What advantages do immersive technologies offer to industries?

The arrival of digital transformation is majorly a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It affects not only business processes and operations, but the way employees learn and expand their skills.

Persisting professional development and education are essential for organizations to keep company culture, retain employees engaged.  And hold a competitive edge in a new world of employment.

Digital technologies like AR and VR technology will become a critical part of workplace learning agendas as organizations consider advanced training tools, as well as new skills for employees. Let’s dig deep into how augmented reality and virtual reality can improve workplace learning programs.

lets check out five major benefits of immersive learning with AR and VR.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the innovative ways businesses are profiting from immersive AR and VR technology.

What is Immersive Technology?

Immersive technology blurs the connection between the physical and digital worlds to construct a brand-new experience for the individual. You can now create fully immersive environments or integrate digital objects in the real world to form bespoke, outstanding experiences that feel natural.

These technologies are continuously evolving and are becoming increasingly prevalent across diverse industries. Now is a generous time to incorporate immersive technology into your business system and start appreciating the many benefits it can convey to your company.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the innovative ways businesses are profiting from immersive AR and VR technology.

1. Customer engagement & brand marketing

Many of today’s businesses are using immersive technology to completely transform the marketing experience for their clients. VR in marketing is helping brands to stand out from the crowd and truly catch the attention of the modern buyer.

Yes, traditional trade exhibitions, marketing videos, and creative campaigns are amazing. But how about comprehensively immersing your customer in a brand experience? That’s sure to offer a lasting impression. AR and VR are opening so many innovative opportunities for marketers and software developers that it’s difficult not to get enthusiastic about the future of advertisement.

Ikea is a great example of a brand that has implemented immersive tech into its brand marketing strategy. The IKEA Place app uses AR to let users virtually place 3D models of its products in their own houses.

They make the best use of true-to-scale models, enabling possible customers to better visualize how an expected piece of furniture will look in their room. 

2. Enhanced employee training

Work-related apprenticeship is a fundamental area for businesses when glancing at the application of immersive technology.

For example, VR training programs are delivering many palpable benefits to businesses, which are as follows: 

3. Accelerating product strategy and development 

Global industries and businesses far and wide, teams are peeking for methods to design and develop products in a quicker and more cost-efficient manner.

The excellent news is that immersive technologies are starting to really make waves in the world of design and development, permitting businesses to get outcomes to market in much less time, all while saving some pennies. 

Innovative VR software and platforms offer research and development  (R&D) teams a collaborative virtual area. which test out concepts and produce designs in a risk-free environment.

Without the demand to invest time and money in physical prototypes.

Development teams can rather a much step inside their 3D designs and assess them from any angle they desire. 

As well as the usefulness of faster product-to-market time and cost savings,

R&D professionals are offered the freedom to think differently, with chances to fail speedily and learn fast. This eventually will lead to the development of more imaginative and innovative ideas and products.

4. Boost efficiency

Immersive technology is also being utilized across businesses to assist improve productivity, and efficiency, and make the workplace a secure place to be Examples comprise:

The efficiency of the use of immersive technologies is also supported by studies.

In one study, businesses using AR/VR technology reported a 46 percent reduction in work completion.

Time and average productivity increases of 32 percent For businesses that aim to provide safe and practical work.

environments for their employees, it’s effortless to see why immersive tech implementation is rising more prevalent.

E-commerce giant like Amazon is just one model of a business appreciating the improved productivity and efficiency advantages of harnessing immersive technology.

Within its warehouse plants, AR and IoT are used to support employees with a scope of tasks including stock control management and warehouse direction. 

5. Accumulate a competitive edge 

Last, but definitely not least, on our list of the business advantages of immersive tech is the possibility for businesses to distinguish themselves from today’s overloaded market. 

With AR and VR being fairly new technologies in the alliance. only the most creative brands are already executing winning strategies.

That means there’s a bright opportunity for businesses across industries to hop on board the immersive technology train earlier on to stand out from the competition.

Submitting your customers and employees a cutting-edge experience via customized software.

will be sure to put any organization top of the list when it comes to shifting leads into customers, luring talent, and enriching employee retention. 

6. Alluring talent

Immersive technologies can also assist businesses to entice and retain the most brilliant and best talent. With multiple companies finding it difficult to recruit the right employees.

global recruitment drives and remote team working are an increasingly acquainted business reality. 

Geographical location is boosted becoming less significant, as assuring teams have the suitable people with the right skills.

which becomes a critical driving force behind – wherever they might be established in the world.

Technology such as VR and AR can contribute practical help to encourage this shift towards remote working, by supplying team members with the tools and spaces to meet and work jointly effectively.


Immersive AR and VR technology can no longer be thought of as a faraway dream for businesses.

Given the expected market growth for AR, it’s clear that immersive technology. It will be critical for businesses across a range of industries, from manufacturing to e-commerce.

The foremost step to figuring out if your business can profit from immersive technology is to have an apparent vision of how it could work for you.

Working with professional software developers can help fetch this vision to life and open a whole world of opportunities.

Here at Veativelabs, our talented and experienced team of developers and designers are at the forefront of VR and 3D visual design. With us, get the top-notch advantage of immersive technologies for your business.

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