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TOP FIVE T-SHIRT PRINTING MACHINES Ricoma vs melco embroidery machine

T-shirt printing could be a terribly prosperous business of this era. If you’re acting on medium or large-scale printing, these machines may be helpful for you as they’re at low costs and may do further tasks.

These machines will handle bulk work and do a high range of orders and complex printings in an exceedingly short time. The list of the highest 5 jersey printing machines is as delineate further:



The mophorn heat press machine is five in one machine that may print five T-shirts at one station, and it will transfer the colourful style on T-shirts and plenty of surfaces like ceramic plates, mugs, flaxes, nylon, and tiles, etc. it’s a multi-spring balancer that works well for several shirts at a time in Ricoma vs melco embroidery machine


It has a 12×15 in. heat press machine, and it will management temperature up-to 0-400F. it’s created with a swing-away style and has removable silicone polymer pads enclosed. The time management shift is 0-999 seconds.


It has a multifunction style five in one, comfy handle, and 360 swing style. it’s a clastic low platform and 4/5 in. of the thick board for heating.


It has inferior power coordinates and provides poor client service.



The Epson F2100 could be a high-quality jersey printer. These machines square measure safe to use, spirited and sturdy. Its extraordinary light-weight garment mode can print at double speed than alternative machines. The recreate of Epson F2100 will offer higher graphic quality and management the dot size of ink in embroidery digitizing services.


It has a print resolution from 1440×1440 dpi (White Ink) to 1440 x720 dpi ( Color Ink). The temperature will vary from fifty to ninety five F. come back up with 183lb of weight; that’s the foremost appropriate weight to position the machine anyplace.

At 4.5’ by 4.25,’ the GTX may be a very little boxier associate degreed like a shot conveys an industrial look with its predominately metal exterior. The GTX may be a table or bench prime unit, however with a custom stand accessible. This stand is usually recommended, because it permits users to require advantage of the open bottom style of the printer for humidification, that is commonly necessary for consistent operation.


MSRP: $22,500

Est. Street Price: $22,500

Col-Desi (DTG Digital) money supply


Being the sole twin platen printer of this cluster — which means there area unit 2 platens to load t-shirts rather than only one — the natural thought would be that it’s a far larger footprint. At regarding 4’ x three,’ it occupies an analogous house because the Brother, however with a far larger shadow as it’s nearly a whole parallelogram.

A tabletop/bench prime unit likewise, the money supply would force correct arrangements. Quieter than the Brother GTX however to not the extent of the Epson F2100, this unit will be associate degree possibility for users that require associate degree extra-large imaging space.


MSRP: $19,995

Est. Street Price: $19,995

Kornit Breeze


As the introductory machine from Kornit, the Breeze is that the smallest in their line-up however one among the biggest during this cluster. The 4’ x 5’ framework is that the most up-to-date wanting far and away. because the solely machine within the cluster with associate degree integrated pre-treatment system, the footprint is also smaller. Kornit’s inks area unit usually cured with a gas drier, which may function the bottom table for this printer.


MSRP: $65,000

Est. Street Price: $62,000

M&R M-Link-X


As the solely free-standing unit during this cluster, the M-Link-X conjointly has the excellence of being the biggest at four.5’ x 5.5.’ With a rugged steel frame and squared-off border, the M-Link has the foremost industrial look and feel. Not the most effective possibility for home-based businesses, this unit is healthier suited to a production setting.


MSRP: $74,995

Est. Street Price: $70,995

See all rating within the printer comparison table below

Target Audience

In examination these models, it’s best to begin with their supposed audience.

M&R and Kornit’s focus has continuously been toward production retailers whereas Epson, Brother and Col-Desi have tried to broaden their audiences to incorporate smaller garment retailers and even sign and graphics retailers, wherever t-shirts area unit typically a complementary advancement.

In the cases of Epson and Brother, they’ve taken that a step more by targeting home-based businesses with their easy use likewise. That’s to not say that the F2100 and GTX can’t handle production, as a result of they’re each capable of running regular shifts in production retailers. (Note the assembly volumes within the chart below.)

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best direct to garment printer

Maintenance is typically one among the primary queries from potential users of T-shirt printing machines. during this regard, the Epson and Brother receive the best marks with their low prices (~$30 a month) and stripped manual maintenance time

It is light-weight in weight, will print the jersey quicker, and change the dot size of ink on T shirts.


It cannot afford a high-temperature vary and obtain heated in less time.



Less electricity consumption makes these machines run quick, simple and provides fewer expenses to the system. the danger of airlines reduces, and valve contaminations additionally decrease. it’s an ideal automatic machine that not solely auto-starts however additionally auto-shuts down. it’s a print mode on facet|all sides|both sides|either side} and flash ports on each side. If some slot is missing, then it’s a T shirt skip detector that may count shirts too. 


It works on 120-240V electric power and twenty A current. it’s a high-speed motor, and a pod mounting system with speakers. It consists of 10 stations and has six colours. The screen size is 23×31 cm, and also the platen size is 16×24 cm. Its weight is 2600.00 lbs.


It has a multitasking property that’s the most effective quality any automatic machine will have. The speed, less maintenance, and fewer electricity consumption could be a extremely suggested property.


The structure is hefty and created of steel, therefore we want some robust place for it. The machine is additionally quite clamant, and that’s additionally non adjustable.



The e-photonic machine is best for big scale comes thanks to its size of 9×12 in.. it’s a digital style of timer, which provides precise and consistent results. The timer, once it reaches zero, produces the alarm sound to avoid heating of the merchandise. The swing-away perform is to maneuver the T-shirts on the machine.


The machine will rotate 360 degrees to swing away. The machine temperature ranges from 32-399 F and also the timer will vary between 0-999 seconds. Its size is typically 9×12 inches.


This machine has associate degree alarm property, that reduces the probabilities of hurt to garments. The swing-away feature moves the t-shirts and provides a lot of precise results.


The machine is sort of clamant, {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} warning device also produces noise. the planning desires maintenance when a couple of months of use.



The power press machine is that the shared area capturing device that works well for printing functions. It works well with a heat transfer system that’s the pro-quality of the machine. the warmth giving property additionally offers your print out long and is a lot of economical work.


It works on voltage a hundred and ten V and 1800 watt power. Its temperature ranges from 0-750F, and also the time ranges vary to 0-999 seconds. It takes 10–15 times to heat up, and also the printing space is 15×15.


It is simple to use and encompasses a higher and economical temperature and warmth vary. It comes up with high skillfulness and electronically controlled. it’s reliable and cheap.


Rear accessibility of the press machine and it starts to smell at few uses. Temperature ranges may be higher managed.


Nowadays, Digitized T-shirts square measure stylish. For printing the T-shirts, one ought to recognize the essential characteristics and specifications of the printer. the most effective printing machines take less time to print and provides précised results to your T-shirts. Multitasking T shirt printing machines will do several tasks in less time.

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