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Top Vulnerabilities of Web Design and Development

Broken Access Control

Issues with access control are a type of vulnerability in web applications that permits users to access certain functions that should not be allowed in accessing. Developers with malicious intent might exploit the vulnerability to access other accounts or modify information on them or look up sensitive data and in the worst-case scenario, gain complete access to the application. Therefore, Access control issues typically arise from insufficient functional testing and lack or lack of automated identification.

Authentication allows apps to authenticate and verify users. Moreover, a broken authentication could let attackers access your data and use the same privileges as the intended user and create serious web app vulnerabilities. Security issues with authentication can allow an attacker full access to your personal information and cause havoc to the security of your web design and development of an application.


Access control must be enhanced. Access control should be controlled on the server and utilize Access Control Lists (ACL) and authenticating based on role.

Block access to the feature via normal. Users should not be able to complete tasks that require functions like fields, pages or any other information. which they aren’t allowed use.

Making sure your web application is protected from security vulnerabilities in authentication is an easy solution. Multi-factor authentication can be used to confirm the identity of the user. Hence, making strong passwords through a regular update to your passwords will help you avoid the common practice of using passwords. Moreover, properly adjusting the timeouts and password security in your database can prevent issues with authentication

Security Incorrect configuration

Security-related issues with configuration, among the most common problems encountered by web-based applications. This issue caused by the lack of security controls or issues that are caused by security issues. A majority of software is vulnerable to this issue due to inadequate configurations or default settings that stay unchanged for a lengthy amount of time unsafe data and running programs that’s not required and other such. Security issues can result in serious security breaches that could harm the image of a company and lead to substantial financial losses.

Nissan North American is one of the most recent victims of the attack by hackers that was triggered by a flaw in the settings. The data leak was severe and resulted from a configuration mistake on the company’s Git server that was secured with the password for logins (username and password) of the admin and admin.


Continuously scan for security vulnerabilities. To avoid security errors, it is essential to regularly scan your system to find vulnerabilities that could allow you to be vulnerable to attack.

Updates. The web design and development of applications need regular updates to protect itself from cyber-attacks and to protect the data of customers.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

XSS vulnerability permits attackers to run malicious codes in your browser. They carried out by the hyperlink which is added. When the user clicks on it an attacker may gain access to essential features (web camera or the location. ) and take over the session as well as redirect users to malicious websites, etc.


Escaping. All the input must encrypted prior to rendering it into the web user’s browser. This helps decrease the chance that the data could read by malicious hackers.

Validation Checking. This process ensures that the application rendering the correct data. Whitelists that typically employed for the prevention of injections also helpful in this scenario.

Insecure Deserialization

In the case of insecure deserialization, information not trusted can cause harm to web-based applications through the execution of malicious code remotely, which bypasses the authentication and alters the algorithm of the application.



It’s necessary to identify and block serialized objects that derived from unknown sources.

Deserialization that has restricted access-

If the deserialization code only executed by people who have access rights specific to it, the dangerous objects that deserialized can immediately recognized.

Components with known weaknesses

The challenge of identifying security vulnerabilities lies inherent in the complex nature of web-based apps. Modern web design and development of apps relies heavily on different frameworks, libraries APIs, frameworks, etc. that, by themselves comprise many components that can become an ideal target for attackers, well as the application itself.

Recently, there’s been lots of discussion about hacker Alex Birsan, who managed to hack Apple, Microsoft, and other tech giants by exploiting an issue known as “dependency confusion”. He found that many companies use both public and private dependencies. This caused him to suspect the possibility of malicious programs uploaded to the public dependency but under the cover of private ones. Whereas, He also discovered that if there’s two dependencies, the public dependency needs that should be first considered. In this manner, he was able to spread his malicious malware with successful. He was, however, with the best intentions of educating businesses about their vulnerability.


Elimination of features that aren’t required. A clear understanding of the application’s structure and the reduction of unnecessary documents, features, and files will reduce the chance of attack and will ensure effective maintenance.

Only accept trusted code. When building new dependencies using web application development services, the code must obtained from trusted sources using encryption.

Continuously testing the security. As an alternative to penetration testing, continuous testing is a method for testing and improving the security of an application during the development process. Whereas, this method of testing proactively allows companies to identify vulnerabilities faster and lower the risk of attack.

Sensitive Data Exposure

This kind of web application development services security issue is related to the disclosure of clients’ sensitive data such as telephone numbers, account information credit card numbers, and so on. Therefore, data exposure vulnerabilities are an alarm for businesses as it could result in more serious consequences like an insecure authentication system injection, man-in-the-middle or other forms of attacks.


enhanced data protection- It’s crucial to protect both stored and transmitted information using modern encryption methods.

Security protocol
All the incoming information processed using advanced security protocols, such as HTTPS, SSL, and TSL.

XML External Entities (XXE)

XXE attacks target web application development services in web design and development, which are processing XML input. They usually caused by outdated or unconfigured XML processors. Moreover, through exploiting this vulnerability, hackers are able to gain access to the back-end systems. And External systems to perform server-side request fraud (SSRF).

Insufficient monitoring and logs

Insufficient monitoring and logging allow hackers to go unnoticed as they try to accomplish their malicious objectives. This is the main reason for companies not being able to fix data security breaches. In addition, inadequate monitoring and logs could cause further intrusions into the system, causing massive losses.


Monitoring- It’s essential to have an overall overview of your app, and then establish effective monitoring. This can send alerts when there is suspicious activity.

Logging- Make sure your logs gathered and then consolidated on the central platform, therefore, they more easily analyzed. To avoid data leaks, make sure to keep sensitive information out of your logs.


Security is the most important element of modern web design and development. To remain competitive in the marketplace, businesses need to come up with innovative security methods. Therefore, It helps to thwart cybercriminals and provide their clients with safe and secure applications.

But, a lot of security of web apps is dependent on the app’s developers’ understanding of cyber-attacks and regular monitoring of their application’s actions. Therefore, make sure that your software engineers have enough information about the most prevalent vulnerabilities in web applications. It can help you defend your web application and improve your reputation for your company.

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