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What Coloured Contact Lenses Are Best For My Eyes?

Coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses provide a beautiful and subtle change to your eye colour. Coloured contact lenses have become fashion statement nowadays with people using these lenses for parties and special occasions such as Halloween and cosplay conventions.

I know you are interested in coloured lenses. So let me tell you that there is a great variety of coloured lenses available. There are crazy contact lenses which are usually used for Halloween and similar events. These lenses give out a special effect that gives you a freaky look. Then there are other coloured lenses such as the solotica contact lenses being one of the more popular choices.

A Little Detail About Coloured Contact Lenses

Now that I think you are curious, let’s talk about different types of coloured contacts so you can identify the best for yourself. Coloured contact lenses are available for people of all ages

Coloured contacts allow you to change you’re and beautify your appearance on a daily or weekly basis. While they are a bit expensive than regular contacts, they would certainly give you a great time on Halloween.

Different Categories Of Coloured Lenses

As mentioned that coloured contacts are more expensive. That is because they have a colour tint on them which covers your pupil partially or completely to enhance or change your eye colour. Below are the three main types of colour tints.

Colour contacts are available in three kinds of tints:

  • Visibility tint. Their tint is made of faint colours, only visible enough for you to see it if it falls down. It does not change the colour of your eye.
  • Enhancement tint. A solid tint with a translucent tint. This lens covers the eye partially so that some of the natural colours of your eye is visible. If used correctly this can enhance the colour of your eye and add more intensity. Only works for light coloured eyes.
  • Opaque tint. Solid, thick and transparent tint. Covers the eye completely. Used for dark coloured eyes.

Custom-tinted contact lenses

Apart from those major colour tints, you can also get a customized tint which is made from a variety of colours and designs to give you a unique colour.

These lenses are usually translucent to improvise and enhance the colour of the eye and also hide any injury to the eye. You can also have opaque tints customized.

Contact lenses for Halloween and cosplay are usually opaque tints as they are meant to provide a crazy and special effect.

The Colour For Your Eyes

Well coloured contacts may seem like an easy choice to make. But you cannot pick anything you like. You have to consider the colour of your hair, skin tone and if you are opting for enhancement tints then you would need to consider the colour of your eyes too.

Colour contacts for light eyes

Coloured lenses which are common and usually used for light coloured eyes come in the category of enhancement tints. Like the solotica contact lenses.

That is not a hard and fast rule though, if you are dressing up for Halloween then you should know that Halloween contact lenses are opaque tints meant to cover the eyes. So you can change the colour of your eye temporarily too if you like.

The colours which usually work for the light coloured eye are a light shade of blue, green, brown or honey brown. Other enhancement tints which are generally great for light coloured eyes are grey and hazel.

Colour contacts for dark eyes

For darker eyes, you should go for opaque tints because enhancement tints such as solotica contact lenses will not work. You would be required to change the colour of your eyes if you want to add some different colour to your appearance.

Looking for colours? Then dark eye would usually favour opaque tints such as bright red, green and brighter shades of purple.

The Dos and Donts of Coloured lenses

DON’T share your contact lenses. Contact lenses are your personal property, like a toothbrush, you do not share it with anyone. Sharin of contact lenses may cause eye infections and diseases to transfer from one eye to another.

DO care for your contact lenses properly. Coloured contacts require the same care and maintenance as any regular contact. Wash and clean them with disinfectant solution properly and store them in their cases.

DON’T wear your contacts and remove them if you develop sore, irritated or red eyes. Any sign of irritation or pain in the eye should

indicate you that you need to remove them immediately. If the pain persists, consult a doctor immediately.

Enjoy your coloured contact lenses safely.

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