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Top Memorable Things To Do In Portland

Portland is The Ideal Place That Gives You The Experience Of Tranquility

Known for its snow-capped mounts, park, bridges, bicycle paths, and many more, Portland is the largest city in Willamette rivers and Oregon Columbia. It is full of picturesque sites and some of the incredible activities that will surely thrill you. The city hosts theatre, thriving art, music scenes. If you are a peace-lover, then Portland is the ideal place that gives you the experience of tranquility. Brace yourself and get indulge in something new. Opt for some of the best things to do in Portland while vacationing in the city. The city is truly mesmerizing and worth a visit. 

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  • Visit the World Forestry Center

This museum has been designed to make visitors aware of the fact that trees are very important in our lives. The museum is stretched over the 20000 square feet. Numerous visitors come here to gain knowledge about the afforestation. The museum has been opened since 1971. Recreational activities are also offered here, like sightseeing from the aerial view. You can also take a virtual tour of different nations and the requirements of the forest there. This unique initiative enlightens people about forest conservation. Once you visit this museum, it will definitely develop empathy towards nature.

  • View a game of MLS

If you are a sports junkie, then don’t miss a chance to be a spectator of Major League Soccer. Go to the providence stadium, which is a home stadium for Portland timbers. Plenty of games of the home team have been organized here. Indulge yourself in the soccer rush and encourage the Portland timbers by cheering them. The crowd cheering will fill you with the feeling of excitement. Witnessing the MLS game is interesting and it is quite a famous game in the US. Though soccer is not much preferred here but this sport holds the attraction of all. 

  • Get hold of nature at Hoyt Arboretum

Placed in a huge area of 187 acres, Hoyt Arboretum is one of the top tourist attractions in Portland. You just have to go 2 miles away from downtown Portland to explore this beauty of nature. Different species of fauna and flora reside in this park. If you love nature and find serenity in watching it, then it is a must-visit place for you in Portland. Most people use this as a picnic area; not only locals even tourists use it as a place for picnicking. Visit this place and pamper the nature lover inside you. 

  • Get on a Submarine

Have you ever thought of a submarine ride? If yes, then your wait is over. You can take a ride at the USS blueback submarine for an interesting experience. It was the last-known nuclear submarine that has joined the US navy. It is now available as a tourist attraction and visitors can take a ride at it. Book your ticket and get ready to have a lifetime experience. Getting onto the submarine can be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Use periscopes to explore like a navy man and touch the decommissioned torpedo. There is also a radio room in the submarine that is restored for the tourists. 

  • Go to the Children’s Museum

If you are with your kids in Portland, then take them to this museum and put a smile on their face. The Children’s Museum is an excellent spot for having fun with your kids and family. There are a plethora of recreational and educational activities that are associated with this place. Kids can learn various things while enjoying different types of games. There is a garage also where your children can play. Visit the bistro and eat a special meal. Kids will feel ecstatic while playing here. This is a great place for your kids as they can keep up their fun-loving sides while learning different things. 

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