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What Is A Whole House Water Filter And How Does It Work?

A whole house water filter is a system installed in the main water line at the entrance of your home. It can help reduce chlorine, iron, sulfur, and much more. Whole House Water Filter Melbourne helps remove microorganisms and any other organic matter present in the water. At the tank doctor, they sell the highest quality rainwater filter system. 

Whole house water filter Melbourne is a dependable rainwater filter system that helps to kill 99.9% of the bacteria, making it ready for consumption.  There are a lot of signs that determine that you need a whole house water filter. These signs include rotten egg smell, rust strains, dry hair or skin, bad tasting water, streaky dishes, and corroded pipes. These signs should not be disregarded at any cost.

Before water reaches our home, it goes through 4 major stages:

Stage 1: Natural Source

Water begins at a natural water body such as a lake, river, sea, and as it passes through the ground, it can sometimes pick up dirt, contaminants, and other particles, which can cause it to smell bad, taste-off, or even make the water hard.

Stage 2: Treatment Center

Before water is distributed in your home, it is passed through a different treatment center. Still, not everything is completely removed, such as new emerging contaminants such as pesticides, PFOs, and pharmaceutical runoffs. It also picks up more pollutants through the old lead pipes and aging infrastructure. This is where the whole house filter can help.  

Stage 3: Whole House Filter

More than just bringing Wellness water softeners to your faucets, a whole home filtration system takes hard water and filters it into clean and safe water for consumption. Whole House Water Filtration works majorly in three steps.

How does the Whole House Filter work?

  1. Pre Filter Stage: 

This stage filters the larger particulates and contaminates; It includes impurities like sediments and silt. Water-containing sediments can damage plumbing appliances, but pre-filter takes care of such sediments. It is preferable to replace it every two to three months to ensure that the filtration works at its best.

  1. Activated Carbon Stage: 

For an added layer of protection, activated carbon removes chlorine and chloramines from the water to make it cleaner for consumption.

  1. Post Filter Stage: 

Any contaminants left in the water are cleared at this stage. For optimal results, it is recommended to change this filter every 6-12 months. It is the final stage in removing any different contaminants and sediments from the body before reaching the tap.

Stage 4: Cleaner and Healthier Water at Homes

After the water is passed through various stages of filtration, the clean water reaches our homes for our consumption. 


Some of the advantages of a whole house water filtration system are it prevents damage to pipes, improves the smell and taste of water, extends the life of an appliance, and eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. It is a good investment that gives you the peace of mind that every drop of water that flows through your home is filtered. 

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