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What Is Fleur De Sel And Why It Is So Expensive


Fleur de sel is the type of salt that is harvested by hand using traditional techniques and is said to have originated in Brittany.

Why fleur de sel is unique and why to buy this salt this is question comes in everybody mind.

Different from rock or coarse salts fleur de sel consists of a single layer of crystals, which float above the water. It is also harvested at dawn so that the sun does not evaporate it too quickly before harvesting.

Heritage fleur de sel should not be confused with fleur de sel gris (gray fleur) which refers to an early stage fleur that has been raked into large piles on the beach after being dried then simply tossed out onto flat ground where it sifts gray and takes on a molten liquid form rather than its crystal form.


Fleur de sel is harvested in the fleur-de-sel flats, which are protected from the tide by canals. This method has remained unchanged for many years. It is collected twice a day, at low tide and early afternoon, for fleur that meets the required quality standard of 2% maximum moisture content. The fleur is then packed into baskets lined with muslin to drain any excess water and it is preserved until ready for use.


The fleur de sel as we know it today comes from an ancient tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt where salt was used at least 5 thousand years ago . Production takes place between June and December with harvest starting before dawn when the morning mist rises off the water just enough to reveal the surface of the coarse salt. The fleurs that are collected at this time have a special flavor and retain more moisture than fleurs harvested in the middle of the day.

Benefits of fleur de sel makes this salt even more expensive, as it is used for health, skin, hair and many other.

Harvesting fleur de sel is tricky because it has to be done at just the right moment, when neither too much nor too little salt has come into contact with water. If there is not enough water then fleur will be very dry; if there is too much water fleur will be mushy and flavorless. Too many good fleurs are lost each year to poor harvesting conditions, therefore making fleur de sel quite expensive to harvest .

Once the fleur is removed from its bed one side gets covered up with sand and the other side is raked flat. While fleur is still moist it gets transferred to drying beds where coarse salt will be left for up to 2 months, depending on the weather and region’s humidity. If the weather in the coarse salt flats becomes too dry fleurs will need additional water otherwise fleur can end up in a wet pile which makes fleur lose its flavor .


Fleurs that are harvested at dawn possess a higher quality than those harvested later due to their being full of fine crystals rather than coarse salt. Harvesting fleurs at night has also been tried but is not as successful because they are collected in darkness, therefore losing some of their flavor.


Fleurs that are harvested at dawn possess a higher quality than those harvested later due to their being full of fine crystals rather than coarse salt. Harvesting fleurs at night has also been tried but is not as successful because they are collected in darkness, therefore losing some of their flavor .

The texture and taste of coarse salt depends on many things including the region, quantity harvested and method of crystallization. The coarse salt with the best taste is collected in Brittany (France) due to its purity as well as its quality . Most coarse salt found around the world are mass produced in trona mines in Northern Italy or from China’s salt lakes but coarse salt from these areas do not have the same flavor as coarse salt from France due to their being polluted with chemicals or minerals.

The use of fleur de sel goes back thousands of years where it was used in daily life and traded for hundreds of miles. Ancient Romans gave fleurs as special gifts to celebrate births, victories and marriages; they even used fleurs in their baths. Since fleur is slowly stolen by the sea, only 10% of fleurs from ancient times still exist today.


The trend for fleur de sel has grown over the past ten years due to its excellent use as a finishing touch on dishes. It can be found sprinkled on top of many foods or mixed with ingredients such as chocolate and strawberries.

It has been used for thousands of years in daily life. Hundreds of miles are traded and used for its medicinal properties. The Romans used fleurs to celebrate victories, births, and marriages. They even used them in their baths. Only 10% of the original fleurs are still available today, as fleurs are slowly being stolen by the ocean.

Because coarse salt is a great finishing touch to dishes, the trend has increased over the past ten year. You can sprinkle it on many foods, or mix it with other ingredients like chocolate and strawberries.


It is widely believed that fleur de sel has certain health benefits which include improving digestion and preventing cavities .

Coarse salt adds a finishing touch to many dishes. There are many health benefits to fleur de sel, including improved digestion and prevention of cavities.

It can also reduce swelling from things like insect bites, poison Ivy, and acne. When combined with fats, it improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, soothes upset stomach, and gives you energy.

Fleur de sel is a very expensive product since it is time-consuming and difficult to harvest. One fleur weighs approx .03g but costs about $3 per oz (28 g) making fleur de sel almost $100 per kilo .


Currently coarse salt can be purchased in many specialty food stores around the world as well as online. It can also be used to make other things such as coarse salt fudge or coarse salt ice cream where fleurs are mixed with various flavors of ice cream .

coarse salt have gained popularity in recent years and there are now many different brands available including coarse salt chocolate , coarse salt peanut butter and coarse salt jelly beans.

The popularity of fleur de sel has increased in the last ten years. It can be sprinkled on many foods or mixed with other ingredients, such as chocolate and strawberries.


The widespread belief is that coarse salt can improve digestion and prevent cavities. It reduces swelling caused by insect bites and poison ivy. When eaten with fatty foods it increases blood circulation, relieves congestion, inflammation, soothes an upset stomach, and provides energy.

Many believe that fleur de sel has health benefits, such as improving digestion and preventing cavities. It helps to reduce swelling, such as that caused by insect bites or poison ivy. It increases blood flow when consumed with fatty food, relieves congestion and inflammation and soothes an upset stomach.

coarse salt is commonly used as a cocktail salt on drinks such as margaritas, mojitos or Bloody Marys. It can also be used in cooking to create certain flavors or add some extra flavor. Fleurs are often mixed with other ingredients such as honey, vanilla beans, salted caramel sauce or even truffles.

It is a delicious finishing touch to any dish and the popularity of coarse salt has increased in the past tenyears. You can sprinkle it on many different foods, or combine it with other ingredients including chocolate and strawberries.

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