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WeldSaver Device- Best Water Leakage Detection System

In robotic welding, there are several machines and devices used to increase productivity and efficiency. One of these tools is known as a welding water saver. It is designed to protect expensive welders machines by detecting leaks from growing systems in a plant. It also helps to cool machines to prevent overheating due to friction. WeldSaver is among the best leak detection systems used in automated welding. If there are no operators on sight, this machine can easily detect and send leak detection signals. This incredible leak detection system from Proteus Industries ensures that all expensive tools are protected at all operating times. In addition, the tool protects parts such as electrodes, caps, and transformers that are working at optimum states. Let’s find out more about the WeldSaver leak detection and coolant system. 

If you are looking for the best water saver in the robotic welding industry, you need the WeldSaver technology from Proteus. Besides serving as a coolant for cooling circuits, it is also used to identify leaks and cap loss. Since it has an automatic shut-off valve, you can use it for domestic or industrial use. This water saver works efficiently as a flow sensor in the robotic welding industry. When leaks occur at home or in various industrial processes that utilize fluid flow, it is not easy to identify them. In addition, leaking water ends up damaging floors, walls, or even expensive machines. With WeldSaver technology, leaks can easily be detected to prevent such damages. In addition, losses that are brought about by leaking water are avoided. 

Common Leaks that the WeldSaver can Detect 

Many types of leaks occur in a coolant. If these leaks are not detected early enough, they can lead to huge losses no matter how small they are. Here are some of the water leaks that the WeldSaver technology can detect from Proteus. 

External Leaks

When an external leak occurs, it is easy to identify. A small pool of water will be seen around the welder. When a car heats up fast, the radiator and the hose are susceptible to leaks. Here water from the leak flows from the coolant tank to the coolant system. There is a risk of a short circuit when the water comes into contact with a power line or power supply. You will notice that there is an external leakage when a pool of water beside the coolant. 

Internal Leaks

Although an internal leakage can be hard to detect, you can notice it when there is a coolant puddle under the car. The damage may not come immediately since the coolant can still make your car engine working optimally. However, after a while, you will need to refill the coolant to maintain the cooling flow. Therefore, the relevant action is to fix the leak as soon as you notice it to prevent your car engine from overheating. The head gasket is where an internal leak occurs most of the time in a car. 

Leak Radiator Cap 

What holds the coolant in the tank is the radiator cap. To refill the coolant, you have to open the cap. When there is high pressure or when the engine heats up, the coolant can flow out if the cap has a crack or if it’s free. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly check the cap to ensure that it is not damaged. If it has a crack, replace it as soon as possible. The cap also needs to fit properly and tightly. If you are not sure how to fit it, refer to the user manual. 

Main Features of a Water Saver 

Integrated Water Valve

The WeldSaver coolant has a feature called a water valve. This device allows the system to perform various functions at once. This component found in the WeldSaver water saver is cost-effective because it saves the user from buying many parts. In addition, with its simple design, you can keep it in a small space. 

Fast Response

The WeldSaver device is an effective leak detection system since it only takes 0.3 seconds to identify cap loss or leaks. Once the leak is identified, it is upon the user to fix it as soon as possible. Once the system restricts flow due to a pressure drop from the leak, the automatic shut-off valve is triggered. Thus, the water saver technology is quite safe and efficient. 

How the WeldSaver Leak Detection System Works 

The WeldSaver water saver is available in many different types based on various applications. The different designs offer clients various coolant and leak detection services. Clients have the liberty to order the WeldSaver device based on their application requirements. Manufacturer-grade WeldSavers have different features compared to home-grade water savers. The working principle is still the same even though the water saver designs are different. Here is a brief overview of how the WeldSaver system works:

Leak Detection & Coolant Control  

When using the WeldSaver system in robotic welding, it helps efficiently to prevent overheating. Welders are constantly exposed to an electric power supply, making them susceptible to overheating. This water saver helps to protect power cables, caps, electrodes, and water-cooled motors. Replacing these expensive components is costly. Besides protecting these components, the WeldSaver device prevents damages that can lead to the entire welding system collapsing due to the breakage of essential parts. In addition, the coolant control part of the WeldSaver device helps to maintain optimum operating temperatures. 

Intelligent Leak Detection

The WeldSaver has various ways of detecting leaks. For example, intelligent leak detection allows operators to identify different types of leaks: intense or mild. Then, based on the pressure drop of flow interference, the device can trigger different actions such as a complete shut off of flow or triggering an alarm to notify the control center of the leak. In just 0.3 seconds, the WeldSaver can tell which kind of leakage has been detected.  WeldSaver uses pneumatic or solenoid valves to close and protect the water. WeldSaver will collect all operating information and display it in the web interface (or hanging robot) in an intuitive and convenient format.

Resistant Welding Water Saver 

Proteus is a pacesetter when it comes to manufacturing automotive and robotic welding control coolants. WeldSaver is among the best coolant control and leak detection systems trusted by many companies that work with systems and processes prone to leakages and overheating. They produce high-quality water savers quite efficiently and cost-effectively in preserving expensive plant equipment and parts. This cutting-edge leak detection and coolant control system protects components such as water-cooled motors, electrodes, caps, and transformers. For more than 20 years, Proteus Industries has been a world leader in creating state-of-the-art water saver systems such as the WeldSaver.


It is always good to rely on effective equipment when it comes to leak detection and coolant control. As discussed in this article, it is plain to see that the WeldSaver technology offers the best solution in the market. Using this cost-effective technology will help you protect expensive components and increase productivity and prolong the lifespan of any coolant flow system. In addition, it has a record response time when it comes to leak detection, making it easier for users to identify and repair damaged pipes and components as quickly as possible. 

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