by thousands of individuals. So, it’s like a completely free Instagram influencer shoutout!

You can create this “word of mouth” advertising effect even stronger by creating your own hashtag for your brand. Overall, it causes a natural increase in your brand awareness!

8. Connect Directly To Your Goods With Shoppable Posts

By connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook catalog, you obtain access to Instagram’s shoppable posts. This allows your customers to browse your site directly from your articles.

These shoppable posts make it extra clear that the product that you’re showing is available and lessen the barriers to purchase.

In the long run, the revenue that’s generated by these click-throughs might be the difference between earning and losing money, so go ahead and set it up!

9. Increase Brand Awareness Of Giveaways

Increase Brand Awareness Of Giveaways - ecommerce strategy

Instagram is a superb platform to host a giveaway for your eCommerce store. Consider it. Let’s say that you started an eCommerce shop in the pet market. How will you stick out from the pack? Well, this is really where giveaways on Instagram come in.

You can conduct a giveaway on Instagram to get a certain amount of time and give a free cat toy to the winner. In exchange, you can ask everyone to follow you and label at least two buddies.

To start with, let us say that one individual enters the giveaway and tags two buddies. Afterward, those two join the giveaway, and both tag two buddies themselves.

In this procedure, you already gained extra followers from that person you started with. Not only this, but some people are specifically looking for these kinds of articles in the #giveaway section of Instagram. Thus, you probably won’t have a great deal of trouble locating starting participants! That is, of course, only if you don’t forget that hashtag, haha!


Instagram is an attractive marketing tool for eCommerce stores in any corner. From pet stores to jewelry stores, it’s a great way to reach new customers!

If you’re not on Instagram, you’re missing out on a large opening to unite with possible customers and boost your brand awareness. Even if you’re just beginning with your eCommerce store, you should be capable of starting an Instagram account with your eCommerce strategy. Since everyone has a smartphone these days, it’s very easy to take photos of your products and then post them to Instagram.

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