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What Betters your Hospital Accounts Receivable Collections

Hospital Accounts Receivable

To develop speed in the process of revenue recovery, reducing hospital accounts receivable has a huge factor to play in improving financial ROI. It is important to note that finding the right balance between your patient care and payments helps you grow as a hospital. The immediate nature of care needed at a hospital setting makes it a confusing task for many to make sure that everything is covered at the front desk.

Collecting the copays, eligibility verification if any, upfront collections, and also submitting the claims on a timely filing basis can be a huge challenge. Hiring a pool of resources who knows how to quicken your process of receiving payments on time can turn out to be a game-changer for you in the long run. But the challenge lies in finding someone who can help you, understand your process, and extend assistance which helps you improve your flow of cash.

GoTelecare has the perfect plan

As a next-gen RCM destination, GoTelecare knows how to bring back your money from your aging hospital accounts receivable. Over the years, we have set benchmarks, eliminated challenges as a next-gen RCM destination by working with the biggest and the best and that too with excellent references. Our team has been extremely successful in driving cash from aging accounts receivable as old as three years!

Also, our team knows how to work on your denials, underpayments, filing appeals like none other. As a complete RCM company, we are working with both payers and providers. We are also helping major insurance plans with our claims adjudication services. At just 1% of collections, we can transform your flow of cash.

Looking to know more about how we serve your ultimate value. We are just a call away from you. Get in touch with us, know more about our plan of action over a “no commitment call”. We can drive your flow of cash better than any other collections company. Know more about the GoTelecare advantage from our experts now.


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