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What are useful social media analytics tools?

The social media world is flooded with more than 3.8 billion active users, making the social media platform one of the crucial channels for businesses of all sizes to promote their brand. To make the most out of different social media channels, most organizations hire experts named as social media marketers. The job of these experts may look like a fun and easy task at first, but the same holds a lot of challenges and difficulties that even make the highly experienced ones think multiple times before taking any specific action or decision.

Creating social media campaigns that can bring effective results is incomplete without using a reliable social media analytics tool. Although, some of the social media platforms have their own embedded analytics that can help you dig deeper into your customer behaviors and their expectations from your brand.

Why use social media analytics tools?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin have their own embedded analytics, but the drawback is that they can only provide limited information. On the other hand, with social media analytics tools, you can view your campaigns from a broader perspective and compare metrics for multiple platforms, trends, competitors, and industry.

Today’s social media marketing world is intensely competitive, with marketers using artificial intelligence and automation solutions. Social media analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence can help you anticipate how a given campaign will perform, auto-suggest content recommendations, simplify your reporting tasks, and provide multiple paid ads analytics.

To help you out, here we are mentioning some of the best social media analytics tools that you can use to grow your brand socially:

  • Google Analytics: It is one of the best tools that can help you efficiently deal with your social media analytics. The major benefit of this tool is that it helps you see how much web traffic and leads coming to your virtual doorstep through social media channels. It is a free tool that you can use to understand your target audience better. The tool can help you in the following ways:
  • Inform you which social media platforms are providing you the most traffic.
  • Help you identify what content works best on which social channel.
  • Ensure that you are grabbing the right audience on social media with demographic data.
  • Assist you in calculating how many leads and conversions your business is getting from social media.
  • Calculate the ROI of every social media campaign.
  • Hootsuite Analytics: The tool helps you get all your performance data from diverse social networks in one place and turn it into easy-to-understand reports. With this tool at your end, you can dive deeper into each of your social media posts’ metrics, including likes, comments, shares, reach, video views, and video reach. The tool provides a bigger picture of where all your social media efforts are heading so that you can boost the performance of campaigns accordingly. It is a paid tool that comes with 30 days of the free trial.
  • Brandwatch: It is a powerful social media analytics tool that helps you to track as well as analyze data from millions of sources, including forums, blogs, review sites, and of course, social media channels. It is a paid tool that helps you to have a proper understanding of consumer insights, influencers, trends, and brand perception. The tool also offers you the flexibility to use in-house systems for adding efficiency to your data management capabilities.
  • Talkwalker: It is a paid tool that helps you monitor conversions from millions of sources and aid you in analyzing engagement, comments, emotions, sentiments, and reach. Along with helping you monitor each social media post, the tool goes beyond the normal and helps you analyze Mentions, Author Lists, Brand Sentiment, and Important Influencers. With this tool at your end, you can find the best times for your brand to post on different social media platforms.
  • Sprout Social: If you want cross-channel social media analytics, then Sprout Social can be the best tool you can use. The tool helps you measure your brand performance on a single channel and also offers you the ability to compare results between multiple channels with ease. It has a fast, reliable, and user-friendly interface that helps you discover and display your social insights in a lucid way.

In addition to the social media analytics tools mentioned above, there are many other tools available in the market that you can use to strategize your social media marketing strategies and create campaigns that, to a greater extent, guarantee amazing results.

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