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Uses Of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a great way to decorate a dull fabric, make a message more prominent, and even cover up the torn parts of a dress. There are several kinds of patches, some having a custom design while some are basically used for fashion work. 

With the increasing popularity of embroidery patches, a lot of people are asking about the ways to use it. Usually, people use those patches on denim or normal jackets and pants to create a bold, funky fashion statement. But the style has become old and now fashion enthusiasts are looking for new ways to use the embroidered patches

That’s why here we have discussed some of the common uses of the patch and how it will help you in changing the fashion statement. 

Adding a personal touch to the bags 

Many people like to design the embroideries on the bags they carry, especially if it’s a tote bag. Usually, stitches or fabric paints are used to create the designs. But now with these patches, you can easily get the desired look on the bags and add your personal touch to it. For example, let’s say you love to travel the world. So, to honor your dream, you can add the patches of famous world locations on the bag. Similarly, if you are teddies, custom patches with teddy faces are there which you can use. 

Using the patches as symbols in dresses and uniforms 

Another great way in which the embroidery patches can be used is in the uniforms and dresses. If you take a closer look, you will understand that the policy uniforms usually have the country’s monogram designed in the form of the patch. Similarly, sports t-shirts have patches as a representation of the club. 

To design the necklines and hemlines of women’s dresses

Intricately designed embroidered patches are used to cover up the uneven necklines and hemlines of the women’s dresses. In most of the gowns, wedding gowns, knee-length dresses, and one-pieces, the designs on the fabrics are done using the patches. These patches are custom designed and might have small beads, pearls, and other forms of decorative items. The inclusion of detailing makes the patches more beautiful and appealing to the eyes. 

Covering up the torn parts of your favorite clothing 

If your favorite jeans have torn apart from the knee part, you can easily use the patch to cover it up. Moreover, many people usually reuse torn clothes that are given as donations by covering the torn areas with patches. This way you will be able to hide the imperfections and make the cloth look more beautiful. 

With now the ways are known, it’s clear that you can use the patches properly in making your own fashion statement. Just make sure to get the correct embroidery on the patches and also the right design that you are looking for. 

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