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Top HR And Payroll Software used by Companies In UAE.

Employees are the most critical assets of a company. Taking care of their needs and wants is the prime responsibility of a good organization. An HR and Payroll Software plays a key role in this. A good organization, either small or big, takes good care of its employees. It ultimately leads to their being more involved in work and thinking about the benefit of the company by them.

HRMS would be best if you always opted for good HR management software to fulfill these needs. It will take responsibility for managing all the necessities associated with your employees so that you don’t have to work for them in person.

According to your company size, you decide about what software suits your company best. Some software companies offer small benefits that work best for small businesses. Some of them offer more considerable benefits that work best for large companies. Either way, you should choose the best HR software, that is, in my opinion, undoubtedly Web Desk ERP software, Dubai.

What Is HRMS And Payroll Software

To acquire and retain the best talents of UAE, you must attract them by providing outstanding facilities. An HRM software is the solution to keeping up with all this stuff without any hurdles. A good HRMS is a software capable of doing all the HR stuff.

The best HRMS can handle all the duties of hiring, screening, interviewing, placing workers, employee relations, benefits, payrolls, and training for the company.

The Payroll software handles all the things related to the pay. It can be of junior employees, senior officers, managers, etc. It is responsible for keeping all the records of their allowances, pay scale, loans, etc. These all, if done manually, can be a lot hectic for people. This problem is solved by the best HR and payroll management software in Dubai.

It is not only a time-saving technology but also responsible for greater efficiency and productivity.

Best Way To Find Best HRMS And Payroll Software In Dubai

There can be several ways to find the best HRMS and Payroll Software in Dubai. Some of those ways are as follows:

  • It should be able to make a budget that works best for your company according to its needs and conditions.
  • It should be able to recognize the organization’s requirements and tackle them according to the available resources.
  • You should also make sure while choosing the best software that which software meets your company’s requirements.
  • You should also know if the setup you chose is simple and easily understandable by ordinary people.
  • The software you choose should also be budget friendly for your company.
  • Before buying the software, you should request the demo for every package. It not only helps you provide ease while using the software but also provides you with proof of its accuracy.
  • It would be best if you also inquired about the software by getting honest reviews from those who have already used it.

Top 5 HRMS And Payroll Software Used By Companies In UAE

HR And Payroll Management Software by Web Desk ERP

The features in this software make it the most used and popular HR software in Dubai UAE. It is well recognized and widely used in the UAE and internationally. It is equipped and designed to have all the modern taxation indices essential while accumulating the payroll. You can also automate the annual raise and increment cycle through this software. You also have an option to customize your software according to your needs and wants.

It has plenty of storage. That means you can easily handle more than one account on this and various employees’ data through it. It is secure software. All your data is saved in safe hands and does not have an issue of leaking personal information.

Gulf HR

Gulf HR best suits the particular needs of the Gulf region. They have numerous features such as HR Management, Payroll, Employee leave, workforce planning, HR recruitment, etc. The software is backed for client training, assistance, customizations, and technical backup. Gulf Solutions provides high-quality, on-time services utilizing tried-and-true processes. Their HR software is widely used in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, and other regions.

Grey HR

Grey HR is one of the elegant cloud-based software solutions. It caters to both large- and small-scale companies. It helps reduce and simplify the transactional HR task with accurate and super-fast results. This software is considered the most reliable HR & Payroll software with 100% statutory compliance for a country like UAE. The greyHR platform is an automated HR process that helps empower your business. It has features like Core HR Management, Payroll Management, Leave & Attendance Management, Contactless Attendance, Statutory Compliance, UAE specific – Gratuity, SIF file, WPS, Employee onboarding, and asset and document management.


It is one of the best standalone talent acquisition suites. Using Taleo, Organizations can build their own customs solutions for talent acquisitions in a time and cost-effective manner. You can source, recruit, and onboard individuals with top talents into their organization. Oracle’s Taleo provides capabilities like marketing campaigns, automated postings, and Organizations. It can make use of these to improve its sourcing strategies. Oracle’s Taleo also integrates with LinkedIn, which will help widen the talent sourcing network.


Bayzat is a technology SaaS company that provides insurance and HR software solutions. It offers various services in UAE, UAE, and the KSA region. Their software helps you save time on HR tasks like leave management, employee record maintenance, attendance tracking, and shift schedule for your staff. Their payroll technology makes them the UAE’s first automated payroll processing software, providing a streamlined experience for employers and employees to manage work expenses. Its basic features include letter requests, attendance, time off, health insurance, and more.

What Makes WebDesk ERP HR And Payroll Software Unique And Leading Among All Others

Employee Management

  • It can hold your employee’s general and personal information.
  • The address and contact details remain safe through this software.
  • Employees are sorted out through their skills, branches, departments, grades, etc.
  • It can save your employee’s documents, photos, certificates, vehicles, passports, visas, etc.
  • It can efficiently save your employee’s working experience, skills, and problematic areas.

Appraisal Management

  • In web desk HRMS and Payroll software, you can define your company’s objectives, goals, initiatives, etc.
  • Job description according to the goals is allocated to avoid mismanagement.
  • Employees can regularly keep posting their goal accomplishments to ensure the manager’s progress.
  • At the appraisal event, the managers view goal sheets achievement and the future goals sheet.
  • Appraisal result helps provide increments or promotions to the employees according to their work.
  • The appraisal management sheet can track the not-closed appraisals and conflicts later or at the very moment.

Recruitment Management

  • This feature helps revoke the news about scheduled rounds through automatic alerts for candidates.
  • The inside records, CVs, notes, emails, etc., are available through this web desk HR software recruitment management feature.
  • The interview shortlisted candidates or the promotion candidate’s profile is available and can be viewed easily.
  • You can schedule online tests for candidates through this feature.
  • It offers the advantage of easy integration of online resume submission by candidates.
  • It has the capability of vacancy recreation and related workflow for approvals.


Not Closed Appraisals And Conflicts Can Be Tracked Attendance & Leave Management

  • Attendance and leave ledger management is done through this software.
  • The submission of the online leave application and supporting workflow is managed through web desk software.
  • Encashment of leave and encashment above leave are also managed through this software.
  • You can have the flexibility to create a left master and leaves policy as per the company’s requirements.
  • You can manage yearly credit of leave on and pro-rata basis.
  • It carries forward the facility for balanced leave processes for each employee.

Payroll Management

  • Through the payroll management feature of Web Desk software, you can calculate the employee’s salaries and maintain a proper salary ledger.
  • You can also do bonus management through it.
  • This software efficiently does loan and advance payment calculations and arrear calculations.
  • Payroll processing is done through auto-generated pay slips and other required documents.

ESL- Employee Self Login Portal

  • This feature allows employees to log in and view their accounts, pay slips, advances recovery, balance, etc.
  • Employees can also submit their leave applications here directly.
  • The features are designed in such a way that it improves administrative responsiveness and efficacy.


According to the features, Web Desk HR and Payroll software is the best software you can buy for your company. The software best suits small as well as large companies. It is also the most used and reliable software in UAE. Web Desk HR software will surely be the best decision you will take for your organization. It not only saves time but also works efficiently.


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