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Using The Small Cardboard Boxes For Your Benefits

With the increased consumption of the internet, online shopping trends are on a high. We are pretty sure that there would be new packages coming up at the doorstep, right? With this being said, there might be hundreds of small cardboard boxes lying around, and they would only be adding to the junk. Well, that’s a bad thing because adding the cardboard boxes to junk will increase the landfill reservation.

In addition to this, wasting the cardboard boxes will make space for new ones, and the companies will need to cut down more trees for making those cardboard boxes. As an individual, we should be mindful about this thing and play our part in saving the earth. For this purpose, we have shaped up this article with which we are sharing how small cardboard boxes can be reused!


Whenever people have a small cardboard box, they often find the useless, but it’s not. That’s to say because the smaller boxes can be used to make the postcards. We suggest that you cut out the six by four rectangle and give the postcard appearance. After cutting this measurement, you can add the address, decorations, and stamp according to your choices and send it off. 

We highly recommend opting for this activity with the kids because they can help with painting and drawing. Also, the postcards made by kids will be the perfect sweet letter for grandma!


Yes, we understand that the white or brown cardboard box isn’t going to look cute on your dressing table or even in the wardrobe. However, you can always add the knack of creativity to dress up the box and make it appealing. You can also use the washi tape for covering the boring appearance of the cardboard box and make it into a handy organizer that looks pretty and helps store your important stuff. 

Control The Weed

For everyone who has a knack for gardening, they would understand how cutting off the weeds every other can be frustrating. So, these cardboard boxes can help control the weed. For this purpose, you will need to scrape away some inches of the soil and add the cardboard pieces. However, before you add the cardboard to the soil, make sure it is properly and fully soaked in water. 

This is because it helps the cardboard lay flatter in the soil, and it will also play a crucial role in the biodegrading process. Once you add the soaked cardboard, top it up with soil, and watch the weed go away!

Knee Pads

We all have a knack for sitting on the ground; if you are a fan of flowering, you will spend hours bent on your knees (trying to shape the plants). However, sitting in such a position can hurt the knees. For this reason, you can use the cardboard box to make the knee pads. We suggest that you add two or three layers of cardboard to ensure there is ample cushioning available. As a result, you will be able to sit on the knees for a longer time period without getting tired or uncomfortable! 


Well, why not just use the cardboard as the box that it is? You can use these small cardboard boxes as all-purpose containers. For instance, you can always keep one such container in your car and store the washer fluid, cables, and more. This will keep your gears in one place, and they won’t even roll under the seat. 

In addition to making the all-purpose container for the car, you can use them as toy boxes, recycling bins, laundry bins, and more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sky is the limit if you are creative enough!

Make Signs 

It doesn’t matter if you have the bake sale coming up or your kid’s school has arranged the lemonade stand activity; the cardboard boxes can be used to make the signs. Along with making signs, you can make small billboards with sales ventures. On top of everything, if there is an event coming up, you can make props out of these cardboard boxes, such as funky glasses and a mustache!

Bed For The Pets

We are pretty sure that you’ve seen the Facebook videos where a guy makes pet beds from the tires, but you can also use cardboard boxes for the same reason. Believe it or not, your cat will love the cardboard box bed. You can either keep it simple (pets love the bare boxes), but you can also add some decoration to make the bed more appealing (make it a hammock, maybe?). 


If you can store the cardboard boxes till Halloween, we suggest that you do because cardboard boxes will make sturdy costumes. For instance, you can make a robot body. In addition to making costumes out of cardboard boxes, you can even store the homemade costumes in these boxes! 

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