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What Is the Smartphone Screen Repair Cost?

What Is the Smartphone Screen Repair Cost?: Trying to walk and send a text message at the same time has never been your strong suit. You think you would have learned by your third broken phone screen, but you haven’t.

Up until now, whenever you crack your phone screen, it’s been pretty minor. You’ve been able to slap a screen protector over the fracture and call it a day.

This time, you didn’t get so lucky. The screen is so shattered that you can’t even use it. How are you supposed to fix this?

What’s the average screen repair cost? That depends on where you go and how bad the damage is. Check out this price guide to learn more.

Access the Damage

Before you toss out your phone, take a moment to access the damage. If you’re only dealing with a minor crack, you can place a screen protector over it and call it a day.

This will stop any dust and debris from getting into the crack and breaking your phone even further. This simple fix will cost you about ten dollars.

This method won’t work if you completely shatter the screen. You’ll have to take your phone in for a full screen repair. The price will vary depending on if you go through a third-party store or send your device to the manufacturer.

Third-Party Vs. Manufacturer

The same iPhone screen repair job that would cost you 300 dollars through a manufacturer will only cost about 170 through a third-party repair shop.

The third-party shop can often get the job done a lot faster as well. Most of the time, they can get your phone back to you within a day or so because they have all the parts they need right on hand.

The same can’t be said for manufacturers. You’ll have to mail your phone out. Once you do, you’ll be lucky to get your device back in a few days.

We will say that you’ll need to do your research when it comes to finding places that fix iPhones near me. The reason being is that not all of them use legit parts. If they use these parts to fix your device it could void your warranty.

Repairs and Warranty

If your phone is still within its warranty, you’ll spend maybe 20 bucks to mail your phone and get the repairs done. This price will shoot up if the warranty is no longer valid, however. You’ll end up paying the full price.

Most of the time, going through a third-party company won’t void your warranty. The only time it will is if again, they don’t use legit parts to make the repairs.

Other Cost Factors

Your phone screen repair cost can jump up depending on a few factors. One of these factors is the model of your phone. An older model will be cheaper to fix than a newer one.

Fixing the top layer of a screen is one thing, but if the layer underneath is broken, that will change the price a little bit. It makes the job a lot more complicated.

Can You Repair the Screen on Your Own?

If you don’t want to pay to have someone else fix your screen, you can always try to handle it on your own. We will say that we don’t recommend it.

Fixing phones can be complicated. If you mess it up, you’ll be out the money you spent on phone parts, and you’ll have to ship it off to a manufacturer anyway. If this hasn’t detoured you at all, we’ll at least tell you how to handle the job.

How It’s Done

For small cracks, many people suggest using toothpaste. It may buff out the scratches, but it’s a temporary fix at best if you handle your phone a lot.

To replace the screen, the first step is to buy the right parts. At most, you’ll spend about 60-70 dollars on a kit. Once your kit comes in the mail, separate your screen from the casing.

You might need to use heat to accomplish this. After the screen is separated, you’ll need to disconnect all the cables and screws. Place your new screen and reconnect everything.

Preventing Further Damage

Of course, the best and cheapest way to repair a phone screen is to not allow it to get broken in the first place. Here are a few protection tips to take to heart.

Bumper Case

The best way to protect your phone is with a bumper case. It will be a little on the expensive side, but it will absorb the shocks that occur when you drop your device.

Screen Protector

Just because you have a case on your phone, that doesn’t mean that it’s protected. Add an extra layer of support with a screen protector.

When you drop your phone, your screen protector will break before the phone screen does. Make sure to spring for a tempered glass model with a warranty.

Pop Socket

Pop sockets are plastic disks that attach to the back of a phone. They’re more than a gimmick. Having one will help you grip your phone better, which can prevent you from dropping it.

Understanding the Average Screen Repair Cost

Dropping your phone doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Before you sell your broken device, take it to a repair shop to fix the screen or mail it to a manufacturer.

The average screen repair cost can be a bit much, but it’s better than trying to complete the job on your own. Start saving up to fix your phone damages today.

Are you looking for more ways to take care of your electronic devices? Check out our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks.

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