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Ultimate Guide to be an Online Tutor Without a Degree

Rapid growth in online education is observed for a decade- thanks to a confluence of factors.

The constant adoption assures that it is not slowing anytime soon.  As the world is catching this advanced phenomenon, many who do not hold a bachelor’s degree are uncertain whether they could teach online or not? 

Who does not want to teach at the comfort of home, convenience, or on their own schedule, wearing comfy clothes? Everyone does! There are Passion Economy Platforms that have made it possible for anyone who wants to be an online tutor.

Fortunately, we have a pleasing tool, termed the “Internet” that makes everything possible and accessible. There are several online platforms available on the internet that enable interested candidates to find work online even without a degree.   The best thing is that you can teach online and get connected with the learners, despite the geographical location.

What is required to be an online tutor?

The qualification you require to be an online tutor relies on the subject you desire to teach and the platform you are using. Several Edtech platforms demand the tutors to hold a high school diploma, General Educational Development Test (GED), or other certifications related to the subjects. 

For online tutoring, several platforms might need Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification. For other languages, the tutors might need the same qualification.  

Although, many online learning platforms do not require previous accredited qualifications. They are liable to offer all a chance to tutoring regardless of the experience and background. Eager to know those platforms? Keep on reading to find them:

7 Best Online Platforms for Tutoring Without a Degree 


Easylore is an online learning platform that believes in holistic and qualitative strategy. The approach followed by the platform includes a robust academic preparation to develop analytical thinking, handle stressful and challenging situations to gain social skills, better judgment, and gain leadership skills.

Whether to be a Chinese language tutor or clarinet instructor at Easylore, one does not need to have years of experience, some certification, or a bachelor’s degree. Those who love to share the knowledge, grow their passion, work hard to create personalized lessons or classes, and surely want to make a difference in the life of the learner are welcome at Easylore!


In the list of the online teaching platform, Preply does not mandate the tutors to have a degree or certificates to teach. Many skilled tutors, with the ability to teach, are teaching and connecting to the learners and providing the best. 

Preply gives tutors the convenience to teach at their preferred timing and rates per lesson. Candidates interested in marketing, improving their skills, self-esteem, and earning extra should choose this platform. It offers the tutors a constant stream of learners interested in booking lessons and viewing profiles, content, and features that let you teach more efficiently.


Same as the above-mentioned online platforms, Wyzant links the learners with the tutors. It has an easy messaging tool for the new learners to communicate to the skilled tutors for assisting them to get the best fit for them.  

For ten years, this platform wins in creating a digital marketplace to link the learners to self-sufficient tutors. It has advanced products that bring tutors and students together, in-person and online. 

Certainly, it does not require the teachers to have a degree to teach and share their passion. The only thing required here is that the tutors have to be US-based and have a social security number. 


Udemy demands you to have the free time and expertise to Sign Up as a tutor. You cannot teach face to face, however, design approximately 30 minutes on different subjects, incorporating IT development and languages. 

Almost 60% of the classes are of video content. When the course is posted, learners from around the globe can download and leverage the shared knowledge. After signing up, the tutors can build an account for free, and later, the content can be uploaded. 

The Udemy team evaluates each course, and you are just have to clear the Quality Review Process; essentially two business days. The tutor can decide the tutoring price and get payment from PayPal or Payone from Udemy, like, revenue share. 

Revolution Prep

It is an online learning platform for small groups or individuals learning collectively, incorporating every major class you will experience in the high-school curriculum. Even though a bachelors’ degree is preferable, it is not needed for online tutors to work online. 

The tutors are full-time, which implies trading compliance for the job security, and finishing 150 hours of teaching every year. The specialist tutors are devoted to the careers for raising the scores, boosting confidence, and reducing stress. And, with the reliable Edtech platform, the learners are connected with tutors around the world.


Those above 18 years old and with adequate knowledge of the particular subject can choose Savvy. From the website, you can sign up to teach the language or a few other subjects in the categories of academics, career, coding, music, and business, etc.  

While creating the profile, first of all, the tutor has to fill in the name and email address and then, set up the title and upload the image. Next, build the page of the subject information; how much you charge the learners, and the brief of the background. 

In the last step, the platform lets you link the profile with the Google Calendar. Set the price and get the money with PayPal. It charges the transaction fee and eliminates the possible taxes.

Knowledge Roundtable

The website links the learners to the tutors for the courses of their preference. Also, it enables them to develop tutorials for their subject topics in exchange for advertising space for assisting in finding the learners. 

Knowledge Roundtable does not ask for the location requirements or no certification to begin tutoring. Nevertheless, it is not that popular as compared to other websites, therefore, it is complicated to have new learners.

Tips to be an online tutor without a degree or teaching experience

Also, if you are inexperienced in tutoring, it is possible to get work from online tutoring. What is more essential is to use what qualifications, experience and knowledge do you own, and to show them in the right way to the platform you are thinking to tutor with. Similar to the job interview, it is regarding the quality of what the tutor can deliver to the job. Below we have highlighted the points that confirm how you could be an online tutor without a degree.

Possesses in-depth knowledge of the subject

If you are planning to teach languages, science, or engineering, or something interest-related, it is vital to have in-depth knowledge of the selected subject. 

Also, with no bachelor’s degree or no experience, you will have to consider what you have to show in terms of skills. The tip here is to discover the methods to provide what you know and then, explain to the students that you could be the best tutor for all.

If you like to be a tutor online, then, a real advantage is that you could be a native speaker. Also, without training or experience in education, teaching the native language to the students is worthy.

For additional subjects, take advantage of how to be skilled and include this in your profile as a tutor. If you are not tutoring others, then, also, write about your work experience in the field.  

Include the appropriate experience

Of course, with more tutoring experience, you can stay ahead of your rivals. It assists with choosing the work as a private online tutor, and even, to enhance the class quality you are giving. 

If you do not hold experience in this field, then, know from yourself if there are other teaching experiences you have, then, they need to be included.

Holding the experience of a volunteer or working in an international summer camp, assure that you have an intention of keeping the students engaged. The training providers at the company must know how the ideas are explained effectively and clearly.

With the experience that fully resembles the skills you have as an able online tutor, you can increase the chances of choosing the first learners and receiving real online tutoring experience.

Prefer choosing the qualification

If you like to teach the language, then, it is essential to hold a certification to verify expertise in the target language. The examinations such as TCF and Cambridge English exam for french are a fundamental way of demonstrating the expertise and every major language has an acknowledged qualification you can receive. 

Similarly, choosing the TEFL qualification can take only some weeks and will give you ground in the language teaching and qualification to show you are ready.

How to get prepared for teaching online

Luckily, if you do not have teaching experience or a degree, but a plethora of information or the ability to teach then, an online platform is a win-win. 

If you like to take it further, expand your appeal as a job applicant. It is advisable to have an online TEFL degree. This makes you understand the basic theory behind teaching and prepares you for classes and planning that lie ahead. 

Moreover, if you are choosing TEFL or ESL as a long-term career, then, most of the courses provide exceptional networking possibilities.

Yes, You Can Teach Online Without A Degree!

As you can read above, despite having a degree or experience in tutoring, you could be an online tutor. The major concern always is to give the best to the students and be enthusiastic about learning more. Definitely, it depicts the growth rate or success of your learners.

Online platforms have open career and learning opportunities for many. It has made studying much accessible and easier. So, it is better to take the action now, hone the skills and spend your time sharing the knowledge you have and earn. Who does not like to create a glowing portfolio that attracts students and teaching platforms? 

So, if you are looking to start your career with an online platform then, sign up as a tutor with Easylore now!

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