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Computers and Technology

What Does An Eye Tracker Do?

What Is Eye-Tracking?

Eye-tracking is a technique you can use to track eye movements. With this, you can get the exact point in space where the eye looks. You can use eye tracking to learn more about human psychology by monitoring the person’s visual attention. Using a Tobii eye tracker, you can use the data for research or use it for commercial purposes. 

What can an eye tracker do?

  1. The reaction of the subject to visual stimuli or even other stimuli.
  2. It can pinpoint the exact point where the subject is looking.
  3. An eye tracker can track blinking patterns.
  4. Finally, it can establish a connection between a human and a computer. It is capable of facilitating machine learning. 

Where are eye trackers used?

Initially, eye trackers were designed for research purposes. However, since then, their usage has branched out to different fields. 

  • Research

Eye-tracking can be used for both quantitative research and qualitative research. For example, you can use it to study subjects’ behavior and determine patterns for learning. Comparing group behaviors is also possible with a Tobii eye tracker.

Using eye trackers in the research industry has reaped tremendous results, which is helpful for the human race. 

  • Automobile Industry

This is one of the lesser-known applications for an eye tracker. This technology can track the eye movements of the driver in the car. If the driver appears distracted or sleepy, the tracker can immediately alert them. Thus, an eye tracker can help to prevent many accidents. 

Smart dashboards can use this technology to create a virtual co-pilot mechanism for the automobile industry. 

  • Game industry

In gaming, you can see this technology used to connect the player to the computer. The eye tracker acts as an extra data input method for the game. You can use the keyboard and mouse to enter commands using your hands. You are using an eye tracker to enter information through your eyes. 

The visual part of the gaming experience can improve by using an eye tracker. Your eyesight determines the portion of the game that needs to be focused on. When your game knows the direction you are looking at, it can focus on improving that particular part of the scene. Instead of working on the whole scene, the game can highlight only a certain part of it. 

For shooting games or PvP games, this technology can be game-changing. For example, if you have to hide from the opponent quickly, you have to move your camera and focus it on the spot you want to move to. But, now, with your eyes connected to the game, you only need to turn your hand to look at the spot. Then, your character will move and hide on its own. 

The Bottom Line 

Apart from these, eye trackers are also used for rehabilitative purposes. This offers a better method of communication. You can contact Link Assistive for more information on this topic. They even supply eye trackers for commercial use.

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