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What kind of clothes do women have to wear?

e, good dressing and dressing will add a lot of temperament to us, so for female compatriots who don’t know how to dress and dress. How can I quickly improve my dressing level? Today, I will tell you a few ladies who are wearing more temperamental clothes. You can try them according to your preferences.

A-line skirt

There are generally two common A-line skirts: one is long, with a loose hem and tighter upper body, and the other is short, below the knee. The most important feature of this kind of skirt is that no matter when you are Wherever you wear it, it will immediately make you ten years younger, and you can cover up the bad parts of your legs and look more temperamental.


One-third of our day is spent at home, so we have to ensure its comfort. It is particularly important to choose a loose pajamas that you like. Pajamas can also be made of different textures due to the change of seasons. , So that you can have a temperament of yourself at home.


Jeans are the clothes we wear most everyday, and they are better matching clothes. Some women who have had babies don’t like to wear pants because of flat hips. It’s okay. When buying jeans, you only need to lose one size to fix this shortcoming, but Don’t wear low-waisted ones, it is easy to reduce your temperament.

Leather clothes

We are now advocating the protection of animals, so when you buy leather clothing, you can choose the current high imitation leather. They have the texture of leather clothing. At the same time, they will not make us feel guilty because of wearing animal fur. Be sure to choose the one that suits your body, the best fit.


The biggest feature of this kind of trousers is that the colors are basically solemn colors. No matter what color or style your top is, they will look very decent with this kind of trousers. Some people say that fat people wear them without showing flesh, but slender people wear them. More spiritual, so in your life, no matter when you wear it, it will not be out of date. shop now using Boden discount code nhs Debenhams NHS discount code  and Amazon nhs DIscount Code



Wearing in winter not only keeps warm, but also makes the figure tall, strong, healthy and attractive. Some people say that wearing this kind of tights will greatly restrain the body, which is not good for health, but it is really good for health. How many indicators are extremely conducive to health? Occasionally wearing it when you are not confident, at least it won’t make you stand up and bend over to go out.

Four taboos for short girls to dress and match

The petite MM has to work harder in styling than the tall MM! Don’t ask for a very tall one, but ask for nothing. Here are some minefields for everyone to wear, please be careful of making mistakes!

The four taboos for short girls to dress and match are not to go into the minefield. Petite MMs have to work harder in styling than tall MMs! Do not seek to be very tall, but seek nothing. Here are some minefields for everyone to wear, please be careful of making mistakes!

  1. Short girls dress with taboo flared pants and wide-leg pants

Try not to wear bell-bottom pants, wide-leg pants, etc., because these styles of clothes will make you shorter and smaller. Don’t wear trousers similar to five, six, or cropped trousers. They will “cut off” your legs and make your legs look shorter. Don’t wear trousers with curled edges unless the socks and pants match.

2. Short girls dress in taboo babydolls and long skirts

For short girls, you can wear more fashionable clothes such as short skirts, mini skirts, shorts and body pants, but it should be noted that the colors of socks and skirts should not be too contrasting. For the beauties who are not too tall, clothes like babydolls and long skirts that look more fluffy are also not suitable for wearing, because they will make your body look wider and shorter. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing clothes, you can choose a portable style, and it is best to choose a style with a vertical stripe pattern, but the vertical stripes are the same, and the thin stripes are much slender than the wide stripes. In the same way, the small grid pattern is better than the large grid pattern.  Use BigClothing4u Discount Code , Amazon discount code nhs at NHS DIsocunt Code

3 Short girls dress with taboo large plaid patterns and loose long skirts

Petite people should not wear large plaid patterns and loose long skirts, because large

plaid patterns and loose long skirts will widen the body and make people appear lower. It is best to choose small flower patterns or single-color fit clothing. Narrow skirts and thin trousers can make the figure look slender. For MMs with thick legs, do not choose thin pants or stretch pants to avoid exposing their shortcomings. Long skirts, fat-leg pants and half-high heels or high-heeled shoes can lengthen the length of the legs and reduce the exposure of the leg shape. People with short legs should match a short top with a vest skirt, correct the length, and try to use a high-waist design style. It is best not to choose pants. Buy Men and Women’s clothes and save with Boden promo code 25 off and Asos NHS discount code

4. Short girls dress with taboo fabrics that are too soft

Try not to choose clothes with too soft fabrics, except for skirts of course. This is to avoid the appearance of falling shoulders. In addition, black can make you appear thinner while also making you appear shorter. It is advisable to choose light colors for upper body clothing, because light colors can attract people’s attention to your upper body better, so that you appear to be much taller.


In fact, many people have misunderstandings in dressing and matching. They think they match their clothes very well, but they give people a sense of nondescript when they wear them. Dressing and matching is a science. If you want to conceal your body defects by dressing and matching, you may wish to make an online personal image design. The online personal image design teacher will tell you how to match the clothes through the color, stripes and style Get a slender figure, tell you the clothes collocation that suits you, let you visually lengthen your figure curve, show off a graceful figure. So don’t refuse this summer popular item because of your petite body!

How do women wear more temperament?

The beauty of women is not only to have a beautiful face, but also to have an elegant temperament. And wearing can often deepen the appearance of temperament. So how do women wear more temperament?

  • clothes


Dressing must be clean and tidy, giving people a refreshing and capable look. Dressing that is too sloppy can leave an impression of laziness.

Know your needs and don’t blindly pursue brands and trends. Only what suits you is the best.

Don’t deliberately wear clothes that are too tight or revealing, because true beauty is a kind of hazy beauty. And this kind of dress seems to be too ignorant and loose.

Dress to match the color of the clothes.

Women with fair skin can choose high-cold clothing configuration with bright and bright colors, which will make the fair complexion more gentle and pleasant, highlighting their health and vitality. Fair skin can also be matched with color-conscious clothing, which can show her fresh and elegant temperament. Dark-skinned women, wearing brighter-colored clothing can brighten the complexion and make the skin shiny. When choosing clothing colors, avoid blurry colors such as dark green, pure black, or purple. You can choose a sky blue dress, which looks as clear as the sky. Of course, you can also use different colors to match it cleverly, such as red and purple, dark green with light green, sky blue with sky blue, etc. Buy Women’s cloths and never Miss ASOS discount code at NHS Discount Code

The principle of matching should also be adapted to the environment you are in. You can’t wear charming and moving when you are at work! The temperament of the dress should also pursue the theme of harmony.

It’s not too glamorous, and it’s colorful all over. Try to control the color of the whole body to three or the like, which is what everyone calls the principle of three colors. This kind of dress can show his refreshing and capable temperament.

All in all, there are three levels of dressing: the first is harmony, the second is beauty, and the third is individuality.

In short, the tones of the clothes should go from lighter to darker, with light on the top and dark on the bottom, and light on the top and darker on the bottom.



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