What is SEO? Here’s all you should know!

You’ve probably heard about SEO because it’s one of the most famous things on the internet (the corporate side) TechGenie. Do you wanna know what it really is? Read along!


SEO has been a sweetheart tech term of this decade those who have no idea about it, perceive it as some mysterious and mind-boggling strategy that magically makes a website appear on the first pages of search engines. Well, it is something like this. SEO is a strategy that uses algorithms to analyze huge amounts of data present on the website and picks the relevant chunks to display in the search results.

Know the history

Do know what it’s like to trace the history of SEO? It’s like if you’re tracing the history of a handshake. But still, we’ve managed to gather some facts. Search engines were gradually becoming a household product in the late 90’s and more families were getting connected to the internet. Connecting to the internet and finding information was becoming an easy task but the quality of information was a problem. People were using spammy backlinks in their blogs stuffed with keywords but all of it was resolved when large-scale-hypertextual web search engine Google came into existence. The algorithms of modern SEO were created.

How does it work?

Search engines continually grow to have more and more complexed analytics working on the backend which helps them refine their module of ranking the first pages. SEO experts reverse engineer the algorithm to project the relevant chunks of your data that the audience wants to see with the help of keywords. SEO is an activity that ensures your page website can be found in the search engines by words and phrases relevant to what your site offers. SEO usually works with links and performs well if the content is strong and backed with links that incorporate good traffic.

The Two Categories

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two categories, one is On-Page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO. On-page SEO deals with all the tricks you can do before publishing your blog like meta tags, meta descriptions, keyword integration etc. Off-Page SEO deals with the management you do after publishing your blog. It requires you to advertise the blog, blog submission etc.


What’s the catch?

Many people say that SEO in Germany is better than sponsored ads because it gives you a more organic number of customers, readers or prospects. It also depends on how good SEO you have done. If the SEO of your blog is perfect then you already have a decent amount of audience. Don’t you?

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