Wearing a lot of makeup is like wearing a fake purse

If you can’t even go to the grocery store without makeup, here’s something you should read.

Listen to the aesthetic and beauty consultant, who will save you from the artificiality of make-up with her tiny but effective touches that will reveal natural beauty of a women and let’s wipe that make-up off!

How did your interest in makeup begin?

My passion for makeup started when I was six years old. I was doing professional makeup when I was 13. I have been in this industry for 19 years. 10 years of this was spent trying to show my profession.

I have worked with anyone you can think of.  most exaggerated make-up. Me used to do work with the ego to show my profession. But “Oh! Let’s say, “Very beautiful makeup“.

And then you stopped wearing makeup…

Yes, I received training on personal development after quitting. I realized that what I was doing was not right, it was an ego war. With make-up, women are encouraged to engage in qualified fraud. You are psychologically affected. It’s not a good deal for either side.

While makeup artist is one of today’s favorite professions, what prompted you to make this decision?

Makeup actually harms people’s self and self-confidence. I am 35 years old, my next mission is to reveal the beauty of people without makeup.

I also provide psychological support regarding this. They come for the eyebrow contour, “No need, you are very beautiful. Let’s not get this eyebrow for a while” I say. It comes a month later, I make a touch or two. The woman is very beautiful and she believes in it wholeheartedly. This is my current mission.

What are you doing now?

Sometimes I just apply mascara and send it. Right now we’re trying to be someone else entirely. My motto now is ‘no makeup’. 

I didn’t put foundation on her for five years, nor did . Instead of camouflaging acne-prone or porous skin with foundation, it is necessary to treat that acne. My task is to repair the existing tissue.

What should be done to achieve natural beauty?

First of all, women should not imitate the naturally beautiful women they like. The best reference that shows the character of the person is the skin and teeth. No makeup needed as long as these are neat. The eyebrow is an organ that shows expression. Cannot be made to order. I determine the model suitable for the person’s symmetry with the measurements.

What are you doing the most lately?

I removed the permanent blush, which is a first in the world. This is preferred by women who do not want to wear make-up and are completely natural. As far as I have observed, a group of women now want to go natural.


People are divided into two groups as yellow and pink in skin color. If our veins are blue, it’s the pink group, if it’s green, it’s the yellow group. A woman in the yellow group should not choose the colors of the pink group. One of the main mistakes made in Turkey is the choice of color.

If you are in the pink group, you should choose the seven main colors, if you are in the yellow group, you should choose the intermediate colors. This applies to both hair, make-up and clothing.

The red that a woman in the pink group will wear is flag red, but the red that the yellow group will wear is pomegranate red. If the two wear each other’s color, the person shows colors, not himself. As such, it is the dress that receives the compliment, not the person.

There are no women who do not wear makeup, but many women do not know how to wear makeup. No woman doesn’t do makeup, but many women don’t know how to do makeup. You can learn to make up with a few simple techniques. Here is practical information on how to look beautiful with makeup products from Professional Makeup Specialists.

Eyebrow Shaping

If your eyes are close to your nose; Your eyebrow starting range should be open. So you can distract attention away from the closeness of your eyes. If your eyes are far from your nose; Your eyebrow starting range should be close to each other so that your eyes are perceived as close.

If the end of your eyebrow is below the beginning, it will make your face look sad and weepy. It turns off the brightness and color that your eyes will take from the light. You have such an eyebrow, take a pencil in your hand and hold it from the starting point of your eyebrow to the end, parallel to your eye, and remove the hairs outside the pencil on your eyebrow tip.

If you have an obsession with making your eyebrow look longer, do it because it is better to look with short eyebrows and bright eyes than to look with long eyebrows but with tears.

If  forehead is long compared to the general of your face; Avoid angular, upturned, and curved eyebrows. Use eyebrow shapes and colors as straight as possible, distract attention from your forehead, and focus on the lower part of your face. If your forehead is narrow and your face is small; Avoid thick eyebrows.

Eye makeup

If the distance between your eyebrow and your eye is close to each other; Prefer bright, clear, matte colors as headlights. Stay away from dark and vibrant colors that will draw attention to this intimacy. That includes black eyeliner. If you want to use eyeliner, apply it under your eyes. When you focus the watch under the eye, the distance is perceived further. Suppose you are fair-skinned, brown tones. If you have dark skin; You can also use black. If it is night; You can use any color eyeliner, from purple to green, distracting attention from this closeness.

If the distance between your eyebrow and your eye is far and wide; You can use many makeups and colors. If your eyes are low; Do not mascara your last lashes. If you use mascara, you’ll be emphasizing this inferiority even more. You can draw attention away from this low with an eyeliner that starts in the middle of your eye and ends at the end, pulled a little higher. You can do this even if the distance between the eyebrow and the vision is narrow, and it is better to make your eye look close to your eyebrow rather than look low. If your eyes are colored, and you want to highlight them. You should choose contrasting colors. This will make your eye color even more pronounced. Get rid of the illusion of blue to blue eyes and green eyeshadows to green eyes. When you do this, only your eye area will be perceived as color, but you will push back the reality of how beautiful the color of your eyes is.

Lip Makeup

If your lips are small; Prefer light color lipsticks. If your lipstick disperses very quickly and you are uncomfortable with this smallness, you can draw a line from the outside with a soft lip pencil in color closest to the inner color of your lip and paint the inside with the same pencil. But be very careful during this painting because your lip is the most asymmetrical shape on your face. If you use a dark pencil during enlargement and you cannot correct this asymmetry, you will draw attention to a lip form that looks bad. If your lips are large and complete compared to the general of your face; You can use dark but matte colors to make them smaller.

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