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Top Adventure tour Sites Dubai In 2021

Desert safaris and adventure in Dubai are what many first time visitors to this emirate love to explore. Dubai is a beautiful holiday destination, especially for adventure enthusiasts. It is home to several popular adventure sports destinations like the Desert Safari, the Al Hajar Mountains, the World and Mount Dubai. The Desert Safari is open for most of the year, and you can go for a tour of the whole of the Al Hajar Mountains by renting camelids. Adventure in Dubai is huge. You can do a range of mountain climbing activities, cycling, hiking, trekking, deep-sea diving, paragliding, scuba diving and jet skiing. If you enjoy these activities, you will not want to miss an opportunity to go for an adventure in Dubai!

Suppose you do not want to participate in these adventurous activities. In that case, there are plenty of other adventure destinations in Dubai like the indoor skateboarding park, indoor bowling, indoor cycling stadium, indoor rock climbing gym, indoor ice skating rink, swimming pool, sky diving centre and water ski. For more fun, you can go to one of Dubai’s water parks or take a Dubai safari and go on to explore the wildlife in the area. Dubai also offers several other outdoor adventures for those who love doing different kinds of activities. If you love boating, you can go for Dubai riverboat trips that take you on some exciting adventures around the Al Maktoum and Bur Dhabi archipelagos. Dubai’s Creek is an excellent spot for kayaking or canoeing.

Suppose you have decided to go on an adventure trip to Dubai. In that case, you need to choose your destination and the kind of adventure you are looking forward to before preparing for the trip. Adventure in Dubai starts with the local guides who can help you prepare for the adventure. The local guides in Dubai can help you prepare for an Alaskan safari or prepare for a Nile rafting adventure. You can also get ready for a camel safari in Dubai’s desert or mountaineering in the Sheikh Zayed mountain range. Dubai has plenty of beautiful places for adventure and excitement, so if you do not like to participate in these adventurous activities, Dubai has many other options for you.

One of Dubai’s most exciting adventure activities is desert safari, which is the very best experience adventures in Dubai in its purest form. Dubai is blessed with fantastic dunes spread across its four islands and are unmatched by any other desert in the world. The best time to go on a desert safari in Dubai is between May and October.

On your Dubai desert safari, you can visit the Sheik Zayed mountains, which are exceptional and offer you a great view of the beauty and splendour of Dubai. You can also visit the other neighbouring Emirates such as Abu Dhabi, which is equally impressive and exotic. You will get to witness the beautiful Arabian Desert, the largest and the most spectacular natural land on earth. The tour package also includes a visit to Mount camel, the highest peak in the world, a must-see in next vacation.

Adventure in Dubai might include a visit to one of the seven theme parks, located in Dubai. All of them have something for every traveller. The theme parks are meant for adventure seekers who love fun and laughter. For example, there are Madinat Jumeirah, which are built around an ancient Arabic city. Once you have entered this theme park, you will have a chance to live in a replica of the city. Another theme park, you might want to check out is the Aladdin, which is based on an astonishing fairy tale story. This theme park is another adventure wonder, and its biggest attraction is the Toy Story rollercoaster.

The best places to shop in Dubai include the Dubai martins, which are the oldest stores in Dubai and are renowned for their handicrafts, leather goods and carpets. The Al Hajar Mountains is also known for their majestic edifices, and you can take pleasure in the hiking trails here. Al Mamzar will be an ideal place for shopping, especially for souvenirs. It houses some of the oldest shops in Dubai, including the famous Souk Madinat. The Al Boom Mountains is considering Dubai’s playground, and if you love nature, you will be drawn towards them. Other great places to shop in Dubai include the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Dubai Sorts City.

Apart from adventure sports, Dubai has many other activities for the entire family. One of the most exciting Dubai adventures is the hot air ballooning, and you can take part in the thrilling rides by booking a balloon flight. Another Dubai activity that is becoming popular among tourists is hot air ballooning. You can also enjoy water sports at Dubai Creek and Al Hajar Mountains and kayak in Al Boom. Dubai experiences many family activities that you can enjoy with your children.

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