Exclusive Launch

The world’s #1 selling brand of Himalayan pink salt announces a new line of grocery products. We create natural and chemical free products for our customers. To know more about our products please visit online shopping in Pakistan.

Himalayan chef is a part of WBM which is operating since 1995. The new range of products includes kitchen staples, basmati rice, flour, salt, and spices. Besides grocery products, we have introduced cooking salt plates. These cooking plates consist of 100% Himalayan salt. Thus, the food cooked on salt plates contains a rich salty flavor.

WBM Group owns several brands of Himalayan pink salt and household products, such as Himalayan Chef, WBM Baby Care, Himalayan Glow, W Beauty, WBM Men Care, Natural Solution, WBM Care, WBM World, WBM Home, Passion 84 and Salt 84. The products include edible salt, crystal salt lamp, men care, Home care, baby care, beauty care, and food products. All these products are available globally. The companies headquarter is located in Flemington New Jersey. Our Sales and distribution network covers the USA, North America, Pakistan China, Mexico, and Europe. For more details Visit: PAKISTAN’S BEST ONLINE SHOPPING MARKETPLACE FOR 100% NATURAL PRODUCTS


Operating since 1995, WBM International has become a worldwide company. The company started from the healthy food, retail industry and now manufactures various products from Edible salt, Animal salt, Crystal salt lamp, Baby care; Men care, Beauty care, Personal care, Home & Living, and grocery products. We have come a long way, as we did not stop on just one product. The team of research and development is constantly looking for ways to grow our dealer network and product reach.

Mission statement

“Our mission is to provide our customers with products combining the latest technology. We ensure that standard products reach our consumers. WBM Group thinks about sustainable development of the earth and donates a part of its profit to help the environmental foundation.”


WBM International started its online shopping marketplace in Pakistan. We have got millions of products by thousands of sellers on one platform. There is no need to hop from one shop to another to search for items. Now, you can get your favorite product at affordable prices. To know more about our products please visit wbminternational.pk


Introducing a new range of naturally grown Pulses.

For the first time in Pakistan, we are launching a new line of Grocery products. Furthermore, the products are natural and chemical-free. The manufacturing process used in production is hygienic and safe. We produce naturally grown pulses without using chemicals and pesticides.

5 Reasons to consume Pulses in our daily routine

Exclusive range of pulses includes White chana, black chana, Chana daal, moong daal, mash daal, masoor daal. For further details please visit our grocery section online.


In short, the Himalayan chef introduces naturally grown pulses in Pakistan. Pulses are full of proteins and healthy fiber. They are also gluten-free and sodium-free, unlike other foods. By adding pulses in our daily routine we can intake healthy proteins in our meals. Our products are hygienic and safe for consumption.


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