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Tried-And-True Playground Classics Games To Play At The Park

There are times when one needs a simple playground game that can be played by anyone of any age, requires no special equipment, and requires little instruction. Our playground games list contains a selection of easy and fun games to play at the park that anyone will love.

  • Hide and Seek

    a mother playing hide and seek with her kid

All the children hide as the seeker counts to 20. The seeker then makes an effort to track down every player before they can return to the base and find shelter there without being discovered.

  • Red-Light, Green-Light

    kids playing red light and green light game

One player serves as the “caller,” who lines up the other players on one side of the playground and cries, “Red light!” or “Go green! Players sprint for the finish line but stop when they hear “Red light? When the phrase “Green light” is called, people start to move. Nobody should move when they shouldn’t.

  • Leap Frog


    kids playing leap frog game

Organize participants into teams of two or three. The teams compete by going down on their knees and leapfrogging one another to the other side of a field.

  • Simon Says

    kids playing simon says game

One player assumes the role of Simon and shouts out instructions, beginning them with “Simon says,” such as to hop on one foot, sit down, crawl, etc. Simon will expel anyone who doesn’t follow his instructions. On occasion, Simon will issue a directive without saying, “Simon says.” Anyone who follows one of these instructions gets expelled.

  • Creeper

    creeper game for kid

The entire group stands in a straight line, legs apart, and eyes closed. Without touching anyone, the individual at the end of the line must crawl through the other participants’ legs. They then continue to stand at the front of the queue. A player is out if they touch another player. The last player standing wins.

  • Rise Up!

    kids running in a park

Each player crosses their legs in a circle while wrapping their arms around the shoulders of the other players. Everyone tries to rise up collectively while holding on to one another when someone cries, “Go!”

  • Skin the Snake

In a straight line, each player spreads their legs. While holding the left hand of the player in front of them with their right hand, each player slips their right hand between their knees. Everyone in the queue holds on tightly as the last person in line begins to crawl through the legs of those in front of them. When the last person crawls through, the objective is to have everybody lined up in a line. This game is more enjoyable with a bigger group!

  • Catch the Caterpillar

In order to create the shape of a caterpillar, players form a line holding the waist of the person in front of them. As the other players try to prevent the first player from doing so, he or she rips free and tries to race to the caterpillar and tag its back.

  • Jump Rope – Fun Game to Play at the Park

Jump rope is a fun game to play at the park that can be played by one child or a group of kids. To see how many jumps they can make without touching the rope, players swing and jump over it.

  • Kickball

One of the most popular kid-friendly outdoor games is kickball. The game is comparable to baseball, but instead of hitting a bat, participants kick a dodgeball.

  • Red Rover

Two teams queue up and link arms to form a chain. Using the “Red Rover” yell, players take turns calling a player from the other squad over. Either that guy breaks the chain or they get on the team.

  • Dodge Ball

In the center of the court, two equally sized teams line up their dodgeballs before retreating to the ends. When given the signal, they sprint to the center to grab a ball and toss it at rival players to disqualify them from the match. The winning team is the one that gets rid of every member of the other squad.

  • Double Dutch

Double Dutch, a well-liked jump rope game, requires at least three players. The third player jumps between the two without interfering as the first two players swing their jump ropes in opposite directions. To aid pace their jumps, athletes frequently chant or sing a rhyme.

  • Heads Up, Seven Up!

Seven “choosers” weave through a line of players, heads down, one thumb raised. The participants try to identify who touched each chooser’s thumb as they tap one at a time. If they make a good guess, they switch places with the person who made the choice.

  • Piggy In The Middle

One of the best outdoor games for children attempting to improve their coordination, this game only requires a ball and three players to play. The “piggy in the center” attempts to intercept the passes of two or more players while they throw the ball back and forth between them. If successful, they then switch places with the person who just threw the ball. You can stand in a circle if you’re playing as a family. Adjust how far you’re passing based on how much space you have and to make it more pleasant and less competitive, just take turns to be the piggy.

  • Frisbee

Frisbee is a fantastic option if you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of open space outside. One of the best outdoor activities for kids, it will improve their coordination and, depending on how well you toss, may even get them moving around a little. Another game where everyone can participate or just two people. You might even decide to make it a little bit of a competition and invite everyone to challenge the winner of each round.

  • Scavenger Hunt

An excellent idea for some outdoor play is a scavenger hunt. Before you leave the house, make a list of things to look for. Once you arrive at the park, compete to see who can find everything on the list first. You can all participate or you can let the youngsters handle the hunting. If you have young children, it might be best to split the game down so that you can give them one item at a time rather than a big list. Things to include on your list are daisies, a feather, various colored leaves, and tiny pebbles. Because you can play it while moving and at a social distance, it’s one of the finest games for youngsters who can’t sit still. It’s also a wonderful choice if you don’t have a lot of space around.

  • Bat and A Ball

One of our favorite outdoor games, bat and ball, might have to be played in a park this summer even though we usually play it on the beach. To play, all you need is a basic paddle bat and ball set. Step outside for a game of rally and try how many times you can smash the ball between each other without dropping it. Though less competitive than tennis, it’s still a fun game to pass the time because it requires some focus.

Explore Collection of Quick and Simple Playground Games in Park

You will find that the time flies when you play one of the games in this article, regardless of whether you select a playground game for a big group or a trickier playground activity with equipment and regulations. We’ve got some new activities as well as tried-and-true playground classics for kids and adults. A lot of the games call for energy, strategy, and teamwork. Naturally, we also offer a collection of quick and simple playground games in park. Whatever game you decide to play, have fun and play it!

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