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What Is Breast Augmentation?

What Is Breast Augmentation? When your breasts are too small, you can opt to have breast augmentation surgery. Also known as mammoplasty, this procedure makes your breasts bigger with the help of either saline or silicone implants filled with saline or silicone gel. Your surgeon will also perform fat transfer breast augmentation before and after if you have too much breast tissue and want to be smaller. Whether you’re considering how to get breast implants or how to get breast implants safely, knowing what your options are will help you make the best choice for your body type and desired results.


How Is A Breast Augmentation Procedure Performed?


While every breast augmentation procedure is slightly different, there are some common elements. For example, during a breast augmentation with fat transfer (also called autologous breast augmentation), you’ll undergo liposuction in your desired breast area before fat is transferred to increase volume and firmness. During a surgical procedure, an incision will be made behind each breast and silicone implants or saline implants will be inserted. Of course, these are just average costs; if you’re interested in getting a true estimate of what a particular procedure will cost you, it’s smart to meet with several surgeons so that you can compare estimates side by side.

As with any major surgery, complications can occur. However, in general, risks are low and they include infection at the site of injection or implantation as well as implant displacement—though new technologies have significantly reduced both risks. In rare cases, an implant may need to be removed due to capsular contracture (when scar tissue forms around an implant). And while any type of surgery carries risk, women who get breast augmentations appear to experience very few problems when compared with other types of cosmetic procedures like facelifts or nose jobs.


Who Is A Candidate For Breast Augmentation With Implants?


Breast augmentation is an option for women who are unhappy with their breast size. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates that there were more than 311,000 surgeries in 2013 alone. In 2009, 11 percent of patients who underwent breast augmentation surgery were between 18 and 24 years old. This percentage increased to 14 percent in 2012 and 2013. Why do so many young women choose to undergo breast enhancement surgery?

A survey conducted by ASPS found that 88 percent of respondents said they chose breast augmentation because they wanted a fuller chest. Other reasons included: – To improve self-image – To correct a deformity from weight loss or pregnancy – To even out body proportions after losing or gaining weight – Because it was recommended by a friend or family member Who Is A Candidate For Breast Augmentation With Implants? If you’re considering breast enlargement, you may be wondering if you’re a good candidate for implants. According to Dr.


What Is The Breast Augmentation Procedure Like?


A breast augmentation procedure lasts between two and three hours. First, your surgeon will numb your breasts with a local anesthetic; she’ll also use liposuction to remove excess fat from other areas of your body, like your thighs or hips. Then, she’ll use that fat as filler for your breasts—the amount of fat used depends on how big you want them to be and where you want her to position it. Next, she’ll insert an implant beneath your pectoral muscles (or chest muscles) through small incisions in each breast.

Once inserted, she’ll stitch up each incision using dissolvable stitches so they don’t need to be removed later. Finally, she’ll place a dressing over each incision and bandage your breasts before sending you home. You can expect some bruising and swelling after surgery but should feel mostly back to normal within a few days. Most women return to work in one week or less depending on their occupation, but avoid strenuous activity for at least four weeks after surgery until all wounds have healed completely .


What Is Breast Augmentation Recovery Like?


What Is Breast Augmentation ? Breast augmentation surgery involves inserting an implant behind your breast tissue. It is performed to improve self-image, correct congenital abnormalities or restore volume that has been lost due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging. Choosing breast implants will be a personal decision and one that you must come to terms with and it’s important to research your options before making a final decision. The process starts with a consultation with a surgeon in which he or she will determine if you are eligible for breast augmentation.

This will include an examination of your overall health, medical history and any medications you are currently taking. You may also have x-rays taken at that time. You should expect questions about your lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Be prepared to discuss how much time you spend exercising each week and how much weight you typically gain or lose during each trimester of pregnancy. Your surgeon will also want to know what size bra you wear now, including band size (the measurement around your rib cage) and cup size (the measurement over your breasts). He or she may also ask about other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or tummy tucks that you’ve had in the past.


How Noticeable Are Breast Augmentation Scars?


While surgeons use different techniques and healing times will vary from patient to patient, scars from breast augmentation surgery are often unnoticeable after six months. Many patients will choose to have scars hidden with their bras or necklines or opt for a procedure that reduces scarring, such as microfat grafting, which places your own body fat under your skin. If you are considering having breast augmentation surgery in order to feel more confident about your appearance—and you want to be sure there will be no visible signs of surgery—it is important to choose a highly skilled plastic surgeon who can offer you additional options for how best to hide scars. To find out more about what factors affect scarring and what procedures might be right for you, talk with an experienced plastic surgeon today!


What Are The Benefits Of Breast Augmentation?


The first and most obvious benefit of breast augmentation is that it makes breasts larger. While not everyone who gets breast implants has a low self-image due to their breast size. Many do choose to get breast augmentation for that reason. There are two main types of breast augmentations: cosmetic (nonfunctional) or reconstructive (functional). The former is used primarily for aesthetic purposes, while reconstructive is used by women. Who have lost or suffered from damage to their natural breasts due to weight loss or other causes.


What Should You Look For In Breast Augmentation Before-And-After Pictures?


The average cost of breast augmentation ranges from $3,800 to $7,500. Factors that affect cost include geographic location, type of implant and experience level of surgeon. If you have a friend or family member who has recently undergone breast augmentation surgery. And you are interested in learning more about what it entails. Look at their before-and-after pictures carefully. Did they undergo breast enlargement using fat transfer (autologous) or saline implants? Do they appear happy with their results? What could they have done differently? Talk to your family member or friend directly if possible to learn more.


How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost?


The price of breast augmentation varies significantly based on location, practitioner and whether or not you have health insurance. For example, if you get an implant in Houston for $4,500. That’s about twice as much as it would cost to get one in Madison, Wisconsin. A breast lift alone costs around $5,000 in Houston but only $2,300 in Madison. The national average is $6100. This data shows that while some surgeons charge less than average others charge more depending on their area of practice. With info about how much they’ll charge for your procedure and what makes them different.


What To Expect When You Get A Breast Augmentation?


Surgery can take anywhere from one to four hours. Depending on your breast size and amount of saline or silicone needed. The procedure may be performed under general anesthesia or, in some cases, local anesthesia with sedation. You’ll probably be given a painkiller after surgery. Some people are able to go home that day; others spend one night in a recovery center. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions about when you can return to work and normal activities. Before making any major changes to your diet or exercise routine. Check with your doctor first to make sure it’s safe for you to do so.

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