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Health and Fitness

What Is the Difference Between Braces and Invisalign?

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Are your teeth keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest extent?

Your health and confidence can take a hit from crooked teeth, but you have options when it comes to improving your smile.

With that said, it helps to understand the differences between braces and Invisalign. While both of these straighten teeth, some benefits and requirements come with each.

If you’re seeking to get your teeth straight, read on! This article will highlight important information about the differences between Invisalign and braces.

So What Are the Differences?

A lot of people rush to get Invisalign or braces without knowing how they differ from each other. With this in mind, it’s still important to have a basic understanding of each before committing.

Braces are made out of stainless steel and are the most visible of the teeth straightening methods. They can be placed both on the front and back of your teeth, and are widely used to this day.

Invisalign is an exact mold of your teeth that is essentially transparent. Many people confuse Invisalign with clear braces when the latter are braces with materials that match the tone of your teeth.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Braces and Invisalign?

Despite their clear differences, both of these treatments have positives and negatives.

Braces may give you some initial discomfort, although for most people this goes away after a short period. Additionally, you will have to watch what you eat, as certain foods can damage the braces. While braces are effective at straitening teeth, their visibility can be a problem.

With regards to Invisalign, you will have to avoid sugary drinks, as this treatment can trap plaque behind your teeth. The pro of this treatment is that it is less visible, which you may find appealing.

How Do You Know Which Is Best?

The truth of the matter is that teeth straightening entails a highly individualized treatment plan. This is why it’s important to visit a licensed orthodontist who can tell you which option is best for your needs.

There are some other elements for you to consider as well, one being price. For example, some insurance plans may not cover Invisalign or might make you pay more for it.

If you would like to know more about the Invisalign vs. braces debate, then check out this link.

Treat Your Teeth!

If your teeth are causing you problems, know that you’re not alone. Almost 25 percent of people who see an orthodontist about crooked teeth are adults.

Waiting to get your teeth straightened only prolongs the problem. If issues with your smile are affecting your health and self-esteem, then consult an orthodontist. Braces and Invisalign may be the first and most effective step.

If you found this guide helpful and want to educate yourself more, then make sure to visit our blog. We have plenty of tips that can help you improve your oral health!

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