Unique Ways to Tap the Power of Nature

Mosquitoes are the tiniest and unbelievably the deadliest of all animals. It can kill thousands of people and make millions of people fall sick every year. Mosquito bites can be dangerous, and annoying and cause unbearable itching. It spreads some life-threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, zika fever etc. As small as it may seem but it has the power to create and spread havoc everywhere.

Being a small creature, if it can rob our joy, then why can’t we just eradicate them from our lives and the whole planet? Sounds interesting but that is not possible. The reason is all living things including annoying mosquitoes contribute to the ecosystem in which they exist. Every living organism or thing is connected and removing them from a habitat can disrupt all the other species. Mosquitoes act as significant pollinators for hundreds of plant species. They are also excellent food sources for fish and birds.

Ways to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Naturally

Though we cannot eradicate mosquitoes we can at least keep them away so that it does not trouble and harm us. There are several synthetic mosquito repellents available but all of them come with tons of health hazards which become a cause of concern for us. To get rid of one problem, it is not wise to put ourselves and our dear ones in other trouble. The best way to keep mosquitoes away and protect yourself from harmful hazards is to use natural mosquito repellent. These repellents generally block the sense of smell in mosquitoes due to which they cannot find humans to suck blood. These repellents are also harmless to the environment and to humans.

The following are some natural ways to drive away the mosquitoes and not allow them to come near you –


Camphor is easily available in each home and using it to drive mosquitoes also is so simple. All you need to do is just lit the camphor and close all the rooms for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you will find all the mosquitoes are gone. Camphor overwhelms the mosquito with its own smell and confuses them, preventing them from biting us. You can also place some camphor in a bowl of water and place the bowl in one corner of the room.

Burn Incense sticks

Mosquitoes just cannot stand smelly smoke. You can burn some natural mosquito agarbatti that contains citronella, eucalyptus and cloves. This is the best way to keep the mosquitoes away and also spread a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Close all the doors and windows while burning the incense sticks to get effective results.


Garlic is filled with some wonderful properties that cast away mosquitoes. To prepare the garlic solution, take a few cloves of garlic and crush them. Then boil the crushed garlic with some water in a pot. Transfer the garlic solution to a spray bottle and spray it all through your house. You will notice that the garlic solution is effective in killing mosquitoes instantly. Do not worry about the garlic odour as the scent will dissipate soon.

Coffee Grounds

Using coffee grounds is one of the essential remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. Most of us love the smell of coffee and it is available in every home. Hence, you can use coffee grounds to keep the mosquitoes miles away from you. As we all are aware that they breed in stagnant water. Therefore, whenever you see stagnant water whether in your home or the surroundings, just pour some coffee grounds in the water and then the mosquito eggs will come up floating to the surface and will die due to lack of oxygen.


Mosquitoes hate the smell of mint and you can take advantage of that to keep them away from you. You can use either fresh mint or mint oil and place them near you so that mosquitoes stay away from you. Try growing mint plants in the kitchen which will help in spreading the aroma all across your home and drive out the mosquitoes.

Use all these ways to protect yourself and your family from these nuisance-creating and disease-spreading mosquitoes. You can plant natural repellent plants in your garden or balcony such as thyme, lemon grass and lavender. These plants will ensure you are protected from mosquitoes and the germs they carry and spread across.

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