Two-Storey Apartments By The Sea

Two-storey apartments by the sea in Turkey have become increasingly popular among foreign investors. They are ready to buy duplexes because the apartments are rather big and their prices are always increasing. Moreover, it’s rather easy to find people who are going to rent it. In this case, the income will increase. If you contact Stay Property, you could buy duplex apartments in the most popular tourist cities.

Best Cities To Buy Duplex Apartments

These cities not only offer beautiful coastal locations but also provide developed infrastructure and many types of real estate:

  1. Istanbul. The city has many stunning views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. There are apartments of premium and economy class. As a result, you can easily find something in compliance with your financial features and demands.
  2. Antalya is known for its picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters. If you purchase real estate In the city, you could easily earn money. Its price is always increasing. Moreover, there are many people who are ready to rent it.
  3. Bodrum is famous for its charming waterfront promenades, ancient ruins, and vibrant nightlife. Owning a two-storey apartment in Bodrum means having access to some of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches and enjoying a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.
  4. Alanya is located on the country’s southern coast. The city is developing very fast. There are many options for real estate in different districts.

It’s better to purchase real estate in the cities because there are many tourists and the price of property is increasing faster.

Duplex Benefits

There are several reasons to purchase a duplex.

  1. Apartments with two levels of living space are rather big. It’s suitable for a big family.
  2. The feature to make a plan of the apartment in compliance with your demands. You can make different areas and even build some walls to create new rooms.
  3. The additional floor is the key to creative interior design options, giving homeowners more flexibility in arranging their furniture and decor. It also provides opportunities for unique architectural features such as double-height ceilings or mezzanine levels, adding an extra touch of luxury to the apartment.
  4. The apartments have the potential for higher rental yields.
  5. Easy access to various amenities and recreational activities. The apartments are usually in districts with a developed infrastructure.

So, there are many benefits of this type of real estate. Moreover, Stay Property is a reliable developer and the company is ready to offer the options of the economy and premium class. Just contact a specialist to get more information. If you are going to buy two-storey apartments in the building under construction, you can save money. Moreover, the developer can offer interest-free installments.

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