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What is AOL. How to Contact Customer Support

Get AOL Support by 24x7 from experts by calling us at +1870 686 0758

You must have surely heard about the AOL software. Just like your Google, Bing or any other search engine, AOL is one of the prominent web browsers that is used by thousands of people across the world. It also offers the users an option to create an email account on AOL mail. It also has almost similar features as other email services. You can either download the AOL Desktop Gold software in your system and can use the mail feature from the portal or can also create an email account via The users have a complete and independent option of accessing their AOL mail account through a web browser rather than downloading the software. Often situations can arise when a person faces issues while accessing their AOL mail. A few of them may include- errors in sending and receiving emails, attaching documents or images, password or username failure and many more. A few of them can be easily resolved without any technical assistance from the experts, but some of them do require the same. You don’t need to worry, as AOL Helpline number is accessible 24*7 and connects you to the mail connoisseurs.

Dedicated Services on 24*7 Basis

Quick Assistance: Whenever anyone comes across an error in AOL mail, their first instinct is to get rid of the snag immediately. Do you know that the experts at AOL Customer Care number are so prompt in giving you the advice and resolve the errors within no time?

24/7/365 help: The errors and issues in AOL mail can occur at any time. It is for this reason that the customer service number remains operational on all days and at all hours without any fail. If you ever come across a snag with your AOL mail at any bizarre error, then do not hesitate to contact the experts and avail assistance

Security Assured: When it comes to your privacy, it is entirely safe and secure with the customer care experts. They take immense care of the security concerns and also ensure that the communication between the client and executive doesn’t get leaked out.

Remote Solution: It will not matter at what place of the Earth you are. You have an issue with AOL mail; dial the AOL Helpline number for any remote location. The toll-free number will connect you to professionals, and then you can talk to them regarding the error you are facing and attain a solution for the same.

Overview of AOL Email New Features

AOL Email is winning hearts of the people around the world from last many years because of its intriguing yet brilliant features:

  • One can easily create, edit, and manage the calendars as per their requirement.
    Filter feature can quickly sort and find the email.
    With the convenience of creating new folders, you can save your essential emails in them and can delete it when it when not necessary.
    One can delete single as well as multiple emails in one go.
    You can even resize the panel of their AOL email as per your requirement.
  • Freedom of customizing of AOL Email is also there.
    Users can use emoji in the AOL email messages too.
    Email attachment size of 25GB.
    It supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols.
    One can easily link AOL Email with different webmail like Gmail, Yahoo etc.
    It has the feature of Spam and virus protection as well as spell-checking.
  • Some AOL errors faced by our customers
    Resolving AOL Mail error messages
    Despite the fact that this email service is rated among the top email services, there are various issues which the users come across while using this service. Some of the most common issues which the users encounter are as mentioned below:

AOL Error 104
This is an error which takes place during the installation or while updating AOL software. This error would prevent the users from using any service which is provided by this software. This error is often caused due to the corrupt download of AOL files in the system or even when the computer is infected with virus or malware.

AOL Error 116
When the user’s computer has corrupt system files, that is when the error code 116 comes up. It has also been seen that there are instances when the antivirus software deletes some system documents which results in the users facing error code 116.

AOL Error ac-3101
The users would have to face the error code ac-3101; it is mostly because of poor system configuration, faulty system files or improper installation of the software. This error can take place at any given hour on the user’s system.

AOL Missing Mail error
At many instances that users would face the trouble of losing mails from their AOL email inbox. This is an issue which is encountered by several users of AOL mail. Rectifying some basic errors would help the users resolve this issue at the earliest.

The root cause behind error 504
The error code 504 is a gateway timeout failure, and this states that one server was unable to get an adequate response from the other server. This error can take place due to incorrect server settings, network error or even internet connectivity issue.

AOL Mail error code 11
This is an error code which comes up when the users try to sign in to the AOL mail account. This error code is frequently seen while installing AOL on the system. The reasons for facing this malfunction is when the user downloads the corrupt AOL Instant Messenger.

