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Top Escape Rooms In Los Angeles

Looking to partake in a few fun and interactive escape rooms? Us too. That’s why we put together the top escape rooms in the Los Angeles area to try.

Medium Difficulty Escape Rooms

We skipped right to medium because doing super easy escape rooms is not that fun.

One of our favorite escape rooms for this category is located in Koreatown. “The Abyss” , is a daring escape to the surface from a submarine taking you to an underwater prison complex.

This specific escape room is designed to accommodate only two people at most, unlike most other rooms that require you to have a larger group. The two of you must work together to solve deceptively simple puzzles that just might lead you to an unwelcome visitor instead of the exit!

You must be 14 years old or older to enjoy this escape room.

Hard Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for more of a challenge in the L.A. area, another one of our favorites is, “Vampire”. This difficult escape room is located in Tarzan and is suitable for three to eight players.

In this theme, Van Helsing, the famous vampire killer, needs your help. You and your team are known to be the best vampire killers in the world. Together, you enter the vampire’s residence secretly in the quest to kill the vampire and save thousands of lives.

This escape room comes with some of the most high-tech puzzles in the San Fernando Valley that are difficult to solve. If you’re looking for a fun room for a big group, this one will definitely be a top contender.

Knowing You Are Getting The Best Experience

How do we know these are some of the best? Simple, they have enticing story lines accompanied with intriguing puzzles.

While in them, you feel you are actually living the story line out. You will be fully involved with your heart racing every step of the way as the amount of time you have left gets smaller and smaller.

Enjoy these action packed adventures that test your mind and ability to perform under pressure. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it though!

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