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Use Personal Loan App To Get Instant Loan for Salaried Employee

How to Get Personal Loan for Salaried Employee?

If you are a salaried employee, it is time to rejoice. You can avail of an instant personal loan through a reputed personal loan app. There are various personal loan apps available in the play store & IOS for salaried employees. 

Unlike those who are self-employed or own small businesses, the salaried employees have a special privilege – near-instant approval of loans through loan apps.

Tips For Instant Personal Loan For Salaried:  

Lower interest rates

Though India has a population of 130 million, not even 10% of them is an employee in the formal sector. That is, they do not receive the benefits of a salaried employee such as PF, ESI, casual leave, medical leave, etc.

It allows a salaried person to not only receive loans but compare them and provide a counter bid on interest. It is possible to negotiate an interest rate that is at least a percent lower than what is initially offered.

Longer tenures

Almost every bank and NBFC is afraid of bad loans and non-performing assets. Since a job holder who holds tenure has a stable income, most financial institutions do not have any problem in offering them long tenures up to 5 years for personal loans. A self-employed person or a professional like a doctor might be asked to repay a loan within 3-4 years.

Almost no documentation

Salaried employees have a particular document no one else has known as Form 16. T is the best proof of their status. Others receive Form 16A. Merely showing Form 16 is enough proof that the employee receives a salary and the amount of the salary.

Of course, a bank statement may be asked, but this proof from the Government of India in the last word and makes it possible to avail of a loan in minutes through a Fullerton India Instaloan App for iOS users.


For the unemployed, receiving a personal loan is a matter of chance. Often loans are refused even for those who earn in lakhs because a business has no certainty. That is why they need to take the first offer of personal loans that they receive.

Through the use of loan apps, a salaried employee can apply to several institutions and find which one offers the most comfortable terms. This choice is a genuinely exceptional advantage.

More amount

Due to the competition for salaried class, the various personal loan app offers more and more amount to draw in a customer who is sure to pay back the loan. Thus if a doctor with a monthly income of INR 3 lakhs can secure a personal loan of INR 15 lakhs, a salaried employee can do so with half of that income.


As a salaried person, you indeed hold a very esteemed position. It is more so in case of government servants since barring exceptional circumstances; they can’t be released from service.

As a loan applicant, you have the upper hand when negotiating for the loan amount, tenure, and interest. If you play your cards correctly, you can secure a loan of several lakhs for a mere 14% with a five-year mandate.

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