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Various fractures and their treatment provided by an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore

Bones are the solid matter that provides our body shape, support, and mobility. Damage, maybe it is due to hard impact, disease or infection, weakening of bones due to old age or poor diet could lead to immobility. So timely diagnosis and its treatment are compulsory to manage future issues. Studies show fractures are of variable types, each could be manage accordingly. Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore are highly skillful in managing such bone damages.

Bones are the strong matter that gives our body shape, backing, and portability. Harm, possibly it is because of hard effect, illness or contamination, debilitating of bones because of advanced age or horrible eating routine could prompt idleness. So ideal determination and its treatment are mandatory to oversee future issues. Concentrates on show breaks are of variable sorts, each could be overseen likewise. Muscular specialists in Pakistan are exceptionally capable in overseeing such bone harms.

Types of bone fractures

Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore are well known for smart handling of the following fracture types:

  • Crush or compression fractures happen to spongy bones especially ones found in the spine. Osteoporosis, a disease making bones porous and weak is a major reason for such type of fracture.
  • Avulsion fractures occur when ligaments or muscles put stress on bone by pulling hard enough to cause a fracture.
  • Dislocation fractures are damage to the bone-forming joint and occur due to joint dislocation.
  • A hairline fracture is a thin fracture to the bone.
  • A comminuted fracture is the shattering of bone into several pieces as a result of a strong hit to the bone.
  • Stress fracture ensues because of repeated action that puts stress or strain over the bone. Most commonly found among athletes.
  • Greenstick fracture is the partial breakage of a bone. Only one side of the bone breaks and the other side remains safe.
  • Longitudinal fracture is along with the height of the bone.
  • An oblique fracture occurs crosswise or transversely.
  • Impacted fracture arises when a broken piece of bone impacts a nearby bone.
  • Pathological fracture is the outcome of a disease or infection that weakens bones.
  • An Intra-articular fracture occurs when damage reaches the joint surface due to injury.
  • A Spiral fracture is the twisting of a part of bone due to breakage.

Symptoms that arise

Slight or severe, symptoms of bone fracture are different depending on various factors like age, the location of the fracture, overall health condition of the patient, and the sternness of injury. Pain, bruising, inflammation or swelling, skin discoloration over the affected part, deformity, and bleeding are some of the visible symptoms. When a fracture occurs the patient is unable to put weight over the damaged joint. Mobility is highly affect and a grating sensation is sometimes experience in a damage joint. In some cases, dizziness, nausea condition or maybe faintness occurs.

The treatment plan relies on the seriousness of the break happen. Bone recuperates all alone however in a couple of cases, it should be work for starting the mending system. Gentle breaks are adjust remotely by an orthopedist and a cast, support, or support is given to immobilize the joint except if it mends appropriately. For the cases with serious wounds, delicate tissues should be fix alongside the expulsion of flotsam and jetsam or bits of broken bones and arrangement of the bone. This methodology is help through a medical procedure. Medical procedure is chosen just when drugs and outside therapy neglect to improve breaks. Careful equipment like screws, pins, or metal plates is utilize for fixing bone set up after arrangement. For more exact and better outcomes outer obsession gadget is introduce to accomplish the ideal arrangement

Causes of bone fracture

Strong bones could bear harsh conditions and are resilient to even hard impacts. However, a certain force could break a bone, and age factor also counted in as a reason for bone damage. With the growing age, bones get weak due to repetitive use. Moreover, certain diseases also weaken bones making them much susceptible to damage. Arthritis, osteoporosis are chief factors of bone damage.

Solid bones could bear unforgiving conditions and are tough to try and hard effects. Nonetheless, a specific power could break a bone, and age factor likewise included in as a justification behind bone harm. With the developing age, bones get feeble because of dreary use. Besides, certain infections likewise debilitate bones making them much helpless to harm. Joint inflammation, osteoporosis are boss variables of bone harm

How does an orthopedist diagnose and provide treatment?

An orthopedist surgeon carries out a diagnosis using both conventional and modern methods. He assesses the damage through dialogue with the patient and gives a physical examination to see for visible signs. Internal evaluation is make through imaging tests including x-rays to determine the extent of fracture to the bone, MRI or CT scan for more detail visual of damage the issues.

The treatment plan depends upon the severity of the fracture occur. Bone heals on its own but in a few cases, it needs to be operate for initiating the healing process. Mild fractures are align externally by an orthopedist and a cast, splint, or brace is provide to immobilize the joint unless it heals properly. For the cases with severe injuries, soft tissues need to be repair along with the removal of debris or pieces of broken bones and alignment of the bone. All this procedure is carry through surgery. Surgery is select only when medications and external treatment fail to make fractures better. Surgical hardware like screws, pins, or metal plates is use for fixing bone in place after alignment. A bone graft may be place to trigger the bone fusion process. For more precise and better results external fixation device is install to achieve the desire alignment.

After healing is done it is necessary to exercise joint or bone to avoid stiffness and regain lost range of motion. Physical therapy is provided to strengthen muscles and ligaments. This ensures a quick return to mobility once attained by the patient.


We can avoid crucial bone fractures with little care towards certain factors. Change the lifestyle pattern from unhealthy to vigorous one. Intake of calcium-rich food like milk, yogurt, and cheese is of great help to strengthen bones. Vitamin D consumption is essential which could be fulfill by eating eggs, oily fish, or exposing oneself to sunlight. Maintaining appropriate bone mass is of great importance which could be achieve through weight-bearing exercises and physiotherapy. So pay care to your bone health as it degenerates with time if mild issues are ignored. Orthopedic surgeon in Lahore are highly qualified and treat their patients with the best possible remedy.

We can stay away from urgent bone breaks with little consideration towards specific elements. Change the way of life design from undesirable to vivacious one. Admission of calcium-rich food like milk, yogurt, and cheddar is of extraordinary assistance to reinforce bones. Vitamin D utilization is fundamental which could be satisfice by eating eggs, slick fish, or presenting oneself to daylight. Keeping up with fitting bone mass is vital which could be accomplished through weight-bearing activities and physiotherapy. So pay care to your bone wellbeing as it degenerates with time assuming gentle issues are disregarded. Muscular specialists in Pakistan are profoundly qualified and treat their patients with the most ideal cure.

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