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Various Yoga Asanas and their Benefits

Yoga asanas are a scientific exercise method. This is a complete exercise in itself. Doing yoga not only physical but also mental and spiritual benefits to the person. The best thing about yoga is that it does not require any extra machines or anything to do it and you will not have to spend money. Therefore, people of all classes can do this easily.

The practice of yogasanas leads to an increase in intelligence and the body gets strength, vitality and freshness The female body, in particular, is good for doing yoga. Practising yoga on a regular basis provides them with a number of benefits like flexibility, beauty, freedom from diseases and others.

Looking at the benefits of yoga, the popularity of yoga has been increasing over the years. And there has been a huge increase in the number of people practising it. The benefits of yoga are countless. Asanas performed under yoga destroy disease disorders, protect the body from diseases by keeping the body healthy.

You can get many benefits by doing yoga asanas. But due to lack of information, people are unable to take advantage of it. So today we want to tell you, what are the benefits of easy yoga. Come, let us know the types of Yoga Asanas and their benefits.

You might be surprised to know, but there is so much power in yoga and meditation, that if someone has the idea of ​​committing suicide and adopts yoga, meditation, pranayama, then such thoughts can come from their mind within 4-5 days. Let’s go. Yoga gives positivity to our mind. 500 hour yoga teacher training in India is a great course to learn in-depth knowledge about yoga asanas and their benefits


In this posture, the posture of the body is like a snake. Therefore it is called Bhujangasana. Many people also know it by the name of Transpression. Bhujangasana is known as the Cobra pose in English.

  • The regular practice of this easy eliminates problems with your back.
  • Bhujangasana is beneficial for back and spinal cord.
  • Those who want to lose belly fat, they should definitely do it easy.
  • Its practice gets rid of chronic cough, asthma, sore throat, lung problems etc.


In Balasan yoga practice, the body’s position is like a child. Hence it is named Balasana and is also called the Child Pose. Performing Balasana provides relief to both body and mind.

  • By making this easy, blood circulation is normal.
  • People who have neck and back pain, they should definitely do it easy.
  • The practice of Balasan Yoga brings flexibility in the internal organs of the body.


In Halasana, the posture of our body is like the plough of the farmer. Therefore it is called halasana. Learn

By performing the halasana, our spine always remains young. In English, this pose is known as plough pose.

  • This easy practise helps to get rid of stomach diseases and blood-related diseases.
  • By regular practice, the bones of the spine remain flexible.
  • By performing the halasana, the body becomes strong and bright and gets relief from the problem of headaches.


While performing Dhanurasana yoga practice, the body shape is like a bow. Therefore this easy is named Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose. This is an easy way to get rid of skin related problems.

  • Regular exercise of this easy brings flexibility in the body and reduces belly fat.
  • Dhanurasana Yoga exercises increase digestion power and make the skin shiny.
  • Women who have menstrual problems like abdominal pain, irregularity etc. can get lot of benefits by performing this pose.

Some other important yoga asanas

  • Practising trikonasana brings flexibility in the body. Those desiring to get the perfect figure must practice trikonasana.
  • Sukhasana yoga provides peace of mind. During this easy action, breathing and exhalation are done through the nose.
  • With the Setubandha posture, energy is transmitted in the body. This is a good exercise for the abdominal muscles and thighs.
  • With regular practice of Tadasana, the height increases, the body remains shapely. It also brings balance and firmness in the body.
  • Vajrasana can be done even after eating food. Vajrasana yoga is very beneficial to make the body shapely. If you have back and back pain, then this asana is beneficial for you.
  • Marjariasan yoga posture helps to stretch the bones of the spine. It is very easy to keep the body energetic and active.


Kushagra Bhatnagar

Kushagra Bhatnagar is a Yoga Lover, Writer, Traveler and blogger having deep knowledge about yoga asanas. and meditation techniques. You can find him practising Yoga at Rishikesh YTTC or hiking somewhere in the Himalayas.

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