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Useful Guide to Buying a Laptop

Laptops are reliable enough to handle demanding and complex applications but portable enough to carry around. They are the best equipment to use, whether for gaming, work, or school works. A reputable tech store has a wide range of laptops to choose from. Determine your needs and preferences, so the buying process is fast and smooth.

Decide on the Specs


This processor is the brain of your computer system that has a major impact on the performance of the tech equipment. The CPU contributes to how fast the laptop can output and input information. The ideal processor for laptops is something that uses less power and can handle many demanding tasks simultaneously.


A laptop with more pixels allows for more content to fit on the screen and a sharper display. Consider paying more for a 1080p or full HD panel, which typically works at 1920×1080. There are higher-end laptops with screens that look sharp. But keep in mind that they tend to consume more battery power.

Storage Drive

While the speed of the CPU is essential, the storage drive performance is equally important. Opt for a laptop that has an SSD, particularly if you do not need lots of internal storage. Using a solid state drive instead of a hard drive will give you a much faster overall laptop performance.


On a budget, you can get 8GB of RAM and 16GB if you decide to spend more for it.  For many people, having 32GB of RAM is enough for their laptops, whereas power users prefer 64GB or over.

Check for Good Ergonomics

Even though your laptop comes with the most high-end specs, you would get the best experience if it has no good ergonomics. This includes the touchpad and the keyboard. If you are working on your laptop regularly, the keyboard should have solid tactile feedback and enough space between keys and key travel.

When it comes to the touchpad, it should not create a jumpy cursor. The touchpad should also be able to respond to multitouch gestures, for example, pinch-to-zoom. If you are using the laptop for business, get equipment that has a pointing stick that is typically situated between G key and H key. This allows you to navigate the screen without the need to lift your fingers from the home row of the keyboard.

Pick the Right Laptop Size

Determine how portable and compact you want your laptop for your needs. Laptops are typically classified through their display sizes. The lightest and thinnest systems are typically 11-12 inches. When it comes to the right balance of usability and portability, 13-14 inches are great options.

The most popular laptop sizes in a tech store are 15-16 inch systems. If you want a bigger display and you do not plan to always carry your laptop around, then consider this size. But, if you intend to let the laptop stay on a desk all the time, the ideal choices are 17-18 inch systems. They can give the processing power you need for high-level of work productivity or high-end gaming.

Besides their compact size, using a laptop can give you many benefits. You can depend on the usefulness and capabilities of laptops that your smartphone or table cannot provide. Make sure you choose the perfect one as per your taste and purpose.

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