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Toyota Corolla 2022 most beautiful and fiercest modification

Show Toyota Corolla The 2022 crossover modified from Modelista has many aesthetic touches to the exterior design.

Modelista decided to focus on the aesthetics without changing the mechanical performance of the car.


Show Toyota cross 2022 Modelista edition with two different packages, the first is fierce and daring, and the second is quiet and elegant.


The changes center around the addition of a front spoiler attached to the front bumper of the 2022 Corolla Cross.


You can also see wheel arches in the same color as the car’s exterior, with elegant chrome accents on the front grille and tailgate.

Chrome accents also appear on the side mirrors and door handles, and the wheels have 17- or 18-inch silver and black wheels.

The Modelista offers a JBL audio system and new LED lighting for the doors and storage box.


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It is expect that the new Modelista will be available in Japan, without specifying whether it will be available in global markets yet or not.
  • New Toyota Corolla 2022 Cross GR Sport officially launched.
  • Toyota, the leading Japanese automaker, announced the release of JR Sport for the Corolla Cross, which appears with several upgrades, both in design and in mechanical performance compared to the standard version.
  • Toyota put its touches on the exterior of the model Corolla Cross GR Sport to become more aggressive compared to the standard version while relying on a sports suspension that improves its performance on the road.
  • The Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport appears on an updated front bumper with a different front grille similar to the Hilux model, around which we find chrome accents in black.
  • Front end of the Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport has more oversized air intakes, integrated fog lights, and aluminum underbody protection panels.
  • Corolla Cross GR Sport from the inside
  • Moving to the interior of the Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport, the 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with new graphics.
  • The engine can also be starting and stop through the engine start button, which bears the GR logo, which is also found on the seats.
  • Toyota’s concern for safety is demonstrate in the new Corolla Corolla GR Sport by providing seven airbags with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 safety package.

Corolla Cross GR Sport performance

The Corolla Cross GR Sport has a range of engines, both petrol, and Henna. The car is power by a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 138 hp and a maximum torque of 172 Nm, with front-wheel drive.

While the hybrid engine consists of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and another electric motor, the total power becomes 121 horsepower, depending on the front-wheel-drive system.

It is expected that the Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport will start from approximately 118,500 Saudi riyals for the petrol version and 128 thousand Saudi riyals for the hybrid engine version.


Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 officially reveals itself.


The leading Japanese automaker, Toyota, also announced a model Corolla Cross 2022, an investment in the success of the standard Toyota Corolla, which has been the best-selling car in the world of cars throughout history.


Toyota has sold more than 50 million copies of the model Corolla, Which is not repeated in the history of the automotive industry, so it is considered the most popular car in the world.


Taking advantage of this success, Toyota decided to introduce a new model Corolla The crossover, which belongs to the SUV category, which appeared for the first time in Thailand during July 2020.


The Toyota Corolla Cross comes with several variations, but it is not a gem and does not affect the design ethos it is know for.

New headlights appear with a modified grille in addition to some other touches.


New taillights can also be seen with different LED graphics. The interior is identical to the global version except for the steering wheel’s position, accelerator pedals, and brakes on the right to suit the Japanese market.


The Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 will be launch with a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine with 169 horsepower, with front-wheel drive as standard, with an all-wheel campaign available as an option.

While Toyota will provide the Corolla Cross 2022 with a new hybrid engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters, the car will be launch in the Japanese market for $ 18,150, equivalent to 68,000 Saudi riyals.

It is expect that the Japanese company, Modelista, will present the modified Corolla Cross model with different front bumpers with new 17 or 18-inch wheels and new fenders, and many aesthetic touches.


Corolla Cross 2022: a new sports car with specifications that fit all needs

The Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 Toyota Corolla has excellent fuel economy, pleasant driving dynamics, user-friendly features, and many standard driver assistance features. In this article, we will learn about the specifications of the Corolla Cross 2022 and its features.


The Corolla Sedan is 15.2 feet long and has a gross weight of 2,910 to 3,150 pounds. The Corolla hatchback is 14.3 feet long and weighs 3,060 pounds. Key styling cues include a distinctive black LED grille with black body accents – giving the SUV a confident look, and it comes in the rear with an integrated roof spoiler and LED taillights.

The 2022 Corolla Cross has 17-inch steel wheels as standard, and 18-inch wheels are available.


The Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 has an attractive interior design with clean lines and few decorations with car service benefits, and it comes with a touch screen that protrudes from the dashboard. The cabin allows in more road and wind noise than is usual in the crossover segment.

As a Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 have the same look Audi Q8

New Styles: Controls and Displays

The elegant interior architecture of the Audi Q8 Sport concept combines with a pioneering idea of controls and displays. Information and commands are pass mainly through the touch screens enhanced by the futuristic ‘Audi virtual cockpit and the analog head-up display. All elements of the show have a digital design that systematically focuses only on the most important things.

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The analog head-up display projects are important information on the windshield and in the driver’s direct field of view, seamlessly projecting this information into the natural environment. For example, an indicative arrow for the navigation system appears in a position similar to an actual indicator on the road. This system is one of the intelligent applications of augmented reality technology. It also integrates notifications from the driver assistance systems between the real and virtual worlds.


Sport Concept 

The colors and materials used in the Audi Q8 Sport concept give the Audi Q8 Sport a very sporty character. Most notable is the three-dimensional rough surface on the dashboard, doors, and floor. Bright carbon fiber applications combined with an abstract textile structure and aluminum lines and wheels add to the design’s sharpness. The finishes applied to it are relatively dark in color. The brightness increase gradually from the front line to the center console in a shade of gray from metallic gray to pastel silver.


The technical materials used in the car contrast with its smooth surface. The seats are cover in the finest Napa and nubuck leather in pastel silver. The seat upholstery has been pull around the piece that divides the backrests to create a contrasting visual appearance. Moreover, the headrests are cover with woven fabric in which color is similar to the leather color use.

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