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Types of Business Immigration

Business Immigration

The first business immigration visa type is an E-2. This visa covers only those in a treaty country who wish to come to the U.S. to do business. The employment visa allows a person to work in the country for a certain amount of time according to their claims of a job opportunity. A work permit is not usually required for this purpose, but an Employment Authorization Card (EAC) may be needed as proof of work authorization.


The second type is E-4. This visa type allows people to work in the country to make money, or to start a business. The visa also allows for an investment of a certain amount of money by the person to start the business.

Investor selecting canada for business immigration

The third type is E-6. This visa type applies to those who wish to work to build a business in the United States.


The fourth type is E-8. This visa type applies to the spouse and minor children of a US citizen, or permanent resident, who wishes to work in the country to start a business.


The fifth type is E-10. This visa type allows for those coming to the US on a temporary basis, to study, or for those returning from studying abroad, to start a business. The person must submit a certified application with supporting documents. If the person is granted a stay, he or she must leave the country within three months of being granted a residence.


The sixth type is E-12. This visa type allows those with a job in a US firm to work in their country of residence as an independent contractor without paying a fee for a business visa.


The seventh type is E-14. This is used for international students. The student must present a certificate from an accredited institution or school that he or she attended in the country of study. This may include an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).


The eighth type is E-16. This is used for spouses of a US citizen or permanent resident who is accompanying their partner for the purpose of work. The applicant must provide a letter from the sponsor stating that they are accompanying their partner. on a business trip, or another official business purpose.


The ninth type is E-18. This visa category allows persons who are immigrating to the United States temporarily to bring their family members into the country.


The tenth and final type is the E-20. This visa type allows for the spouse of a US national or permanent resident who has been approved for a Green Card and then has not yet arrived in the country.


There are many business visa categories. Many of these are intended for businesses that need to employ a large number of employees and pay large salaries to their workers. Some of the types of employees who can be in this category include teachers, doctors, accountants, engineers and even nurses. Other employees who can qualify for the visa type of business are executives, architects, programmers, computer specialists and other professionals.

There are many other visa categories available for business immigration such as family visas, student visas, skilled workers, and even some that allow tourists to enter the country to work. The requirements for each category are different but are usually pretty similar.


A visa is a document issued by the US government to a foreign national allowing him or her to legally come to the country. An immigrant can apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate of the nation, he or she is planning to immigrate to. Once the application is approved, the applicant is issued a temporary residence permit to remain in the country until he or she reaches the required points in the process.


Before applying, it is important to determine how long the application should take because the processing time varies greatly. It can take up to a year or more for a business to obtain a visa. Once the visa has been obtained, it can last from six months to two years.


Once the application is approved, it is important to check with the Department of State to make sure that the visa number has been issued. before leaving to get the correct visa number.

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