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What Are the Best Ways to Clean a Dusty Rugs?

Do you want to clean your dusty rugs? Then go through this and find out various methods to remove the debris and dust from rugs.

Floor rugs amaze with a variety of material and fancy patterns. They bring comfort, keep warm and just pleasing to the eye. In addition, these elements make any room more beautiful and cozy but over time a lot of dust and various impurities accumulate on them. Accidentally spilled coffee, blots from children’s paints and felt-tip pens, cat or dog hair can make the room more elegant and reduce its actual appearance. 

As a result, the rugs’ material absorbs all the household odors and quickly becomes dusty. So they need periodic cleaning. You can perform this procedure using chemicals or folk methods. By adopting these methods, you can avoid losing the attractive appearance of the product. In addition, you can also use the services of dry cleaners or try effective folk remedies for cleaning your rug. Cleaning is the key to longevity and beauty. If the product is properly looked after, then its original appearance and rich colors will be preserved. And such handmade round rugs will last at least 10-15 years. 

Well! Let’s have a look at the following cleaning methods to make your dusty rug beautiful.

Table of Content

Best Ways to Clean a Dusty Rugs

  • Regular Thoroughly Vacuuming your Rugs
  • Use Steam Cleaning Method
  • Hire Professionals for Cleaning Rugs
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Remove the Spots with Brush
  • Make use of Carpet Shampoo

Overall Takeaway!

Best Ways to Clean a Dusty Rugs

Regular Thoroughly Vacuuming your Rugs

Vacuuming your rugs regularly and thoroughly from both sides gives you instantaneous and amazing results. This will remove dust particles from the ends of it. The vacuum pulls up the dirt and prevents it from getting stepped in. Dirt and debris get trapped under rugs easily. It can cause damage if they reside in the rugs for a long period. Ensure that you cover the whole surface of the rugs, including covered with the furniture. This is important to prevent the rugs from becoming more dirtier.

Washing vacuum cleaners are endowed with high power, a high level of filtration, which can easily eliminate unpleasant odors. Strong suction turbines provide low residual moisture to the treated surfaces. Therefore, regularly vacuuming your carpets is the main concern to keep your carpet clean.

Use Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is a very effective method of getting rid of strong dirt. In this method, the rugs are cleaned using a steam cleaner. This method of cleaning makes use of a machine that splashes hot water at high pressure. This is a great technique to kill bacterias and germs from a rug because it is able to reach the deep parts of the rugs. The water is boiled at high temperature and forced out as pressurized steam through a nozzle or any other attachment. The vapor loosens dirt and kills dust mites, staph, mold, and other allergens and harmful bacteria. The steam cleaning is also known as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method. 

Hire Professionals for Cleaning Rugs

When it comes to protecting your rugs and keeping them clean, it is recommended that you need to hire professional cleaners of home cleaning services. They will not only remove the dust particles from it but also turn them into a new one. 

Making a twice-yearly note on your planner or calendar will provide your rugs with a deep cleaning service. While choosing the services of any agency, make sure you hire a reputable and experienced staff who can clean your dusty area rug. In the meantime, most rug warranties require professional steam cleaning every year. This is the best rug care tip to make your it last longer. Their deep cleaning services gently clean the dirt, dust and other grime from your carpet, which can restore its appearance and help to keep germs out. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The best option for caring for natural flooring is a professional dry cleaning service. This is especially true of expensive silk rugs, the care of which is best entrusted to professionals with their arsenal of special reagents. The essence of the method is that some dry substance is poured onto the surface, which absorbs dirt and dust. 

Dry carpet cleaning is also known as compound cleaning, which is one of the most advanced disinfection technologies. Many foremost companies are using this technique because of their increasing prevalence and approvals. In addition, it produces effective cleaning performance and convenience solutions. 

The dry carpet cleaning includes the use of functional machines to wash rugs with recently advanced chemical technologies that contain no-moisture or very low moisture cleaning solution. In result, it adds beautification in the carpet and removes the stains, dirt, sand, and allergens. All cleaning compounds are made up of biodegradable material that can absorb dissolved dirt and perform the cleaning process thoroughly.

Remove the Spots with Brush

Rugs can become the victim of drops, and accidental spills.  In the end, it will leave dark stains on the mattings, which will become difficult to remove. The longer you wait for spills, the harder it will be to clean the stains. So, how to deal with such problems? In this situation, vacuum it gently or remove the spots and stains with a clean, soft-bristled brush. Clean the small spills as soon as possible and use warm water and a few drops of rug shampoo or mild liquid soap to clean the affected area. After that, blot it with a clean towel. Once it becomes dry, sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area. 

Make use of Carpet Shampoo

Rugs cleaning shampoo can remove the dust particles when you apply it on the rugs. Use a mild cleansing solution on the rug in order to create foam so its ingredients can attract the dirt and dust from it. Many manufacturers sell different rugs and carpets shampoo that is specially designed for removing the debris from the rugs’ fibres. Before buying such shampoo, make sure it does not damage the fibre and fade its original colour while rubbing in the shampoo. A mixture of white vinegar and a mild detergent is known as an effective solution to clean the rugs. Apply it gently and rub with a brush. It will reduce the smells and make your rug neat and clean. This is one of the best ways to get rid of dry dirt which is settled down on the surface area. 

Overall Takeaway!

By using the tips in this article, you can effectively clean your rug at home. Whether you are purchasing luxury rugs online or from a manufacturer, then you must have to follow these tips like:

  • Try not to clean the rugs against the pile;
  • It is best to remove stains immediately after they appear, preventing them from eating; 
  • Do not lay rugs on a damp floor; 
  • Periodically shift the palace so that scuffs do not occur; 
  • Legs of heavy furniture are best protected with rubber pads; 

So, by adhering to simple rules, you can restore the actual shade of the rugs for many years.

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