Watch Out for the Superb Collection of Cotton & Cambric Dresses by So Kamal

Pakistan is a great place to shop for cotton clothing and cambric dresses for women. Since cotton is a very commonly grown agriculture crop, thus making cheap cotton fabric is easy. We’re all familiar with cotton cloth, but some people may not know of cambric. Cambric was originally a very fine linen fabric, but it is now also made of plain cotton that is very closely woven. Some people also call it ‘cambric cotton’ as cambric is a variety of cotton. It is a lightweight fabric that is generally considered ideal for mid year clothing, but is in fact perfect for any season and now designers launch cambric collections for winters too.

Overwhelming Demand for So Kamal’s Cambric Cotton

When buying cambric cotton in Pakistan, you have a number of options to choose from, but for the very best quality count on the So Kamal cotton and cambric collection that has been making news. The main attraction of So Kamal is its affordable outfits and the huge variety it offers to women of all ages. The amazing variety and fresh cuts are finding appreciation among the teens, young women as well as middle aged women, who just can’t get enough of these.

Whether you are a college going girl, a working woman or a housewife you are sure to find something suitable from their cambric cotton collection to spruce up your wardrobe. You can either opt for unstitched fabric which can be stitched by a tailor the way you desire and if you do not want any of that hassle then you can opt for ready-made dresses. These can either be bought from their brick and mortar stores or from their online shop in a matter of minutes.

Be Inspired!

If you’re somebody who is extremely choosy when buying dresses, you can always look up different ideas for winter clothing, printed cotton fabric, cotton on clothing etc. on their site to get a clear image of what you want to create. You can view the trendiest designs and creative ideas that you can save and then get them tailored accordingly. The styles and cuts the brand as introduced this season are fresh. For those of you who are not afraid to experiment, you can check their pret range for some paste printed or embroidered bold pieces. Carry them with confidence and make heads turn wherever you go.

What Cambric collection 2020 is All About?

When So Kamal launched its cotton and cambric collection that featured high end as well as affordable fabrics, it attracted a lot of attention. From ready made, 2 piece and 3 piece dresses in embroidered and paste printed to ready to wear shirts in different cuts and styles, the brand has it all. You will find stunning digital prints along with dyed cambric trouser cloth and chiffon dupattas, each piece has its unique attraction. From floral motifs, chunri design, ethnic patterns to stripes and abstracts, all designs are unique and classy. The color palette used for cambric suits has countless hues and shades, from bright oranges, mesmerizing pinks, deep reds, bold magentas, classic blues to emerald greens, fresh turquoise, mustards and more.

So Kamal features trendy as well as traditional styles in its new collection. The price range for a single cotton/cambric shirt is quite reasonable, but it can vary depending on how fancy the design is.

Cambric is a fabric variety that has seen high demand in Pakistan, because the fabric is comfortable to wear. The recently sold out mid year collection speaks volumes of its popularity among women. If you are a cambric fan too, then you will not want to miss the new additions in this fabric that So Kamal is offering. Secure your favorite pieces fast before they are all sold. Also keep an eye on the lucrative sales to get your desired outfits at the most reasonable rates.

So Kamal’s Unique Selling Point

Many women opt for So Kamal’s outfits because the brand offers premium quality and trendy attires that are affordable as well. The brand name sells and it is often the name that women come for. Some women wish to own the brand’s outfit simply because it is a symbol of quality and class. So Kamal delivers what it promises and lives up to all expectations of its loyal fans. This is the reason So Kamal is doing so well in the Pakistani market despite such aggressive competition.

If you wish to own a cotton or cambric dress, but need to shop within a budget, then So Kamal is where you should head to. Take a look at the online collection to get an idea of the price range. You will find reasonably priced both unstitched cotton clothes and ready to wear dresses.

If you have a passion for designing your own clothes then check their unstitched category. It has a fabric variety in subtle colors and bold as well. So whatever is your taste, you will find something of your choice. If you are a regular citizen looking for budget friendly cambric and cotton fabric, there are a number of options for you too. One thing is for sure that you won’t go empty handed once you visit a So Kamal outlet.

Be Safe, Shop Online

The brand has outlets all over the country, with an online store that delivers nationwide. Because of the pandemic that is again on its peak, it is advised that you stick to online shopping and be safe. All pieces are uploaded with relevant details and descriptions to make shopping easy for you. Against every item you will have details of how many pieces you will get, e.g the shirt, trouser piece, dupatta and embroidery patches if any.

All you have to do is select your favorite dress and book your order with the right delivery details to get your parcel on time. Before confirming the order, read the cost and other charges if any, to avoid undue complications. Have a safe experience!

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