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What are the professional carpet cleaning techniques and steps?

Carpets are one of the most popular decorative items in the homes. One will definitely find a carpet in every second home. The carpets are also the go-to option when it comes to office interior decor. When the demand for carpets is huge, it is obvious that the need to know about corporate care carpet cleaning will also be significant.


Carpet cleaning is not the same as regular floor cleaning. Special solutions and techniques are a must for deep cleaning of carpets. Without these specific solutions stain removal from carpets is difficult. An individual alone can never get rid of all the dust and stains that settle on the carpet. Because of this, commercial cleaning service providers have specific employees who possess necessary skills for carpet cleaning. There are numerous professional carpet cleaning methods prevalent in the commercial cleaning industry.


List of professional carpet cleaning techniques:


  • Steam Cleaning – 

Pressure cleaning is a must for removing the deeply stuck soil particles. As a result, steam cleaning has become the go-to technique for many professional cleaners. This technique uses hot water at high pressure. The combination of hot water and high pressure is effective in getting rid of dirt and bacteria present on the carpet. The hot water extraction using vacuum comes next in line in the process of steam cleaning. Commercial cleaning service providers usually prefer steam cleaning for good results. This technique is not suitable for execution within the house.


  • Dry Cleaning – 

This method is useful for daily cleaning. It assists in the maintenance of carpets. Dry cleaning uses absorbent compounds and commercial vacuum cleaners. The compound helps in disrupting dirty fibers. The best part of this method is absolutely no use of water for cleaning. Dry cleaning of carpets is the most common technique amongst households. When cleaning service providers have to clean carpets within the apartment, they prefer dry cleaning technique.


  • Carpet Shampooing:

Just like you shampoo your hair, carpet shampooing shampoos the carpet fibers. This technique is one of the most ancient carpet cleaning techniques. In this foaming substance are the cleaning agents. Using a brush machine, the foaming substances are worked into carpets. Then the technique of wet vacuuming removes the shampoo and dirt present in carpet fibers. Because it is a mix of water and cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning, this is the best option for deep cleaning carpets. This method is prevalent for both commercial and residential use. While performing the carpet cleaning every six months, carpet shampooing is helpful.


  • Encapsulation – 

The encapsulation technique is very different from the dry and wet vacuuming methods of carpet cleaning. Encapsulation uses synthetic foam and a brush machine. Together the synthetic foam works into the carpet. After staying still for a while, the foam converts into a powder like substance. During this conversion the soil encapsulation takes place. Once the foam turns into powder, it is properly vacuumed to remove the tiny soil particles as well. Because the encapsulation technique is a bit complex, it is not commonly used. Carpets with heavy soil are not the best fit for using this technique. Having said that, the encapsulation technique gets support from environment activists. This technique is gaining popularity for being an environmentally friendly act of deep cleaning carpets.


  • Bonnet Cleaning – 

The bonnet cleaning technique is good for cleaning the carpet top. This technique is not popular for deep cleaning of carpets. The aim of bonnet cleaning is to brighten up the top of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning uses motorized machines for removing stains from the carpet fibers. A spinning pad immersed with cleaning solutions leads to proper fiber cleaning of the carpet. The hotels, restaurants, etc are the largest users of bonnet cleaning technique. Obviously, this is due to the fact that these places have several visitors in a day. They want their carpet flooring to be clean at all times. Since the bonnet cleaning technique is quick with execution and serves the purpose, it is the best option.


Carpet cleaning Process:

While a number of techniques are in use for carpet cleaning, there is a specific process to get visible results. By following each and every step of the carpet cleaning process, the service providers are able to give best services to all the clients. The process of carpet cleaning is as follows:


  1. Pre-Inspection – Firstly, the most important step is to inspect. In this the staff member of a professional cleaning firm walks through the carpet in your house or office. During this inspection they identify the different spots on the carpet. Accordingly, they decide upon the requirement of chemicals and equipment for carpet cleaning. 
  2. Commercial Pre-Vacuum – Any cleaning process involves removing dry soil. Similarly, the next step in the carpet cleaning process is removing dry soil using a powerful vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners are of great help when it comes to deep cleaning of carpets.
  3. Furniture Moving – In offices as well as homes, people keep furniture on the carpets. So, to properly clean the carpets, it is essential to move furniture. Performing the step of moving furniture is the duty of the firm’s staff members.
  4. Pre-Spray – Next step for removing spots on carpets is pre-spraying. With pre-conditioning agent spraying, the tiny spots on carpets become easy to clean. 
  5. Pre-Spot – Tough spots require strong chemicals for cleaning. Pre-spot step uses specific solutions for removal of difficult spots.
  6. Pre-Grooming – Dry soil removal is easy using commercial vacuums. However, to get rid of the tiniest particles of soil, pre-grooming is the step. In this the professional cleaners use rotary brush and assist in loosening of soil.
  7. Soil Extraction and Rinse – One all the above mentioned steps are over, then rinsing of carpet begins. Using an appropriate amount of water is the aim of the rinsing process. As a result of which the carpets are not over wet and no sticky residue is present.
  8. Neutralizer – In order to soften and freshen the look of carpets, they are pH balanced. This step is neutralizing.
  9. Post Spot – After the basic cleaning, the next step is post spot. In this the spots still present get extra treatment. 
  10. Post Groom – Next step of post grooming is of great help in quick carpet drying and in maintaining the position of carpets after wash.
  11. Speed Dry – Carpets take a lot of time to dry properly. External force is a must for speed drying of carpet. For the same high velocity air movers are coming in use to make the drying process quick.
  12. Post Cleaning Inspection – Last but not least is post cleaning inspection. Once the carpet cleaning is over, proper inspection takes place. The aim is to ensure no spots are there after the cleaning process.


Just by diligently following the carpet cleaning process, the useful life of carpets increases. Furthermore, to achieve the best outcome with professional carpet cleaning, choosing the right technique is the key. In order to fulfill both these aspects, it is recommended to avail the services available with professional cleaning service providers.


Being in the business of cleaning services, the professionals have proper knowledge of the cleaning techniques. They have all the equipment for deep cleaning solutions. As per the customer’s needs, they are able to select the perfect technique. So, the next time you are worrying about cleaning the carpet then schedule an appointment today itself.

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