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Tricks That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Vanilla Perfume

Choosing a fragrance that will 100% reflect the character of its owner is a very painstaking task. Alas, before you find your own, you still have to try dozens of perfumes. But some tips will help to reduce the search to a minimum, and we will talk about them vanilla perfume.

Choosing a fragrance is an art that you can comprehend all your life. It is always not easy to choose the right perfume that will become your favorite. Because this will require not only emotions and preferences. Experience and knowledge are needed. This is important, since the fragrance should not only personally please a person. Comfort and self-confidence depend on it-but also help to create the best impression, emphasizing individuality, attracting attention, demonstrating the delicate taste of its owner. At the same time, some create a real “perfume wardrobe”, while others remain faithful to the only fragrance. Women are attracted by the aesthetics of the bottle, the unusual name and the beauty of the fragrance, men are attracted by the very essence of the perfume creation.

It may seem surprising, but before you go to the store for the perfume of your dreams, you should prepare at home. Surely you already know which flavors you prefer: citrus or fruit, musky or powdery, etc.

  • Discard all preconceptions and put out of your head the images inspired by advertising. You choose a fragrance first of all, and not a beautiful bottle or packaging. The” same ” smell can hide in a completely banal and boring bottle.
  • Come to the store alone: so you will not be in a hurry and will be able to choose a perfume that is close to you, and not to someone else.
  • Do not choose a perfume in a hurry or after a hard day, go on a search with a good mood and a light head.
  • If you want to try an unfamiliar fragrance, first of all apply it to a paper blotter. It is pointless to inhale perfume from the lid or spray it in the air and plunge into the fragrant cloud.

Did you like the perfume?

Great, now apply it on your wrist and wait a little. The composition will open gradually, on ” cold “skin it happens more slowly than on “hot”.

Why the wrist? There is a pulse beating there, which vanilla perfume means that the fragrance will open better, besides, it is far enough from the nose, you will not have time to adapt to the composition and will be able to “figure it out”better.
By the way, coffee beans, which can be found every now and then in perfume stores, will not help to overcome olfactory fatigue in any way. It is much more effective to drink cold water or breathe fresh air.

After you have walked for some time with the fragrance, you can finally decide on a choice. The one that does not cause unpleasant sensations, dizziness and, most importantly, you like is suitable.

How to choose a perfume?

When choosing a perfume, you can not rush, and therefore you should first decide which fragrance is your favorite – for example, floral or oriental. Then understand how it is in harmony with the style of clothing and lifestyle, and also corresponds to a specific place: office, theater, club, street, vacation, etc.It is necessary to take into account the season, the nature of the weather, the time of day when this perfume will be worn.

Another mandatory factor for attention is the skin type. The fragrance always reacts to the smell and skin type, body temperature, weather-all this affects its durability and intensity.

  • So, having oily skin, it is preferable to choose light floral and citrus aromas, dry skin – woody, musky.
  • If the skin is prone to dryness, it is advisable to moisten the points of application of the fragrance in order to prolong their sound.
  • On oily skin, the aromas last longer.
  • When choosing a perfume composition, the vanilla perfume age of a woman refers to controversial points, although it is quite justified. It is known that perfumers focus on several age groups when creating their masterpieces, but life usually makes its own adjustments.

If you need to choose a perfume for a girl, then you should pay attention to brighter and bolder scents.
But adult ladies, instead of complex aldehyde fragrances, are happy to wear light and delicate ones.

Testing the fragrance

For a long time, there have been certain rules for applying fragrance to skin and clothing. The areas of the body where you can apply a drop of perfume or spray perfume or toilet water are the pulse points. Just below the earlobes, wrists, right and left sides of the neck. The bend of the elbow, under the knees, the hollow between the collarbones, chest. If there is a desire to give a fragrance to clothes. Then it is necessary to spray toilet water in front of you and enter this cloud or apply it to the hem of the vanilla perfume dress.

To choose a perfume fragrance, it is recommended to test a maximum of 3-4 scents and in no case apply several scents on the wrist of one hand. The first step to understanding the fragrance is a bottle that has a faint smell. If you like it, then the fragrance should be applied to the test paper (blotter). And after 10 seconds, which are necessary for the alcohol to evaporate, inhale the aroma.

If you have a good impression, then you should apply the fragrance to the skin of the wrist. But do not rub the skin, as this destroys the molecules and changes the aroma.

At the same time, the skin should be clean, that is. Without traces of body cream or hand cream with fragrance or other perfumes. Which will affect the sense of smell. Only 30 minutes after applying the fragrance to the skin. You can understand how it opens up, mixing with the natural smell of a person. After all, the skin of each of us reacts differently to the same fragrance.

However, to determine the durability of the perfume, it will take time – from 2 to 24 hours. Which depends on the fragrance of what concentration you have to choose: cologne, eau de toilette, perfume water, perfume. If testing some fragrance caused a slight headache. You should immediately say goodbye to it. Because the right fragrance is the one that we love and do not notice. It is so comfortable and friendly to us.

Application rules

The durability of the fragrance also depends on the method of using the perfume, or rather on where and how to apply it.

Where to apply the perfume
When the inimitable Coco Chanel was asked where to apply perfume, she replied: “Wherever you want to be kissed.” In fact, perfume should be applied to the wrist, behind the earlobe, on the bend of the elbow, on the neck in the area of the interclavicular cavity and under the knee. These are the so-called pulse points. In these places, the blood vessels are close to the skin, the temperature of these areas is slightly higher. All this contributes to the disclosure and spread of the vanilla perfume.

Please note: we are talking about spirits. They are usually produced in bottles with a glass stick on the cork. By the way, it is her who needs to type perfume, and not with the pad of her finger. To smell fragrant, you need only a drop of perfume for each point.

Perfume and eau de toilette are usually sold in the form of aerosols. If you use them, spray the perfume in front of you and just stand under the cloud of fragrance. The water is less concentrated, so the procedure can be done several times.


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