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What Are The Criteria That Will Make You Eligible For Canada Immigration

If you check the immigrant-friendly countries in the world, Canada will definitely rank among the top. It’s not only about the country; people all over also prefer this country over many others. The prime reason is the welcoming nature of the country that wants to invite skilled labor to support the financial structure of the country. Moreover, this developed country offers pretty much good scope to the skilled and experienced people. The immigrants can enjoy a better lifestyle in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, they get excellent service for health and education as well.

That’s why the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi for Canada are the busiest agents at present. They are flooded with the applications of the aspirants who want to go there. The Canadian immigration department also offers different types of visas so that a wider number of people can migrate to the country as permanent residents.

However, not everyone is eligible for all categories of visas. If you have applied to the wrong category of visa, then the scope of acceptance is very low. That’s why; you must consult with the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi for Canada to know the suitable channel for you.

What are the popular channels to get Canadian PR?

The candidate must go through the Canada Permanent Resident visa process to get the opportunity to stay there for five long years. To get into the process, detailed scrutiny of your profile will be done. The eligibility of the Canadian PR is based on a certain point-based system. The most popular immigration programs are:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Business Immigration Program
  • Experience Class Immigration
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Family Class Immigration

What are the eligibilities for the Canadian PR?

Almost every immigration program has its own set of criteria. Among all the programs, Express Entry is the most popular and for that reason, we will discuss this visa only. This program includes three categories Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class. The skilled workers can apply for the FSWP (Federal Skilled Workers Program). The applicant must have at least 67 points out of 100 on the following criteria to be eligible for the Express Entry Visa.

  • Education: The candidate must have the qualification equal to Canadian higher secondary
  • Age: The candidates aged between 18-35 get the maximum number. The upper limit is 45.
  • Language: You must have 6 bands in your IELTS exam. Moreover, the score should not be two years old. Knowledge of the French language will give you more points.
  • Employment: If you have an employment offer from any Canadian employer, then you will get 10 extra points.
  • Adaptability: You will earn 10 points in case your spouse or partner also intent to migrate to Canada along with you.
  • Minimum Experience: The occupation must be listed under the National Occupational Classification. The candidate must have at least one-year of valid experience. Applicants with more experience will gain more points.

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