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What Are the Applications and Advantages of LCD Video Walls?

This article discusses the most prominent applications and advantages of LCD video walls. If you are also looking forward to incorporating them as a considerable investment then, Prysm System is a one-stop destination for you. The company offers lasting solutions that can make communication seamless for you.

There was a time when the use of LCD screens was restricted to the television. Not anymore! Now LCDs have come a long way. These slim displays are turning out to be one of the most effective collaboration tools for businesses. For many people, the most important amazing thing about Liquid Crystal Displays is their extraordinary picture quality and a great flat and compact screen. In fact, LCDs have become a great option for video walls that are used in multiple settings.

Since LCD video walls are being adopted in a diverse variety of applications. Want to know where these are employed? Also, you must be wondering what is so good about LCD video walls that everybody prefers them. Well, in this article we are going to walk you through the applications and benefits of lcd video walls. Let’s take a closer look:

Different Applications of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Video Walls

Undoubtedly, there is an increasing demand for LCD video walls in the market these days. Here are the most common applications of the LCD video walls:
Digital Billboards
Rooftop Advertising Screen
Roadside LCD Shows
Corporate Video Applications
Electronic Score Sheet at Sports Games
Business Conferencing Rooms
Shop Window Screen
Screen for Film, Theatres, Museums, and Other Centres
Screen for Airports, Terminals, Ports, Stations
Variable Message Sign

What Are the Advantages of Using Liquid Crystal Display?

Resilient and Reliable
The best thing about LCD video walls display is that these are made up of professional-grade elements, and the majority of them have the ability to work 24*7. LCD video walls are thin, compact, and light, particularly in contrast with those heavy CRT displays. Other than that, these displays are available at pocket-friendly prices that makes them extremely resilient and reliable options to use for different purposes.

Grabs Attention
Because of their large format display and high-resolution video quality, LCD video walls are commendable at grabbing the attention of the audience. No matter for what purpose you have been using them, they are hard to ignore by the people. This makes them an ideal tool for branding, advertising, and informational conferences.

Flexible Shape and Size
Video walls provide considerable flexibility in the context of shape and size than any company display. Based on the display model and mounting system employed, these have the potential to be free-standing, non-rectangular, curved, wall-mounted, and also three-dimensional. Other than that, LCD touch screen display is considered best for the small portable to mounted to massive dimensions. This uncommon versatility allows LCD video walls to be utilized in an immense variety of contexts and use-cases.

Low Maintenance
While other display options might seem like a comparatively low-priced upfront expense, they come with maintenance costs that make them very expensive over time. Frequent maintenance can also disrupt performance. LCD video walls have a lifespan of years or more and are very power efficient, which makes them a good option for high dependability, low maintenance, and low costs.

That’s all you need to know about LCD video walls! Want a perfect one for your system?

Get Yourself the Best LCD Video Wall from Prysm System
To find yourself the most suited LCD video wall display, get in touch with the professionals of Prysm System. Based on what content requires a display, we as leading digital signage solution providers can decide which kind of LCD video wall will work best for you. Our professionals are skill to set up LCD video wall signage professionally in your setting. So, why are you still waiting? Give us a call today!

What to look for while choosing between LCD and LED video walls?

Picture quality is what matter

The quality of the picture one is putting on the display is one of the key considerations you need to take in when debating between LCD and LED video walls. If we pay close attention to the reviews of the previous customers- LED video walls to have better picture quality including from black levels to contrasts and color accuracy. While LCD also offers the almost same level of quality, LCD video walls have the upper hand at this point.

What is the underlying technology?

Currently, there are two LED backlight technologies- edge lighting and full array lighting, and as the name suggests lightning is placed at the edge of the panels in edge technology and in the array of the panel at the back screen in panel technology. However, the majority of LED screens come with edge technology hence, offering up-to-date technology.

Size of video walls

If you are looking for technology that is thinner then, go with the LED screens as they are built on emitting diodes that are far smaller than fluorescent, and hence, they result in thinner displays. Second, LED uses the edge technology; they are obviously thinner and the slimmest display solutions available in the market.

Cost- what your budget allows?

If cost is your main concern, then it is highly recommended to go with the conference technologies as it is clear that the LCD technology allows you to buy bigger displays for vast purposes on a less budget. In the end, after considering all of these factors you will be able to choose the right video display solutions to fulfill your corporate needs. Moreover, if you are still facing any issues, then consult with professionals available at Prysm Systems. For more information visit the website.

What Is the Difference Between LCD And LED Video Walls?

Finally, decided to incorporate video wall technology? Well, you took the right decision now, the next step of the process is to decide which technology you want to associate according to your needs. Is it going to be LED or LCD video walls?

“When you cruise along with the world, and then technology changes. You have to adapt.”

Gone are the days when large wall displays were reserved for only big brands, stadiums, and malls who could spare the budget to afford them. As the technology changed, Video walls became accessible and affordable for businesses who always wished to use them in corporate events and operation centers. Now, the only tough choice they have to make is to choose between LED and LCD video walls.

Those who are waiting for an opportunity to jump into the world of video wall displays may face the biggest question that is whether they want LCD or LED video wall security operations center displays. Taking this decision is not easy as one has to assess several factors deciding which technology is more suitable to meet organizational needs. Here, we have rounded up key considerations that can help you to make the right decision with confidence.

Prysm Systems

Prysm Systems is a pioneer in display and visual collaboration solutions, creating a new category in the display market by its seamless interactive display – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, 225" which is 20ft wide and 5ft high. The Prysm LPD 6K Series are interactive large-format displays that offer a need in the market for larger, fully integrated Visual Workplace solutions for a new generation of multi-purpose conference rooms that allows users to share, annotate, and edit office documents, web apps, multimedia files, and video from multiple simultaneous sources including laptops and mobile devices.

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