To rectify these errors the users have the option of contacting AOL Customer Care Number. The users would get all the required assistance in solving the malfunctions that they are facing.

How to fix problems sending AOL Mail?
There can be various reasons due to which you are not able to send an email by using AOL mail like the issue with the web browser, system error, and inactive internet connection or due to conflict of software with your AOL email. One can fix the problem of sending email in AOL by following steps:

Clear all the cache and cookies as well as history from your desktop.
Try to check the spam setting of AOL mail.
Disable all the pop-up blocking software.
You can try to restart your computer.
One can also use a different browser to open the email rather than their regular email. However, make sure the browser you are using is an updated one.

If you do not want to waste your time in searching the solution, then you can dial AOL Customer Care Number, which is available round the clock in 24 hours. Because here customer experts will fix your issue instantaneously as they are having full knowledge of AOL email.

AOL Mail Not Working?
If your AOL mail is working on your device be it Android, iPhone or system then you should try to find the solution by using which you can fix this problem. Users need to go through fooling resolution procedure for removing the issue:

For Android or iPhone
Update the firmware of your smartphone
Now you should force stop and then restart AOL email again.

For PC
Update the web browser and use other browsers rather than your regular one for opening the email.
Remove all the unwanted files and data from your system.
If the server of AOL is down, then you can try opening the email after some time.

Even after implementing these steps if your problem is not resolved, then take the help of experts for fixing the not working error of AOL email.

AOL Mail Hacked Account?
Security breaching is one of the issues in AOL that is like pain in the butt, which should be fixed as soon as possible. If your AOL mail account is hacked then you need to solve it right away, and one should safeguard their email by using these suggestions:

Change the password of your account as soon as possible.
Review and verify all the personal details associated with your AOL email.
Activate the two-step authentication to beef up your AOL email security.
Use the latest antivirus to scan and then throw all the viruses and malware out of your device.
Do not save any personal and financial information in your inbox.

Moreover, if you have lost access to your account after hacking, then you need the advice of professionals to eradicate the problem of hacked AOL account.

AOL Login Problem?
The primary reason due to which AOL email user can witness login error are:

Outdated web browser.
Compromised or Hacked AOL account.
Forgotten the login credential.
The server detail is incorrect or invalid.
For fixing the problem of AOL email login users, need to execute below-mentioned resolution steps:

Update the browser and clear all the browser data like history, cache, and cookies.
Reset the forgotten password by using a security question if your account is hacked. After logging into your account, check the personal credential of the account.

Check the security setting of AOL email and even verify the recent activity of your mail too.
Try to check the status of the AOL email server and even verify whether the application or device is up to date or not.

What is wrong with AOL Mail?
If you are not able to understand what is wrong with your AOL email why you are not able to send or receive email or what if you are not able to login to your account. In these situations, one must use the following steps for fixing any issue associated with AOL:

Try to update the browser even the firmware in which you are accessing the email.
Delete unwanted and junk file from your device as well as your browser.
If the password is, the culprit then reset the password and make sure that you keep the new password safe. From time to time, you need to change your password.

Even you must verify the personal information of your account timely and even checking security setting. You can also go for two-step authentication for making your AOL account more secure.
Even after implementing these troubleshooting steps, you do not get hold of your account then you should consult professionals via AOL Helpline Number. This number is available 24/7/365, days round the clock for assisting the AOL email users.

How to Get Help on AOL?
AOL is known to be the best email service provider around the globe, which has always tried to provide users with the best-emailing experience, but there are times when users encounter some issues while working with the email service. If you are bothered by any such problems, you must get in touch with AOL customer service number and speak to experts regarding the same. The professional experts will let you know the best solutions to whatsoever the issue is, and it is guaranteed that you would be completely satisfied with their solutions. Experts are available 24 hours a day to provide you with the best possible solution within a few minutes. The best part is that you can connect with the experts via multiple channels which makes it convenient for you to avail assistance from them.

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