Trip to Sofia with Qatar Airways, An Incredible Duo

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and a walk around the city manifests flashes in its colourful history. You can find cheap flights to Sofia whenever you want for a fantastic trip. You can see the east-facing architecture of Turkish, western baroque buildings, and communist squares, all tangled in the vibrant European capital. Sofia is not only a pleasure for culture and the former connoisseur, but also offers various exciting outdoor activities for enthusiasts, as well as a wide range of places to visit in Sofia, Bulgaria. Away from forest areas and large parks are woven in the city, there is a ski resort on the summit of the almighty Vitosha Mountain, which is nearby.

Cathedral Saint Aleksandar Nevski

The scale of this building will shatter you. Inside St. Alexander Nevski has space for 10,000 people and is the second-largest cathedral in the Balkans. As in the case of the magnificent architecture of Sofia, the city’s cathedral dates from the 1880s. This was immediately after the overthrow of the Turks and the restoration of the Bulgarian state. It was initially dedicated to Russian soldiers who lost their lives as a result of liberation.

When you are inside, look at the ceiling of the central dome, on which there is a fresco depicting God the Sabbath. The crypt here is open to visitors and has an extensive collection of icons.

The National Palace of Culture

Established in 1981 to celebrate Bulgaria’s 1300th birthday, the National Palace of Culture in the heart of the city center is a fantastic sight. Currently, the building and the surrounding gardens are an inspiring example of socialist architecture from the past, with its elegant and minimalist aesthetics, raw geometric lines, and impressive size that contributes to its historical, artistic significance. As the largest conference center in Europe, the palace hosts many exciting events, from art exhibitions to music concerts, which means that visitors can definitely catch something exciting during their visit.
Thousands of exhibitions and shows are presented here throughout the year. Many people take Qatar Airways tickets to visit Sofia because they get value for their money.

St. George Rotunda

The heart of ancient Serdica and the oldest building in modern Sofia, this red brick church was built in 300 years. Strangely, this building has survived unscathed for such a long time, and around there are interesting small details that hit the great age of the site and the passing civilizations. Come inside to see the detailed medieval frescoes that were painted by the Turks. They were discovered and restored only in the 90s. Outside you can see the stone slabs of Roman street and other remains of ancient Serdica.

Taking Cheap Flights to Sofia is Always Recommended to Enjoy Places Like Borisova Gradina Park to Fullest
Bright lights, tall buildings and bustling streets of Sofia can sometimes give the impression of a concrete jungle; go to the Borisova Gradina park to get some fresh air and peace in the city center. Built-in 1884 and named after Boris III of Bulgaria, the park is divided into three parts. Each section was designed by another successful gardener: Joseph Frei, Georgi Duhtev, and Daniel Neff.
The park, which includes many peaceful green areas and tree nurseries, as well as the famous tempting lake with water lilies, is a charming place where you can experience the natural beauty of Bulgaria.
For lovers of history and architecture, the park also has a TV tower Borisova Gradina, an impressive fourteen-story.

Vitosha Boulevard

The city’s most fancy street, Vitosha Boulevard, is the place where all the elegant boutiques and fashion houses are concentrated. If you are not an exclusive customer, you can simply comfort yourself with these views of Vitosha Mountain, which is covered with snow dust throughout the year and surrounded by tall street buildings.

It’s an enjoyable place to spend a few hours; cafes along the promenade have outdoor seating, and in recent years lanterns, benches and kiosks have been redesigned in an elegant Art Nouveau style, recalling the beginnings of the Bulgarian revival.

Vitosha Mountain

Climbing over 2,200 meters behind the south-west suburbs of Sofia is Vitosha, a majestic peak in a nature park, promising more adventures than you can get on in one trip. The most convenient access to Vitosha is the Aleko mountain ski resort, where the Simeonovo gondola lift will take you. From there, the walk to the Black Peak Vitosha is surprisingly light when the weather is good in spring or autumn, because the peak is part of a vast plateau that seems to last thanks to a shallow gradient forever.
Of course, you don’t have to go that far to get the fantastic, dizzying view of Sofia. Take your Qatar Airways flights to Sofia and visit Vitosha Mountain for some quality peacetime.

The Largo

The very well-known Sofia Largo is a great Independence Square between the office of the President, the Council of the Ministry, and various other administrative buildings. He was recently rehabilitated, and since the city of the ancient Roman city of Serdica was placed next to him, you can now wander underground and watch the archaeological verdict, maximum on the spot.

Among the fascinating places to visit in Sofia is the underground archaeological level, where a unique transparent roof shows the entire street above.


Unlike many other European capitals, Sofia does not have a historic center with winding cobbled alleys and old buildings. Sofia is a beautiful city, but its spectacular places are scattered throughout the city and are not so visible. We discussed all the best places to visit in Sofia. Take your cheap flights because this place will undoubtedly bring great pleasure and satisfaction during your visit to Bulgaria.


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