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What is Programming Language and how many types are there?

What do you understand by C Programming Language? Do you know what a programming language is? If you do not know what a programming language is. Then definitely read this article. Because in this article complete information about Programming Language has been given. In which it is told that what is Programming Language, what is Program, what is Programmer, Types of Programming Language, what is Low-Level Programming, what is High-Level Programming, what is Translator, use of Programming Language and information about Programming Language.

You must have heard that a complete computer is made up of hardware and software. Many electronic parts come under Hardware. Whereas software is a group of programs. Which is written by Programming Language ( c++ programming course ). The computer does not exist without software. But do you know what a programming language is?

Sometimes this question definitely comes into the mind of a technical person or computer student. If you have all these questions in your mind and you have come here to know the answer to these questions. Then definitely read this article till the end. Because here all this information is explained in detail.

What is the program? Which is written by Programming Language. You must have used a computer or a smartphone device. Right now you must be using any device to read this article. Then you must have noticed that a different application is used to do anything on a computer or smartphone. Whether to make a call or play a game. You must be using an App to read this article as well.

This application software is also written in the programming language itself. If you also learn Programming Language. Then you too can create such applications. And you can also earn money by making applications. But for this, you should have knowledge of programming language. Let’s get complete information about Programming Language in this post. like; What is Programming Language, What is Program, Types of Programming Language, etc.

What is a Computer programming language? 

The computer itself does not do any work. So unless a command is given to the computer. Until then the computer does nothing. Programming language is used as a medium for giving commands to the computer. Just as a language is needed to communicate with a person.

Similarly, to communicate with the computer and to give commands, the programming language is required. Programming language is used to communicate with the computer. Hence it is known as computer language or computer language. Apart from this, it is also known only as Programming, Computer Programming, or Coding.

Since the programming language has been design by humans to communicate with the computer. That’s why it is also call artificial language. By this, the computer is order in such a way that what will happen if it is on the computer. Or how it will react, it is already program by the programming language.

Whatever watch in computer, mobile, tablet or any other device. Or whatever you can do with these devices. It has to be programm somewhere through Programming Language. Programming Language is use to give instructions to the computer and make it work according to its wish. Website, application, and software are creat only through a programming language.

Types of Programming Language

The computer has to communicate with the computer to get the work according to it. The way we communicate with a person. Language is requir for this. But the computer is a machine and a machine has its own language. Which is call Machine Language. Every machine works on the basis of this language and understands only this language.

But machine language is very difficult to remember. That’s why many different types of programming languages ​​have been write. Which is easy for humans to remember and understand. All these languages ​​of computer can be divide into two types on the basis of the level of understanding by human and computer.

  • Low-Level Programming Language
  • High-Level Programming Language
  1. What is a low-level programming language? 

Low-Level Programming Language is the starting language of the computer. Which is consider to be of the level of computer hardware. It is very difficult to understand it. A compiler or Interpreter is not require to run it on a computer. Due to which the program written in Low-Level Programming Language does not take much time to run.

This saves memory and processor. Low-Level Programming Language is divided into two parts

  1. What is machine language: Machine language is the sign language of the computer. It is the only programming language. For which no translator is require. Because the computer can understand it directly. Hence it is know as the native language of the computer. Machine Language works on the basis of Binary Digit. The series make with of 0’s and 1’s is call Binary Code or Binary Digit.

In which 0 indicates off and 1 is on. A machine works on an off and on the basis only. That’s why it is call the native language of the computer. Using machine language to write programs is a difficult and time-consuming task. Because to write programs in it, machine signals have to be remember in numbers. Therefore, the chances of making a mistake are also very high.

  1. What is assembly language: In machine language, the signs had to be remembered in numbers. which is a difficult task. For this reason, Assembly Language was develop. In the Assembly Language, instead of Binary Digit, letters and symbols were use. That’s why it is also call Symbol Language.

It is a second-generation programming language. In which the pneumonic code is use. Which is much easier to remember than Machine Language. like; LDA (Load), ADD (Adding), SUB (Subtraction), etc. Machine code is determin for each of its codes. Which is translat by Assembler.

What is a high-level programming language?

High-Level Programming Language is a type of programming language. In which English letters, numbers, and symbols are use. It does not depend on the machine. It is easy for humans to understand this programming language while it is difficult for computers. Because computer only understands machine language. Therefore High-Level Language is also later translate into Machine Language with the help of a Compiler or Interpreter. like; Basic, C/C++ etc.

What is a Translator: The translator is also a computer program or a set of instructions written in a programming language. Whose work converts all programming languages ​​except Machine Language to Machine Language, that is, translates.

Because computer only understands machine language. But many high-level programming languages ​​have been create for the ease of human beings. Which is convert into Machine Language with the help of a Translator. There are also three types of translators.

  1. Assembler: Assembly language in which letters and symbols are used. Assembler is use to convert it into Machine Language.
  2. Compiler: The compiler is used to convert program or source code written in High-Level Programming Language into Machine Language. The compiler can read the entire program in one go and tell all the mistakes from the program. When the mistakes are remove from the program, the program is convert into machine language.
  3. Interpreter: The interpreter also translates to a High-Level Programming Language. But instead of translating the entire program at once, it translates the instructions from the program one by one. When the whole program is translat. Then the end program responds.

Use of Programming Language

Above we have told Programming Language in a very easy language. learn it by joining any web development course near you. What is Programming Language from this? It would have been know. Here we have told the use of Programming Language. Why Programming Language is use and for what tasks. With this, its use and working will be understand in a clear way.

  • Used to give instructions to the computer.
  • Programming language is use to make the computer work according to its own accord.
  • Used to communicate with computers.
  • Computers are use to tailor their design.
  • Programming language is use to create applications or software.
  • Programming language is use to create a website.

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