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We assist businesses by providing COVID-19 cleaning services in Sydney

Say goodbye to your pandemic paranoia with JBN’s covid cleaning services!

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we view hygiene, health, and cleaning methods. People started to give more importance to making their premises not just clean but also germs-free. They want to make their place free from any contagious viruses, infections, or diseases. Thus, COVID-19 cleaning services have become the absolute need of the hour and you must do it the right way. And you will be able to achieve this if you pick the right covid cleaning in Sydney who can cater to all your requirements.

Ask these questions before you go ahead to pick a covid cleaning service for your premises:

What protocols does your cleaning agency follow:

The quality and final look of your premises depend upon the standard of the procedures followed by your cleaners. You must ensure that they use only EPA-approved products that carry a DfE label on them. As a buyer, you need to make sure that you are not supplied any knock-off products from the shelf directly. We as an experienced company offering covid cleaning services in Sydney will always adhere to green cleaning protocols. We follow the protocols and guidelines proposed by international bodies like CDC, and OSHA. This would help to protect your employees from facing any allergies due to the cleaning supplies used. 

Who will take care of the cleaning supplies and equipment?

Covid cleaning services require specialized commercial grade equipment and the professionals themselves will need to take care of them. In special cases for some niche requirements, you may have to pay extra money for renting new equipment. It is always better to find a middle ground before onboarding a cleaning agency. So that you will not be taken aback by surprise when you furnish you with the bills at the end. We at JBN Cleaning understand that every single penny matters for you. Hence we will take care of our cleaning supplies and equipment from our end at a free of renting expenses for you. You can just pay only for the services you purchase from our company.

How much you will be charged?

This is the final question you should be asking your agency after you got to know all the things said above. Make very sure that you get an accurate quote with clear-cut calculations beforehand.

At JBN Cleaning, you can get an appointment for a free on-site inspection at your convenience. It would help you to know more about our brand by visiting us directly. So that you can move forward to choose a service and quote that best suits your requirements.

What JBN Cleaning can offer you for your covid cleaning requirements:

JBN Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for more than ten years now. And has been providing flawless cleaning services in Sydney during this span. We hold a customer retention rate standing at 85% constantly. We have been keeping leveling up our expertise to give our clients the best results that they are on the lookout for. Now, as demand for COVID-19 cleaning services running high, we have been continually upgrading ourselves to stay the best. We have acquired the current market upgrades and newly arrived equipment to serve you with spotless cleaning. Here we list the basic services we are expertise in:

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting:

All these things might sound similar, but there are a lot of fundamental differences between these three procedures. Before the deadly coronavirus comes into the picture, people were doing these tasks together as a simple cleaning routine. But now knowing the serious impact of the virus, people are aware to give importance to these things individually. Also, a lot of keen eyes looking at your business premises to know if your place is safe to visit. So, you need to take extra efforts in doing these procedures carefully and doing them in the best way.

Cleaning generally refers to surface-level cleaning procedures like sweeping, brooming, and vacuuming. It only helps to remove the dust particles, prevent the accumulation of dust particles, stains removal, etc.

Disinfecting is the next step that helps to terminate the contagious chains of germs, bacterias, and deadly viruses. Covid cleaning professionals spray proper cleaning solutions on the cleaned areas.

Sanitizing is done for embracing your premises with a protective shield to prevent the accumulation of germs or viruses on the cleaned surfaces over a period of time. All these things must go hand in hand and nothing here can be taken lightly when comes to covid cleaning.

Industry-best supplies, equipment, and procedures:

There are several kinds of brushes, solution sprayers, vacuum cleaners, and other modern equipment that are launched in the market every day. At JBN Cleaning, we keep checking for market updates and get the best equipment as soon as they arrive. When you pick our office cleaning service, we offer you a complete package of best supplies and equipment. We strive to give you only the best of results for your premises. At JBN Cleaning, we follow standard procedures in everything we do to ensure ultimate quality to our customers. We adhere to administrative guidelines that are devised and constantly updated by international bodies like CDC, OSHA. 

Going greenway:

Although fighting this pandemic is important, we also have a concern for other global issues. Like global warming, an alarming issue which is going on in the world for years. The carbon emission levels are rapidly increasing now. And every business now needs to play its part in controlling its carbon emission. We offer eco-friendly cleaning processes to control our carbon footprints. Also, we keep in mind to not compromise on the final quality of what we have promised you. Our professionals hand-pick all the cleaning supplies and equipment. Our professionals always look for DfE labels, and EPA approvals when choosing our green products. Green cleaning is not just about the environment. It will protect your clients and employees from catching any allergies, rashes, irritation aftermath cleaning. 

More economical options:

We never believe in something like one-size-fits-all. Fixed packages come at huge costs where the things you don’t probably want are also listed up. Thus you will end up paying extra money for the services you don’t need. This is why we like to present you with custom pricing for our services. So, when choosing a service, you have the freedom to keep only the services you want. You can always say no to the services you don’t want for your premises. For example, if your business type is a hospital, you would take care of the basic hygienic requirements by yourself. You only want to hire covid cleaning services in Sydney for terminal cleaning, deep cleaning, and carpet cleaning, disinfection routine. In such cases, we would charge you for only those services that you avail from us. 

Quality results that you can rely upon:

Our motto is to exceed your expectations. To carry this vision forward, our cleaners are regularly trained to remain thoroughly updated about everything that going on in the market. We at JBN Cleaning send you only the expert professionals to your place when you opt for our covid cleaning services. In addition, we like to make the onboarding process even easier for you. So, We also provide you with the portfolio of our previous services and the big players we have tie-up with so you can make a quicker decision. Get in touch with us today to know more about our covid cleaning services, our professionals, and our packages!

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