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Health and Fitness

What Is The Difference Between IUI And IVF?

If you have been intrauterine (IUI) insemination and have not yet been pregnant, you may wonder how many cycles you will seek before in vitro, also called IVF, fertilization. This is what you should learn to help you improve your chances of becoming pregnant through this effective fertility treatment. Before going to IVF you can opt for a fertility test for men in chennai.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often recommended for infertility-afflicted couples or women. The single women and same-sex couples who need sperm from donors to conceive use this technique. In addition, IUI is one of the best fertility therapies and does not need surgery. How IUI functions: a thin catheter brings the sperm (partner or donated) to the uterus. The cycle must be done during ovulation in order to optimize design chances. Fertility drugs can be recommended to induce ovulation.

The IVF procedure is more complex and requires small operations. The ovaries are first stimulated with fertility medicines during the procedure. After eggs are placed under anesthetic, they are fertilized in a laboratory with sperm. The embryos are transferred to the uterus once they are ready. 

What are the IUI and IVF success rates for women? 

It is best to know a few details to help you decide when to avoid IUI and then switch to IVF. 

Although the likelihood of pregnancy depends statistically on many variables ( e.g. age and fertility), the IUI is lower than IVF. 

So you will be interested to know this if you undergo IUI: 

The probability of successful pregnancy through this procedure is 10-20 percent per cycle for women under 35. At the age of 35 to 40, it’s 10% and at 40 years of age 2 to 5% or older. 

The chance of successfully conceiving increases with the number of attempts. Therefore, after trying 3 times, you have around 60% chance of having a boy. After 6 IUI cycles, this increases to 80%. 

If you choose IVF with your own eggs instead:

Around 40 % of women under 35 years of age become successfully pregnant. For those over 40, this is between 10 and 15 percent. If you are going to IUI and from Chennai you can opt for the iui success rate in chennai.

Will you have to try IUI or IVF? 

Whether you still need IUI or IVF? You can try IUI if you recognize yourself in the following: 

  • Regular ovulation or ovulation issues which can be resolved by fertility medicines; 
  • you have one or two Falopian tubes unblocked; 
  • Your ovarian reserve is good; 
  • You use donor sperm and have no severe problems with infertility; 
  • You are a single woman with donor sperm or a same-sex couple; 
  • You have a friend with issues with ejaculation.

If, however, you are late in your 30s or older, you may want to bypass IUI and select IVF directly. Why? Why? This is because a woman’s fertility slowly declines after 35 years. Be alert, you can not have time to lose many IUI cycles that may fail! 

Simply put, you can go to IVF directly if you: 

  • Be over 38-40 years of age. IUI with younger women is more successful; 
  • Using donor eggs; 
  • Have ovulation trouble; 

See severe endometriosis; 

  • Have the Falopian tubes blocked or damaged or removed; 
  • Need to conceive of intracytoplasmic injection of sperm (ICSI) (as the male partner has weak sperm counts); 
  • Your partner or you have a genetic disorder. 

If you intend to have a baby through fertility therapy, it’s always best to take the time to consider your choices. Your choice is based on your income , age, fertility and preferences. The entire process can be complicated, exhausting and tiring. But when you finally catch your little one for the first time in your arms, you know everything was worth it. 


IUI’s success rate ranges from five to 20 per cent, depending on the age of an individual and other health factors. If you are not pregnant after approximately three IUIs, in vitro fertilization (IVF) might be recommended by your doctor. 

In IVF, injectable drugs are used regularly to stimulate the ovaries of a woman. Practitioners in a lab dish mix the egg with the sperm and transfer the embryo to the uterus. Action rates differ based on age and medical background, but typically are between 13 and 43 percent higher than IUI. 

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