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What is Six Sigma and why is it Benefits?

importance of Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt is a statistical-based, data-driven, disciplined approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating errors and defects in a process, service, and product.

In simple terms, we can also say that “Six Sigma is a set of quality management technique intended to improve and upgrade your business processes by greatly eliminating the probability that an error or defect will occur.

If you want to grow your business then Six Sigma Certification is very beneficial for you. Six Sigma Certification has a very wide scope today. There are lots of Institutes which provides all Quality Management Classes. And Under Quality Management includes these courses:

Now let’s explore the importance of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is important because it improves much higher over other quality improvement techniques such as Total Quality Management (TQM).

Organizations employing TQM just focus on achieving pre-decided quality levels, which certainly improves efficiencies but does not allow the organization to realize the full potential that’s the reason we use six sigma to grow the business.

Six Sigma is like a business strategy and Jack Welch is the first person who implemented six sigma in his business. So nowadays Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is very necessary to grow your business so that you can effectively manage team dynamics and recognize how to work with leadershipImplementing Six Sigma is very important as it will help in organizations growth in several ways like:

Six Sigma Helps to Eliminate Error and Defects of products:

Using Six Sigma techniques, employees are able to identify mistake and problem areas as well as recurring issues that affect the overall quality expectation of a product or service from a customer’s viewpoint.


Benefits of Six Sigma Certification for Individuals

Below are reasons why you ought to get six sigma certifications:


Help Your Organization Reduce Risk and Eliminate Errors and Defects

Acquiring a Six Sigma Black belt certification and Project Management Software enables to become crucial to an organization’s ability to spot and eliminate errors. For example, Six Sigma Black belt process helped General Electric allocate $350 million in savings in 1998, and Motorola to allocate their highest savings of $17 billion in 2005.

Improve Business Processes and Sustain Quality Improvement

After you’re taking our six sigma green belt certification course, you’ll be ready to analyze a company’s manufacturing and business processes and take steps to enhance them. You will even be ready to conduct an entire review of current practices and understand how they impact quality performance.

More so, certification shows that you can achieve the level of sustained quality improvement that organizations require—monitoring processes closely to ensure there is little to no deviation from the mean and taking corrective measures to reel in a project that may be straying from the path.

You Will Become Valuable in Every Industry

As an industry-agnostic, Six Sigma Black Belt techniques are applied in aerospace, electronics, telecom, banking and financial services, IT, HR, marketing, and lots of more industries. Individuals certified in Six Sigma Black Belt are more knowledgeable in dozens of various methods which will be applied to streamline business processes, improve employee acceptance, reduce costs, and increase revenue—all of which lead to a better bottom line, no matter the industry. With a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you’ll be ready to position yourself as a change agent within any organization. More so, spearheading quality improvement throughout your team or organization will bolster your leadership skill set, making you even more valuable.

Ensure Compliance

Six Sigma demands very high-quality standards. For this reason, a big number of vendors, procurers, and oversight organizations apply Six Sigma standards when evaluating products or accounts.


Rise to Managerial Positions

Once you complete your Six Sigma course and obtain your certification, you will have a clear understanding of measuring and quantifying financial benefits from executing any Six Sigma project. Six Sigma Black Belt certification helps professionals acquire risk assessment and financial management skills. Such skills are highly valued by middle and top-level management for senior managerial positions.

Excellent Salary

Becoming Six Sigma Black Belt certified is no small feat. The studies are involving. The exams are not easy to pass. More so, rising from one belt level to subsequent requires fixing years of actual work. According to a survey administered by, Six Sigma certified individuals fall within the $100,000+ pay bracket and are among the highest-paid professionals globally.

Gain Hands-On Experience in Quality Management

The Six Sigma training process includes hands-on work on industry projects and the implementation of theoretical principles to real-life scenarios.


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