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What are Eyelash Extensions Supplies

Semi-permanent fibers attached to human eyelashes are called eyelash extensions supplies. They are a way to make your eyelash curls or fringes look longer and thicker. Besides, some eyelash extensions supplies also make your eyelashes look darker. They use a semi-permanent glue to stick these fake lash extension supplies in-line with your natural ones.

These eyelash extension supplies are made of different materials by different manufacturers. The most common materials they use are faux mink, mink, and sometimes silk fibers. The best part about these eyelash extensions is that they are highly customizable. They come in different tints, fringe lengths, and curl patterns so that you can make your eyes look as you want to. But what are some other reasons that can make you buy the Outlash eyelash extension supplies? Let us know about them in the next section.

Why should you get lash extension supplies?

We already know that eyelash extensions can make us look gorgeous. But, is it all that we want? As getting lash extensions supplies can cost you quite a lot, you need more than one reason to get them. So here, let us unveil their real benefits and plus points of the eyelash extensions.

1. They make you look and feel beautiful for real.

Though these extensions are fake, they make it look so real these days. Outlash extensions pro has a diverse range of eyelash extension supplies that can help you fulfill your desired look.

2. Lash extensions supplies are waterproof.

Usually all the eyelash extensions are waterproof. However, the more you keep them dry, the longer they will last. Outlash provides you best and long-lasting eyelash extension supplies.

3. They are safe to use most of the time.

According to the dermatologists, estheticians, and plastic surgeons it is completely safe to use lash extension supplies. Although some people might get allergic. Also, there is a risk of infection if a person has sensitive skin.

4. Eyelash extensions are highly customizable.

As mentioned above, they come in different patterns, sizes, tints, and curls. Also, we have got eyelashes made of different materials. All these make them a highly customizable accessory. Outlash provides you a varied range of lash extension supplies as well.

5. Using them is painless.

If you properly apply your eyelash extension, they are pain less to apply and to remove. The overall process has no way to hurt or injure you. Besides, the complete range of Outlash eyelash extensions is hassle-free to use.

How to apply Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions are applied on your natural lashes and not on the skin. Also, they only add around 100 lash extensions per eye. Let us discuss the process of application in a stepwise manner.

  • Always try to visit an expert or studio for getting eyelash extensions.
  • After thoroughly discussing with your eyelash provider, choose those eyelash extension supplies that suit you the best.
  • In other words, evaluate what is best for you.
  • Next step is to decide the curl type and length of the extensions. You also need to know how strong your lashes are. You can expect your lash artist to help you with this decision.
  • Then there is a prep for the applications of eyelash.
  • First, you need to lie down in a comfortable position as the process takes around an hour or so for the very least.
  • Your lash artist will then remove any type of makeup, germs, or oil from the area near your eyes.
  • After that, they apply an under-eye gel on your lower lashes so that they don’t come on the way while working on the upper lid eyelashes.
  • Lastly, medical grade tapes are also used to secure these eye gels.
  • The actual lash application happens with tweezers. One lash is picked up at a time and its end is dipped in glue and applied to the original lashes.

What are the factors you need to look out for?

Although eyelash extension supplies available these days are made by using great technology, there are always risks involved. You never know if your skin under or around the eyes gets inflamed due to the ingredients of the glue of fake lashes. Also, it is already enough to be anxious when someone works so close to your eyes with tweezers. We don’t want to add more to it, do we?

So, to save yourself from any type of problems  make sure you pay attention to the below mentioned. They explain some of the most neglected things about getting lash supplies.

1. There are some infection and irritation risks involved.

Eyes and the areas near eyes are sensitive. While dealing with anything close to that area, we need to be as cautious as possible. Sometimes even hypoallergenic contents can cause inflammation or tissue irritation. Formaldehyde free adhesives and laxative uses can save you from suffering anything problematic.

2.   Minimizing their contact with water.

As your lash extensions are stuck to the natural lashes you cannot make them wet often. Although they are waterproof but still they won’t last long if you keep making your eyes wet. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes while washing your face. After all, you don’t want your lashes to fall off.

3.   Fallouts can be uneven.

Eyelash extensions can fall off from anywhere due to exposure to heat, water, and wind. So sometimes they fall off unevenly if no attention is paid to them. What do you think will happen with uneven falling off of eyelash extensions? It can make you look quite the opposite of what you want. So, make sure that you pay attention to these random falloffs.

4.   They can damage natural eyelashes permanently.

Even with the best lash artists working for your extensions, there is a chance of natural eyelash damage. So, make sure you use high quality products like Outlash eyelash extension supplies. Our eyelashes last over a month before you need to give a thought about refilling.

From what we read above, it is clear that lashes are a customizable part of our body with the help of these extension supplies. Besides that, now you also know how to get proper lash extensions and what process you have to go through. You can make a list of things you are allergic to and also hand it to your lash artist so that they suggest you accurate supplies.

Now, you are only one step away from getting your dreamy eyelashes and elegant look. With just an effort of researching and knowing your skin better, you can have this amazing transformation. Besides, you don’t need to look hard for the products you need as Outlash Extensions Pro has got you covered. Check out our website to go through the specification of all the products and accessories we offer!

Moreover, a good lash glue is essential for eyelash extensions. Choose one that is cyanoacrylate-based, as the color of the glue is black. This makes the glue safer than a clear lash adhesive, which may be harmful to the eyes. Also, use a product that your stylist would use on her own eyes. The eyelash glue you use should be a high-quality one, or else you might end up with a client who is allergic to the dye or chemical.

Besides tweezers, other supplies are essential for the installation of eyelash extensions. You will need tweezers for both installation and removal. Use isolation tweezers if you only want to extend lashes on one side of your eye. Alternatively, pick up tweezers are used for applying individual extensions. For volume lashes, pick up tweezers are best. For best results, make sure you purchase both.


OutLash Extensions provides eyelash extensions supplies and products to lash artists globally. Our products are professionally sourced and salon tested. Our goal is simple - provide exceptional products that just work to make your lash practice efficient.

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